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Category: People

Dr. Arthur W. Kaemmer, 1943–2024

Long-time Board member Art Kaemmer. Art served on the Board for many decades beginning in 1978. Over that time, he served on various committees and …

“An Aural Family Scrapbook”: Gabriel Kahane’s “Heirloom”

In what is sure to be a memorable collaboration, Gabriel Kahane will conduct his piano concerto Heirloom, written for his father Jeffrey, which he describes as “an aural family scrapbook, exploring, in its three movements, a series of inheritances”.

Bruce Coppock, 1951-2022

Former SPCO president Bruce Coppock has passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Meet Daniel Orsen: The SPCO’s newest violist

The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s viola section grows this season with the appointment of Daniel Orsen.   Among those looking forward to welcoming the SPCO’s newest …