COVID-19 vaccinations or negative test results as well as masks will be required to attend SPCO performances at the Ordway.

Free Child Tickets

Thanks to generous funding from a small group of individual donors, the SPCO is excited to announce that children ages 6-17 can attend unlimited regular SPCO concerts free of charge starting in the 2016.17 season. The SPCO is committed to sharing our music with the broadest possible audience in our community. We believe our music has the power to inspire, challenge, move and uplift and that everyone, including young people, deserves the opportunity to experience transformational performances. With free tickets for children, we are expanding access to the arts for young people and making it easier than ever to bring the whole family to experience SPCO concerts.

How it works:

  • Kids sit in any price seat, at any regular concert for FREE (see below for a list of restrictions).
  • Reserve up to 4 free child tickets per each paid adult ticket (children 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult).
  • Order online using the “Child” price type or call our Ticket Office to reserve your free tickets.
  • Already have adult tickets and want to add child tickets for your concert? Call our Ticket Office to add tickets to your order to ensure you can all sit together.
  • Kids under 6 years old? Bring them to our Free Family Music events. Learn more at



Who counts as a “child”?

Anyone between the ages of 6 and 17.

How do I order free child tickets for individual concerts?

Simply use the “child” price type when ordering online to reserve your free child tickets. Or call our Ticket Office at 651.291.1144 to order tickets and mention that you would like to add free child tickets to your order.

How do I order free subscription tickets for children?

If you are a current season ticket holder, please call us to add free child tickets to your series. Please note that your seats may need to change in order to accommodate your added child subscription.

If you are not a current season ticket holder and are starting a subscription for the first time, visit and choose the package you would like to order. After choosing your adult seats, select child as the price type from the price type drop down menu and choose as many child seats as you would like to order and then enter the coupon code “childfree” at checkout.

Is there a limit to the number of child tickets can I get?

Ticket holders can reserve up to 4 free children’s tickets per each paid adult ticket.

Can I reserve free kids tickets for a school or community group?

Yes, but group reservations must be coordinated directly with our Ticket Office Manager and cannot be made online. We request a ratio of one chaperone for every 10–15 attendees under the age of 18. For more information on seat availability and reservations, please contact Eli Halterman at or 651.292.4345.

Which concerts can my kids attend for free?

You can bring your kids to almost all of our concerts for free! The only concerts that aren’t free for kids are Sphinx Virtuosi, special holiday concerts, Turf Club concerts and Happy Hour Concerts.

If I already have season tickets, will I be able to reserve the seats next to me for my children?

We will do our best to accommodate any season ticketing requests that include newly added child subscriptions. However, if another season ticket holder already has the seats directly next to yours, their renewal will be honored first. In this case, we will do our best to find you new seats that are comparable to your current subscription seats.

Can children attend a concert on their own for free?

Free children’s tickets are only available with the purchase of at least one adult ticket.

What if my child is under the age of 6?

Children under age 6 are only admitted to our Free Family Music events (Start the Music!, xplorchestra! and Family concerts). Children of any age are welcome at all Free Family Music events, but for the best concert experience, we recommend that families with children ages 3-6 attend our Start the Music! events, families with children ages 5-9 check out our xplorchestra! events, and families with children ages 6-12 join us for our Family Concerts. Read more.