Individual Giving

The Spectrum of Your Support: A yearly look at all the ways you contribute

The annual giving of almost 6,000 individuals, corporations, and foundations has been instrumental in advancing the artistry of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra.  The Annual Fund provides the SPCO’s single largest and most sustainable form of revenue, in addition to the many other forms of support we receive.  The list below indicates total giving from individuals between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 towards the 2016.17 fiscal year.

While we are not able to list all of our supporters here, we extend our deepest appreciation to all those who have helped the SPCO serve our community.  A list of all contributors who made a total gift of $150 or more during the 2016.17 fiscal year can be found below.

Julia W. Dayton
Sheldon W. Damberg
Jeanne and Davitt Felder
Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison
Ruth and John Huss
James E. Johnson and Lucy Rosenberry Jones
Erwin A. and Miriam Kelen
Thomas G. Mairs
Alfred P. and Ann M. Moore
Betty Myers
The Garrison Keillor & Jenny Nilsson Fund of the Minnesota Community Foundation
Andrew and Lynne Redleaf
Bill and Susan Sands
Teresa and Ron Sit
Rod and Nancy Smith
Kay Savik and Joe Tashjian
Nancy and Ted Weyerhaeuser
Daniel J. Schmechel and Wilhelmina M. Wright
Margaret and C. Angus Wurtele

$25,000 – $49,999
Jo and Gordon Bailey
Debra Berns and Amy Lederer
Lynn and Sandra Davis
Joan R. Duddingston
Judith Garcia Galiana and Alberto Castillo
Amy L. Hubbard and Geoffrey J. Kehoe Fund
The Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund and the MAHADH Fund of HRK Foundation
Mary E. Schaffner and Robert L. Lee
Stephen H. and Kathi Austin Mahle
Mr. Daniel Pennie and Ms. Anne Carayon
Paul and Mary Reyelts Foundation
Fred and Gloria Sewell
Mary W. Vaughan
Jane and Dobson West

$15,000 – $24,999
Tina and Joseph Barsky
Terry Wade and Bonnie Grzeskowiak
Andrina Hougham and Walter Krebsbach
D. William and Mary Ellen Kaufman
Marjorie and Ted Kolderie
John and Karen R. Larsen
David L. Lillehaug and Winifred Smith
Wendell and Julia Maddox
Deborah J. Palmer and Kenneth L. Rich
Paula Patineau
Nicholas Pifer and Amy McNally
Elizabeth and Shawn Quant
Rice Family Foundation | Mr. and Mrs. John Douglass, Mr. and Mrs. James Bowditch
John Riehle and Margaret Lindlof
Leland T. Lynch and Terry Saario Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Edward Seifert and Nancy Cameron
The Benno and Gertrude Wolff Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation

$10,000 – $14,999
The Allegro Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Ms. Eileen M. Baumgartner
Robert and Gail Buuck from the Buuck Family Foundation
Lucia P. May and Bruce Coppock
James and Kathryn Haymaker
Hoeft Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Laura Liu and Ken Pomerantz
P. T. and B. B. Magee
Philip and Katherine Nason Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
David E. Rosedahl
Ed and Jenni Ryan
Michael and Shirley Santoro
Curt Seifert
Scott Wilensky
Elizabeth and Bruce Willis

$5,000 – $9,999
Susan and Lloyd Armstrong
Baillon Family Foundation
Joan and Eric Berg*
Theresa M. Bevilacqua and Delbert B. Vanderheiden
Harriet Bissen
Dr. Arnold and Judith Brier*
Ms. Leann Britton
Barbara B. Brown
Anne L. Cheney and W. Stuart Mitchell, Jr.
Jon and Ann Cieslak
Sharon and Bill Clapp
The Dellwood Foundation, Inc.
Jeffrey and Michele DeYoung
Greg DeWitt
Ms. Sally Jane Enstrom
James and Julie Gasper
James and Teddy Gesell
Kathy and Lee Gremillion
N. Bud and Beverly Grossman Foundation
Kris and Tom Hauschild
Douglas R. Heidenreich*
Lowell and Cay Hellervik
Nancy Kapps
Kyu-Young Kim and Pitnarry Shin
Dr. Robert L. Kriel and Dr. Linda E. Krach
Anita Kunin
Sheila and Stephen Lieberman
Jon and Patty Limbacher
John and Nancy Lindahl
Thomas and Hinda Litman
Richard Martinez and Sarah Hudleston
Jerome Miranowski and Donna Kelly
Judy and David Myers
Myers Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Rosanne Nathanson
Lowell and Sonja Noteboom
Robert M. and Colleen Oberlies
Patricia A. O’Gorman*
Robert M. Olafson
David & Karen Olson Family Foundation
Peravid Foundation
Jim Phelps and Nancy McGlynn Phelps
Walter E. and Harriet Pratt
Prospect Creek Foundation
Rhoda and Paul Redleaf
Peter Remes
Ronald and Barbara Renner
Ken and Nina Rothchild
Kathleen Schubert
James Smith
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Sherry Spence
Dr. Stephanie C. Van D’Elden*
The Dan and Sallie O’Brien Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Paul and Amy Vargo
Kris Wenker
Alan and Connie Wilensky
Max and Deborah Zarling

$2,500 – $4,999
William and Suzanne Ammerman
Thomas C. Bagnoli and Ann G. Bagnoli
Robert Ball and Mark Schuler*
Keith and Mary Bednarowski
Kay and Rick Bendel
Mr. Arthur F. Bergstrom
McCarthy-Bjorklund Foundation
Nancy and John Brock
Barbara Ann Brown*
Dr. Charles T. Brown
Paul F. and Tina Marie Casey
Cecil and Margaret Chally*
Sheldon and Lili Chester
Dr. Jay and Syma Cohn
Benjamin and Laura Cooper
Peter Dahlen & Mary S. Carlsen
Cy and Paula DeCosse Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Liz Dodson
Hugh and Joyce Edmondson
The Forman Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Karen Grabow and Keith Halperin
The Hoeschler Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Cara Gould Holmberg and David Holmberg
Chris and Val Jackson
Marshall and Barbara Johnson
Janet P. Kampf
Dr. and Mrs. Sung Jo Kim
Dr. Steven and Debbie Koop
Maureen Kucera-Walsh
Bill and Diane Kuhlmann
Ms. Susan S. Lauer
Lydia S. Lui
Holly MacDonald and John Orbison
Helen and Bob Mairs
Tom and Marsha Mann
Jim and Carol Nestingen
Christie and Win Neuger
Eric Nilsson and Lizabeth Boger
Linda Odegard and Harlan Cavert
J. Thomas and Janet Payne
Mr. David Perrin and Dr. Margaret Hustad-Perrin
Dr. John and Betty Reichert
John David Rodriguez
Jack and Marty Rossmann
Anthony and Katie Scarfone
Sandra K. Schloff
Robert and Barbara Sherman
Mariana and Craig Shulstad
Gary and Susan Specker
Mr. Michael W. Steffes
Christopher Stewart
Christopher T. and Linda D. Stinson
Diane and Gaylord Thormodsgard
Thomas Wahlrobe and Elizabeth Bell
Paul and Cara Wilson

$1,500 – $2,499
James and Sharon Allen
American Center for Philanthropy
Dan Avchen and David Johnson
Roger Battreall and Jayne Funk*
Katie Berg*
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Brooks
Ms. Barbara L. Butcher
Elwood F. Caldwell Charitable Foundation
Nicky Carpenter
Rachelle Chase and John Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Leigh F. Countryman
The Dawkins Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Ariel W. Dickerman
Lori Ricke and Eric Dunn*
Jeff and LeeAnn Ettinger
Joyce F. Field
Patricia Freeburg
Mr. and Mrs. William Gacki*
Arthur and JeanAnn Guetter
Frederick Haas and Sarah Nordstrom
William H. Halverson
Emily and Jed Harris
Mr. John W. Harris
Wilfrid Casey Hines, III
Ms. M. Janice Hogan-Schiltgen
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Hubbard
Andrea and Gary Iseminger*
Mr. Raymond F. Jacobsen*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Kloehn
Dr. James W. LaFave and Gail O. LaFave Fund
George M. Logan
Richard & Jean Lynch Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Dorothy and Albert Marden
Catherine A. Mayer
Mr. Dean McCall
Hugh McCall
Donald J. McCall
Robert and Polly McCrea Family Fund
The Jerry and Jeanne Meigs Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Jim Miller and Anthony Anastasia
David & Leni Moore Family Foundation
NaLa Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Lawrence M. O’Shaughnessy
Jon Oulman
Jason and Kate Piehl
Stephen Willett and Diane Pike
David and Norma Porter*
Mrs. Phyllis T. Price
Raeder-Devens Stock Transfer Fund
Thomas D. and Nancy J. Rohde
Kenneth and Marian Rose
Don and Mary Anne Ryks
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh K. Schilling
Anne Simpson
Mr. Ronald Spiegel*
Dr. Michael Spilane
Emily Anne Staples Tuttle Fund of the MN Community Foundation
Mrs. Stephanie Sulentic
Beth Toso and Eric Freeburg
Ms. Marcia K. Townley
Wiltz Family Fund
Pat Wuest
Mr. Ron Zweber and Mr. Peter Scott

$1,000 – $1,499
Adams Family Charitable Fund of American Endowment Foundation
Ms. Margaret Alldredge
Mary and Bill Bakeman
Mrs. Jeanne B. Baldy*
Clarence and Carolyn Bass*
Ruth Bauhahn
Ms. Mary Bauman
Drs. Ellen and Michael Bendel-Stenzel*
Mr. Donald E. Benson
Diane and Henry Benz*
Melissa and Matt Bleecker
Mrs. Andrea Brainard
Ms. Elizabeth Riedel Carney
Senator Richard J. Cohen
Annette Conklin*
Ms. Ellen L. Conway
The Charles Piper Cost Foundation
Casey Crabb*
Gwen and Kenneth Crabb*
Frances Davis*
Ms. Shirley I. Decker
DiPasquale and Pera Donor Fund
Rick and Murph Dow
Bill Drake*
William and Kareen Ecklund
Chip and Vicki Emery
Jessica and Jason Etten*
Rebecca S. and Benjamin R. Field
Catherine Fischer
Ms. Kathryn Greenbank
Jennifer Gross and Jerry Lefevre
Jonathan Guyton
Mr. Walt Handschin
Pastor Carl Hansen*
Paul and Cheryl Hansen*
Thomas B. Hatch
Mr. John F. Hick
Dr. and Mrs. Walter A. Hinck*
Dr. and Mrs. James House
Coralie O. Hunter
Karen and Stuart Johnson*
Dr. Linda M. Johnson
Drs. Charles and Sally Jorgensen
Erika and Herb Kahler
Roger A. and Patricia Katzenmaier
Sandra Keith*
Dale and Jan Kidd*
Margaret V. and E. Robert Kinney
Paul and Barbara Klaas
Mr. and Mrs. Marek Kokoszka*
Jim and Gretchen Kvikstad
LeJeune Family Foundation
Dr. Stanley and Suzanne Leonard
Ms. Alice Lesney
Sarah Lutman and Rob Rudolph
Mr. and Mrs. Helmut Maier
Dusty Mairs
The Albert and Dorothy A Marden Fund
William and Virginia McDonald
Mary Bigelow McMillan
John Menniti
Dolores M. Merrill
Mersky Family Foundation
The Forrest and Joan Meyer Fund of the InFaith Community Foundation
David Miller and Mary Dew
Charles Mitchell*
Sandy and Bob Morris
Kay Phillips and Jill Mortensen Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Ms. Carolyn Mueller
Thomas and Kathryn Nelson
Judith and Joseph Neumeier
Jean and Douglas Parish
Dr. Richard and Arlene Pontinen
Julianne Prager
Mary and Jonathan Preus
Mrs. Carol A. Robertson*
The David Robinson and Janet Ekern Fund
Sarah Rockler
Burton G. Ross and Cynthia Rosenblatt Ross Fund
Juliana Kaufman Rupert
Karen and Steve Sanger
Mr. and Mrs. Lanny Schmidt
Ms. Kim Severson*
Mark and Rebecca Shavlik
John and Rebecca Shockley
Richard H. and Mary Jo Skaggs
Glenn and Ardath Solsrud
Ashley and Jon Sondergaard*
Ms. Carolyn J. Sorensen
Richard and Carol Stahl*
Virginia L. and Edward C. Stringer
Mrs. Elsie G. Trapp*
Mr. Carl Voss*
Mark Warnken and Nancy Coppa
Mr. Charles Weinhold
Rear Admiral and Mrs. Ray C. Witter
Gordon Wright*
The Hognander Foundation
Robert and Julie Paschke
The Jean C. Wirsig Fund
Clifford C. and Virginia G. Sorensen Trust of The Saint Paul Foundation
Vantine Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Viemeister Kirby Fund
John G. and Lois Schrantz Welshons Fund
John W. Windhorst, Jr.

$500 – 999
Anonymous (3)
Paul and Valerie Ackerman*
Ms. Barbara A. Agard*
Todd and Allyson Aldrich Family Charitable Fund
Tom and Arlene Alm*
Anita Anderson
Mr. Paul A Bard, Jr.
Ronald and Joyce Beauchane
Dr. Susan Benfield and Mr. Robert Sain*
Mrs. Meredith Berg
Erika Marie Berg
Fred and Sylvia Berndt
Marilyn and William Bierden
Mary and Gus Blanchard
J.T. Blodgett
Joyce A. Blomquist*
Patricia and Martin Blumenreich
Thelma Boeder
Norlin and Carole Boyum
Mrs. Elaine Brahms
Steve and Gail Brand*
Mr. Bruce L. Brasaemle*
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Burks
Susan and Michael Burnett
Paul Burns and Kathy Kim*
Ellen Butler*
Ronald and Martha Caldwell*
Campbell Family Charitable Gift Fund
Jim and Janet Carlson
CDF Foundation
Steven and Helen Chambers*
Yen-Lane Chen
John and Grace Cogan*
Debra Cohen and Craig Fields
Jeanne and David Cornish
Peter E. and Eunice K. Cote*
Jerome M. Countryman
Mary Beth Cutting*
Roberta and John Dahler
Denise and James D’Aurora, Ph.D.*
Tom E. Davis
Charles M. Denny, Jr. and Carol E. Denny Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. DeRoche*
Mrs. Ann L. Dieperink
Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Douglas
Kathleen and Douglas Drake
Beverly Dretzke and Paul Schaleger
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Dudley*
Mr. Ryan Egan*
Mr. Ken Engelhart
Ms. Deborah L. Enyeart*
Karl and Sara Fiegenschuh*
Caroline and Dutton Foster*
Fox Family Foundation
Mary and Mike Frederick
Paul and Greta Garmers
Rebecca Gepner*
Cindy and John Gilpin Fund
Susan and Bill Goldenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Gray
Dr. David J. Griffin
Greg and Carol Gross
Mr. Thomas Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Gumbrell*
Dr. Elizabeth M. Gutmann*
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hamilton
The Hanley Family*
Lindsey and David Hansen*
Lowell M. Hanson*
Cheryl and Reid Hegland
Scott and Kathy Heiderich*
Jon and Karen Helgason*
Don Helgeson and Sue Shepard
Tom and Mary Heller
Mr. and Mrs. David Henseler
James and Leane Hewitt
Mary F. Hill*
John Hogie*
David and Marjorie Hols
Anne and Rich Hovland
Mr. James Hulbert and Ms. Sue Bell
Rene and Marcus Jacobson
Mr. Donald Janes and Ms. Marilyn Thompson
Margaret and John Janzen
Mrs. Barbara Jenkins*
Barry and Karen Johnson*
H. Budd and Carolynn Johnson*
Virginia and Roger Johnson
Katrina Johnson and Anita Wheeler*
Carol Oversvee Johnson
Orville and Kathy Johnson
Pamela Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrik Johnson
Peter Johnson
Nancy and Bill Jones*
Mr. and Mrs. Abdelsattar Kamel
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kaplan
Andrew and Virginia Kass
Mr. Robert Kieft*
Steve and Lee Kingsbury*
Mr. Harold Kistler
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Bethany Klebanov*
Dr. Kevin Kooiker*
Alexandra Kulijewicz
Mr. Steven Kurzweg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lang
Richard Launer and Amy Sadoff
Jennifer Leopold
Richard and Wende Lewis
Mr. Kelvin Lim*
Rebecca Lindholm
Donald and Lois Lovejoy*
Mark and Becky Lystig
The Mahley Family Foundation
Jack and Robin Mayfield
Ms. Sylvia McAlpine*
Laura McCarten
Andrea & Larry McGough Fund of The Catholic Community Foundation
M. J. McGregor and Stephen M. Dahl
Thomas V. and Joan Mears
Mr. Robert and Roberta Megard
LaVonne B. Middleton
Mr. Keith Miesel and Ms. Linda Ojala
Ms. Laurie Miller and Mr. Scott Sakaguchi*
Mr. John Miller
Ms. Stephanie Misono
Jim and Carol Moller
Bob and Yvonne Momsen
Amy and Eric Moon
George and Cheryl Moore
Ms. Anne M. Murphy-Resz
Karla and Peter Myers
Alan and Dena Naylor
Richard and Nancy Nelson
Todd F. Grant and Debra Nelson-Grant
Merritt C Nequette and Nancy Hartung*
Ken and Mary Neustel*
Richard and Joan Newmark
J and Helen Newlin*
Eric Newman and Janice Gepner
Ms. Phuong L. Nguyen*
Kevin Nosbisch and Kim Leventhal
David and Billie Novy*
Mr. Paul Nyquist*
D. William O’Brien and Julie Smendzuik-O’Brien*
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Odland
Diane Ogren and Jeffrey Hill
Mr. Robert D. O’Hara, Jr.*
Corrie W. Ooms Beck*
Mr. CT Osthoff*
Ms. Janice Ostrem
Dr. Anita M. Pampusch
Ms. Kay L. Peltier
Ms. Jane Persoon
Mr. Michael J. Peterman
Sydney M. Phillips
Sidney and Decima Phillips*
Mrs. Anne Danielson Pick
Ms. Ann L. Piotrowski
Dr. and Mrs. Dwight A. Porter
Ms. Lorraine Potuzak*
Eric Prindle and Dr. Emily Anderson
Jean Probst
Parker and Linda Quammen*
Ms. Dorothy Raetz
Katharine Reynolds and Michael Schwimmer
Martha and Jeffery Rice
Dorothy J. Horns and James P. Richardson Family Foundation
Annemarie and Mark Robertson
Joanne and Jerry Robertson Fund of Gulf Coast Community Foundation
Ronning Linc Fund
Tamara and Michael Root
Diane R. Rosenwald*
Brynhild Rowberg
Christine Sagstetter
Ms. Beth Schafer
Karen Schonebaum
Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Scott*
Kathryn J. Sedo*
Ms. Miriam A. Seim*
Jay and Kathryn Severance*
Ms. Gale Sharpe*
Mark and Mary Sigmond
Morton D. and Artice Silverman
Mrs. Madeline Simon
Stanislaw Skrowaczewski
Terry and Leah Slye
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Monnett Smith
David and Ann Smith
Arne and Patricia Sorenson*
Nancy Speer*
Delores and Donald Stenzel*
Dr. M. Thomas and Liba Stillman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Stoll
Monika Stumpf
Sulasalmi Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Marcia & Joe Sullivan Charity Fund
Janet and Craig Swan
Paul A. and Judith Tarabek
Ms. Karen L. Tarrant*
Jon and Lea Theobald
Richard Thomas*
Mr. Timothy J. Thorson*
Matthew R. Thueson
Jane Tilka and Bill Dolan
Eric Trosdahl and Larry Loyer
Sean and Susan Truman
Dale W. Ulrich and Julie Brunner
Ms. Victoria K. Veach*
Ginny and Ed Vizard
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond K. Voelker
Douglas Wallace and Margaret O. Hunter
Helen H. Wang
Mr. David Ward
Mary Ann and David Wark
Margaret Weglinski*
Irwin D. Weisman
Rick and Lucy Wilhoit
Mrs. Frances R. Wilkinson
Mark and Susie Williamson
Alex Schildmeyer and Priscilla Zee

$300 – 499
Anonymous (5)
Anonymous* (2)
Mr. Gary Aamodt and Ms. Celia Ellingson*
Ms. Teresa Abbott
Mr. Douglas A. Affinito*
Andrews and Barbara Allen
Elaine S. Alper
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Anderson*
Mr. Dean Anderson*
Ms. Kathryn D. Andrews*
Ms. Lois Anselment
Karen and James Ashe
Mr. Richard Banyard
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Barry
Ms. Karen Baszynski*
Ms. Jane K. Batcheller*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Bauer
Lynne and Bruce Beck
Mr. Robert Behrens and Ms. Marybeth Dorn*
Mr. John Benson and Mrs. Krisan Osterby-Benson*
Mr. Michael Benz*
Vernon and LuAnn Berglund*
Kenneth and Marie Bezdicek
Sharon Bigot*
Jeannette and Jeff Bineham
Mr. Robert Bishaw
Dr. Michelle M. Blaeser
Gail and Richard Bohr
Soo Borson
Ms. Mary S. Bowman
Judith and Paul Brandon
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Brandt*
John and Rosemary Braun
Paulette and Bruce Briese
Dr. Andrew and Sherilyn Burgdorf
Dr. Krzysztof Burhardt and Ms. April Spas
Michael Burkhardt
Ms. Janel M. Bush
Mr. Crawford M. Campbell*
Dr. Thomas G. and Susan P. Cathey
Mr. Oscar B. Chamberlain*
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell J. Charboneau*
Mr. David Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Christianson
Robert Cochrane and Denise Scharlemann
Mr. Seth Coffrin and Mrs. Kelsey Coffrin*
Gary B. Cohen
Dr. Robert Collier and Dr. Helen Hansen
Mary Sue Comfort*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Costello
Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Cox
Mr. Peter D. Cross*
The Crosswols Foundation
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Jeanette Cureton*
Ms. Judith Custer*
Ms. Mary Dawson*
Amos and Sue Deinard
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Dell
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Derauf*
Michael and Sherry DeRosa*
Mrs. Pamela H. Desnick
Mrs. Elisabeth Deutsch
Marcia and John Diracles
Mrs. Thalia K. Duffield
David and Tammy Durant
Ms. Ethel Dzubay
Mr. George Ehrenberg
Mike and Betty Elson*
Ms. Judith A. Enfield*
Mr. and Mrs. Leif Erickson*
Mrs. Patricia Erlandson*
John and Carol Evert*
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Fallon*
Dr. Louise Fawcett*
Pearl and Gordon Fay*
Frances and Roger Field*
Mr. William Fitzgerald*
Ms. Jo Fleming*
John and Barbara Fox
Ms. Phyllis Doane Frisby*
Barbara A. Fritz*
Marjorie Frost
Bruce and Alice Gaarder
Theodore Galambos
Dr. and Mrs. John T. Garland*
Ms. Deb Garvey*
Mr. David J. Gerdes*
Theresa M. Gienapp*
Ms. Janet Gillespie
Mr. Mark D. Gitch
Theodore and Hung-Ja Gliske
Mr. Tim Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gould
Nina and Matthew Graham
Charlotte L. Grantier*
Polly Grose
John and Mary Gustafson
Bob and Diane Hagstrom
Merrill Biel and Leslie Hahn
Dr. Pinckney Hall*
Mark and Mary Jo Hallberg
Jon and Diane Hallberg
Ken and Suanne Hallberg*
Ms. Sandra L. Halvorson
Mr. Charles Hample and Ms. Frances Bly
Anne Hanley and George Skinner*
Mr. William Hanson
Becca Hanson
Robert and Clara Hardy*
Ms. Loraine Harris*
Dr. Paul Hartzheim
Mr. David Hawley
Ms. Carrie Hefte*
David and Ann Heider
Ms. Mary Beth Henderson
Mr. H. Hepworth*
Ms. Mary Kay Hicks*
Jennifer Hines, MD
Mr. Alden Hoefer and Mrs. Marion Stuart*
Arthur and Donna Hogenson*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hohertz*
Stan and Jane Hooper
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hopkins*
Stephen L. Hopkins and Gail Olson*
Ms. Nancy Huart*
Ms. Shirley E. Huskins*
Mr. Guillermo Irisarri
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome H. Irsfeld
Ms. Linda Jaeger*
Donald and Suzanne James*
Mr. Mark Jarrett
Isabelle and Dan Johnson
Ms. JoAnn Johnson*
Mr. Robert Johnson*
Elizabeth J. Johnston*
Nancy H. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James Kalbler*
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kaldahl
Mr. Raye Kanzenbach and Mrs. Joni MacDonald
Harvey and Suzanne Kaplan
Bert and Jane Kasiske
Mr. Chris Keating*
Paul and Nancy Kerestes
Mr. Stuart J. Appelbaum and Ms. Jean A. King*
Adam Kintopf
Anthony L. Kiorpes and Farrel E. Rich*
William D. Klein
Ms. Linda Y. Kohl*
Mr. Thomas Kornacker*
Wes and Deirdre Kramer*
Lambert and Jean R. Krinke
Ms. Jana Larson
Ms. Betty J. Lassen
Jan Leach
Marlyce and Don Lee
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Leighton*
Ray and Ginny Levi*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Lidberg
Dr. Roger and Ellen C. Lillemoen*
Christopher and Jana Lind
Mr. Glenn S. Lindsey
Mr. Rodney J. Loeffler*
Dr. Linda Ann Long
Lynn and Joseph Lucking
Judy Lund
Mary Lundberg-Johnson and David C. Johnson*
Ms. Michele Madigan*
Kathryn and Nancy Madson*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Magnuson
Donald and Rhoda Mains
Mr. David Mangen
Michael Manns*
Merritt and Betty Marquardt
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Marshall*
Edwin and Katherine Martin*
Lawrence and Claire Martin
Vivian Mason
Ms. Arlene Mathison*
Ms. Phyllis Mattill
Mr. John Sheridan Mcaleer*
Ms. Sylvia L. McCallister
Corrine McCarthy
James P. McCarthy and Gloria Peterson*
Ms. Anne McKinsey*
James and Judith Mellinger*
Mr. James Oberly and Ms. Louise Merriam*
Charles and Carolyn Meyer
Stanley and Susanne Meyer
Mr. John L. Michel and Dr. H. Berit Midelfort
Mr. John A. Michel*
Dean and Diane Milbrath*
Rodney Miller and William A. Miner*
Elizabeth and John Miller
Mrs. Jeanette L. Mitchell*
Joan and Robert Mitchell*
Terrance Brueck and Kathryn Mitchell
Dan and Lynn Montgomery
Reverend William and Karen Montgomery
The Moore Family Charitable Fund
Ms. Yvonne M. Morehouse
Inar and Susan Morics*
Mrs. Jennifer Muenchow*
Mary and Peter Mulier*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mulligan
April L. Narcisse and James A. Percich*
Michael Nation and Janet Sauers*
Ms. Gail S. Nelson
Helen Nelson
Matthew Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Nerland
Mr. Michael Nesset*
Don and Gerda Nightingale*
Fran and David Nordhausen*
Dr. and Mrs. Franklin Norman, M.D.*
Paul and Jeana Ogren*
Jesse Okie and Mary Harrington*
Ms. Bonnie Olson*
Mr. William Olszewski*
Mr. William O’Neill*
Donna and Marvin Ortquist
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Osterud*
Janice and Rick Ostrom*
Timothy Palmquist
Jon and Marcia Pankake
Francie and Mark Paper
Terry and Mary Patton
Lana K. Pemberton
David and Nancy Peters*
Ms. Janet Petri and Mr. Paul Zorn
Renee Pfenning and Wayne Bjorlie
Mrs. Gloria Phillips
Steve Pincus and Michelle Strangis
Mr. David Pitt and Ms. Mary Beth Curry
Bruce and Kathleen Pohlig*
Cathy A. Polasky and Averial E. Nelson, Jr.
Ms. Leila D.J. Poullada*
Mr. Nick Hay and Ms. Carol Poulson*
Mr. Alex Pritchard*
Mr. Richard Putzier and Ms. Jane Poethke*
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Linda Quarderer
Michael and Charito Rabe*
Ms. Molly Raske*
Ms. Sara E. Reed*
Mr. and Mrs. Vern Reinhardt*
Sally A. Richardson*
David and Catherine Richter
David and Katelin Richter Davis
Gail and Joel Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Roberts
John C. Roberts
Dr. and Mrs. Calvin J. Roetzel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rominski*
Mr. Daniel B. Roth
Dr. David A. and Kathleen S. Rothenberger
Mitchell and Sally Rubinstein
Marjorie Ruch
Jim and Sandy Rummel*
Thomas and Claire Hedine Rykken*
Paul and Pat Sackett*
Ms. Karen Sandberg*
Mr. Dick Sarafolean
Mary E. Savina*
Mr. Ottavio A. Savina
Mark Scannell and Elaine Gaston*
Robert Stanich and Jeanne Schleh*
Mr. Kenneth J. Schram
Russell Schroedl
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Schumi
Harold A. Schwind
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Scott, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Selwold
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald R. Shannon
Alan and Linda Shapiro*
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Sharpe*
Frank and Ruth Shaw*
Terry Shima
Dr. and Mrs. Leighton Siegel
John and Brenda Sielaff*
Paul and Erika Sitz
Art and Marilynn Skantz
Glenn and Mary Skoy
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Smith*
Lee and Lois Snook
Margaret Spear
Biruta and Andris Spruds
Kevin and Barbara Stalsberg*
Mr. Dennis W. Stanton
Mr. Arturo Steely
Mrs. Judy Steltzner
Denis and Nancy Stoddard*
Carol and William Straka*
Dr. Kathryn A. Strom
Ms. Connie Strom*
Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan*
Susan G. Surine
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Swedberg*
Richard Swensen
Wayne and Judy Swisher*
James B. Tchobanoff and Mariann Cyr
Fred P. and Mary Temple
Kipling Thacker and Kevyn Riley*
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Thomas*
Jean Thomson
Ralph and Loanne Thrane
Mark and Jan Tiggas
Bruce and Janet Tockman*
Ms. Jacqueline Tornoe*
Mr. Neil J. Trainor*
Mr. Mark A. Twedt
Mr. Byron P. Twiss*
Mr. and Mrs. John Urbanski
George and Josephine Vania*
Mr. Mark Viste
Jenifer Wagner and James Vogel
Mary C. Waibel*
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert E. Ward
Mrs. Sarah E. Weddell
Mary Ann Dorsher and Sven Wehrwein
Mr. John E. Welckle
William and Diana Weller*
James and Martha Wells
Ann and William Wernz*
Dina and Mark Westlund*
Joy and John Wetzel
Leeann Whelan
Nicholas and Laura Whitney*
John and Ann Wilkes
Mr. John Williams
Mrs. Marguerite Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wilson
Gary and Sandra Woeltge
Ms. Mary Yee*

$150 – $299
Anonymous (5)
Anonymous* (5)
Lyle and Zoe Abrahamson
Duke Addicks and Jeanette Bach
Wayne and Connie Adkisson
Mr. and Mrs. Nobuhiko Akimoto*
Ms. Barbara Allan*
Mr. and Mrs. William Althoff
Ms. Emily E. Andersen
Mr. Bruce T. Anderson
Ms. Paula A. Anderson*
Bruce and Susan Russell
Mr. Gary Anderson and Ms. Christine Boros*
Dr. John Anderson and Ms. Marsha Niebuhr
Emily Anthony
Scott Anton and Janis Lysen
Ms. Carole Appleby
Ms. Roberta Armel
Claire and Donald Aronson
Ms. Karen Avaloz
Baierl Family Giving Account
Mrs. Rosalyn Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Balk
Fred and Carol Banister*
Mr. Richard G. Barker
Thomas and Jill Barland
J. Michael Barone
John and Brenda Barton
Dr. and Mrs. Milton C. Bauer
Ms. Susan Baxter
Benjamin and Aroti Bayman
Drs. J. Randolf and Margaret Beahrs
Ms. Kathryn Behm
James and Marcia Behm*
Mrs. Sylvia Belmont
Andrew and Audrey Benjamin
Donald and Mary Anne Bennett
Ms. Elizabeth Bennett
Ms. Susan M. Bergen
Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Betcher
Christopher R. Bineham and Harrison David Rivers*
Ms. Jane Bisel*
Ms. Joan Bliss*
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bohan
Bob Boldt
Sheila M. Boos*
Jane L. Boss*
Marge Brchan
Ms. Cheryl Brown*
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Donna Bruhl
Philip and Ellen Bruner
Mr. Jackson Bryce, Jr.*
Ms. Tamara R. Buetow*
Mr. Matthew Bulisco*
Mr. Gerald Bunton*
Dr. Frank Allen Bures
Susan and Michael Burnett Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Ms. Elizabeth Buschor*
Mrs. Annabelle D. Bush
Ms. Donna Butler*
Mr. Douglas Caldwell*
Charles G. Calhoun
Mr. James Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Callahan*
Laura and Mark Capaldini
Dr. John B. Cardle
Ms. Elaine J. Carlson
Mrs. and Mr. Pamela Carlson
Alan and Ruth Carp
Dr. Emmett Carpel
Mr. James Carr*
Mr. Eugene W. Carroll*
Rozlyn and Joe Caruso
Ms. Bridget Cerny
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Child, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Chisholm
Sharon T. Chmielarz
Ms. Jeannine A Churchill
Ms. Mary A. Clark*
Reverend Joseph P. Clay
Roger and Margaret Clemence
Rebecca and Brian Cline*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Clysdale*
Barbara Cohen
Mr. Larry Colbeck
Jan Colliton
Ms. Phyllis Conlin*
Ms. Nancy Conway*
Ms. Betty J. Cook
Edward and Monica Cook
Ms. Judy Corrigan*
Mrs. Jeanne E. Corwin
Mr. Michael Coscio
Ms. Lauren Crandall*
Stephen J. Creasey and Lori L. Wilcox
Barbara and Richard Crouter
Lisa and Lawrence Cumpston
Mrs. Patricia Curran
Elizabeth V. Cutter
Ms. Diane M. Dahl
Ms. Dawn Dahlberg
Ms. Elaine A. Dalager*
Frederick and Edith Ann Dalleska*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dana
Richard Day
Ms. Anna M. Delaney*
Mary and John Delaney
Mr. William Dexheimer Pharris
Ms. Candace Dick
Mr. James Doak
Humphrey Doermann
Reverend Mark B. Dosh
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome W. Dougan
Elizabeth and Larry Drumm
Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Dufresne*
Mr. David R. Dufresne
Ms. Irene Duranczyk
Doug and Connie Earl*
Ms. Sheryl Ebert
Mr. Parker Eberwien
Jonathan Eisenthal
Kent and Katherine Eklund*
Ms. Nada Ellert*
Joseph and Marilyn Emond
Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Jaime Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Ericson*
Ms. Diana Ersfeld
Ms. Penny A. Esch
Patricia and Henry Etten
Mrs. Wendy D. Evans*
Richard and Adele Evidon
Ms. Kathie Faricy*
Mr. Russell Felt
Dennis Findley
Ms. Wanda Fingalson*
Papa Smurf
Mr. Sheldon Finver and Ms. Dee Albert
Mr. Scott H. Fisher
Mrs. Ann Fitch
David Fleming
Mr. John Floberg and Ms. Martha Hickner*
Mr. Paul M. Floyd
Ms. Delores Fohlmeister*
The Connie Foote Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Edward and Janet Foster*
Hal Fotsch and Donna Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. John Frank
Ms. Bobbie Fredsall*
Ms. Catherine Fuller*
Mr. James Fulton*
Mr. Markus Gaelli and Ms. Deborah Gross*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Galkiewicz
Susan Gallagher Alexander and Mark Alexander
Margot Forfunato Galt
James and Joan Gardner
Donald E. Garretson
Mr. Paul B. Garrett
Olivia and Donald Gault*
Drs. Robert and Elizabeth Genovese*
Mrs. Celia Gershenson*
David and Sharon Giel*
Heidi and Howard Gilbert
Ms. Jo Gilbertson
Mary Gillespie*
Anne and Stanley Glad
James and Jo Glasser
Frances S. Go
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gochberg
Elizabeth and Homer Goldberg
Katherine G. Goodrich
Eileen and Edward Gordon
Mr. Timothy Grady and Ms. Catherine Allan
Michele Gran and Bud Philbrook
Mr. and Mrs. D. Thomas Griep*
Dennis and Liz Grimmer
Stephanie Chew Grossman
Mr. Gerald F. Gruber
Ms. Laura Gruys*
Michael and Jane Hagedorn*
Robert and Georgiana Haight
Sandra S. and Richard D. Haines
Mrs. Evelyn H. Halverson
Ms. Kathlyn Halvorsen*
Mrs. Ruth Halvorson*
Mr. Doug Hanson
Mr. David Hardin*
Jeanne Haro
Lyle Hart*
Marty and Linda Haugen
Ms. Susan Hawken*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Hawley
Herbert C. Hayek
Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Heacox*
Dennis and Nancy Hebrink
Ms. Rosemary J. Heinitz
Ms. Edwina E Helling*
Ms. Kristin L. Hendrickson
Mr. Joel H. Hetler
Mr. Russell Heuckendorf
Mr. Charles Hibbard
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hild
Mr. Brian Hildebrant*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald O. Hilligoss
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hilton*
Ms. Gayle E. Hjellming*
James and Nanette Hockin
S.E. and Lynn W. Hodulik
Clark and Judith Hoffman*
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hoglund*
Lois Hollingsworth*
Mr. Richard Holmes*
Ms. Megan Holroyd*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Holt*
Mr. William Hornung
Mr. Charles Howland
Ms. Teresa Hudoba
Hudson Charitable Fund
Kathleen and Mark Humphrey
Mr. John Humphrey*
Ms. Rosemarie Hunter*
Chris Huntington
Terry and Ann Huntrods
Barbara Hyer and John Pavlovich*
Ms. Nancy Hylden
Kirsten Ingerson
Ms. Emi Ito*
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Jackelen
William Jacobs
Mina Jacobs
Ms. Mary E. Jacobson*
Ann and Eric Jaede*
Mr. and Mrs. Pat and Rita G. Jarrard
Mr. and Mrs. Wyn M. John*
Ms. Siri Johnson*
Mrs. Beverly Johnson
Michael Johnson
Mr. Jim and Mrs. Linda Johnson
Karen and George Johnson*
Mr. and Mrs. Russell N. Johnson*
Sarah Miller Johnson and Paul W. Johnson*
Mr. Matthew Johnson*
Ronald and Barbara Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Johnson
T.L. & M.D. Johnson Charitable Fund
Michael Joncas*
Mary A. Jones
Ellis Jones
Mary Ellen and James Jordan*
Caryn Z. and Jim Josephson
Ms. Rose Jost
Erin and Alex Jude
Ms. Rebecca Kajander
Mr. Dan Kammeyer
Mr. Michael Kanner
Pam Kaufman and Dennis Keierleber
Alfred and Sharon Kauth
Ms. Amanda Keillor
Ms. Alice Keith*
Mrs. Joanne E. Kendall
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent W. King
Mr. Denzel Kingsbury*
Mr. and Mrs. Neal P. Kingsley
Karl and Mary Kjeldsen
Clara and Donald Klatke
Allan W. Klein and Harriet Lansing*
Mr. Jerome Kleven
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Knapp*
Douglas Knowlton
Richard W. Knuth and Susan Albright*
Ms. Marion Koehler*
Mr. Karl Korbel
James P. Kortz
Mr. Greg Kruse and Mrs. Mary Morehouse
Carol Kuhle
Bonita Kuslich
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Langford
Sarah Laroche
Molly and Peter Larsen
Mr. David Larson
Mr. Kenyon S. Latham, Jr.*
Mr. Bruno Lavandier*
Dr. and Mrs. Van S. Lawrence*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Leck
David R. and Darlene A. Lee*
Jim and Linda Lee*
Ms. Suzanne Lee*
Mr. and Mrs. John Steele Lentz, Jr.*
Karen Leonard Family Charitable Fund
Mr. Daniel Levey
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lewis
Ms. Mary Lindgren
Mr. Thomas P. Lindquist
Christine M. Linsmayer
Ms. Melanie Locke
Janet and Dean Lund
Ms. Lynn Lundberg*
Eric and Cindy Lundin
Warren and Stephanie Lundsgaard
Ms. Margret Lydell*
Mr. and Mrs. King W. Ma
Karen MacKenzie and W. Brooks Donald
Kelly MacLennan
Joan Madden Charitable Fund
Robert Madoff and Jane Korn*
Ms. Janet Madrigal*
Yader Madriz
Mr. Vernon Maetzold
Susan and Claus Mahler*
Tom and LeAnn Mahoney
Tony and Alice Maistrovich*
Mr. Chris Malecek
Paul and Patricia Mamula
Mr. Gil Mann
George and Florence Marks
David Short and Jennifer Marrone
Ms. Marcia Marshall
James and Sara Martineau*
Thomas and Nona Mason
Elizabeth Cobb and Peter Maye
Mr. David J. Mayo
Ms. Maureen McCarter*
Mr. Wiliam McCarthy*
David McClung
Ms. Dorothy McClung
Drs. Polly McCormack and Keith Engel
Margaret McCray-Worrall
Mr. Ronald McGlennen*
Ms. Susan McKinley
Donn and Bonnie McLellan
L. David Mech
Ms. Mary Ann Mecom
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Meinhardt*
Ms. Ann M. Melrose
Ms. Crystal K. Meriwether*
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil J. Meyer
Chester and Miriam Meyers
Mr. William C. Michaelis*
Deborah Mielke
Marlys Milburn
Curtis and Catherine Miller
Mr. Howard Miller
Ms. Nancy Miller
Mr. John Miranowski and Ms. Susana Goggi
Ms. Silke Moeller and Mr. Juergen Konczak
Ms. Carol Moen
Dr. Christopher N. Moga*
Mohring Family Trust
Ms. Karen Moline*
Mr. Wardwell and Beverly Montgomery
Mr. and Ms. William Moore
Mrs. Alice King Moormann*
Ms. Judith A. Morgan
Ms. Ann Morrissey
Ms. Kristen Moyer
Mr. George Muellner*
Karen Muller
Janet and Thomas Munger
Mr. Brendan Murphy*
Katherine E. Murray*
Susan Murray
Nadine and Donald Myers
Mary Jo and Frederick Nairn*
Richard and Jeannette Negri
Ms. Patricia A. Nelson*
Marlys Nelson
Ms. Barbara Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Neufeld
Ms. Lara Newberger
Ms. Kathleen Newell
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Newman
David and Anna Newton
Mr. Mark Niehaus
Laurits and Mary Nielsen*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Nieters
Ms. Annette Nijjar*
Byron and Janet Nordstrom
Ms. Laura L. Nortwen*
Andrew and Maryfrances O’Brien*
Jim and Judy O’Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Oelschlager
Mr. David Oglesby*
Ms. Patricia Olive
Scott and Judy Olsen
Ms. Ellen Olson*
Julie and Robert Olson
Olson Living Trust – May 1998
Mary Anne Olvera*
Mr. Alan R. Onberg
Dr. Tamas Ordog
Ms. Charissa Osborn*
Mr. Michael O’Sullivan*
Barbara Owens
Mr. Thomas J. Pacholl
John and Cathleen Pagels
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Parker
James and Rose Ann Parks
Dr. Robert Pattengale
Bryan Paulsen
Ms. Avis M. Paulson*
Ms. Nancy Pedersen
Mr. Gary Pederson
Mr. and Mrs. John Perry
Mrs. Deborah Petersen-Perlman*
Ms. Naomi I Peterson*
Ms. Christine Peterson
Mr. Robert G. Peterson
Julien and Jeffrey Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Pierpont
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Piotrowski
Mr. Christopher Plum*
Ms. Laura K. Polymeros
Richard and Meredith Poppele*
Mr. John K. Porter
Mr. Craig Porter
Ms. Judith Pryor*
Ms. Mary Ellen Pugh
Andrea Quanbeck
Robert and Mary Quirk*
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Racer*
Ms. Sharon Radman
Mr. Rumi Faizer and Mrs. Archana Ramaswamy
Drs. Norma and Robert Ramsay
Mr. and Mrs. Thue Rasmussen*
Mark Ratner
Gordon Rausch*
Dr. Kim T. Rawlinson
Barbara and William Read*
Gregory and Patricia Reese
Mr. Charles O. Regal
Ms. Judith L. Rehak
Mr. Robert Reilly*
Patricia A. Repinski
Mr. Matthew Richey*
Ms. Ann Richter
Mr. Philip Rickey*
Nancy and David Robbins
Anne Robbins
Ms. Debra C. Rodahl*
Mr. James A. Roeller
Jessica Rolland*
Allan Rosenwald Mary Grau Charitable Fund
Nancy and Everett Rotenberry*
Randi Roth
Mrs. Andrea Roth
Patricia and Stephen Rowley
Ms. Karen Rudeen
Ms. Sandra D. Sandell*
Ms. Paula Sanford
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Satran
Mr. Steven Savitt
Ms. D.A. Schaefer*
Ms. Renee Schaefer*
Ms. Naomi Scheman*
Sue T. and Charles G. Schiess*
Norm and Lynn Schindler
Ms. Neala Schleuning*
Mrs. Karin A. Schubert
Mr. Robert A. Schuette
Truman and Beverly Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schwob
Mrs. Inge Schwochau*
Howard and Millie Segal
Ms. Mary Alice Sell*
Melissa H. Sellew
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Senninger*
Ms. Laurel Severson*
Luke and Karen Shanahan*
Renate Sharp
Dr. Len E. Shelhamer
Mr. Robert Shumer*
Ginger Sisco
Mr. Edward Sisola
Ms. Isabel V. Slator
Mark and Carol Sletner
Richard and Sharon Slettehaugh
Elaine Sloan and Ross Moen Charitable Fund
Ms. Kathie Smith*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Smith
Kathy Snyder
Ms. Kathleen Solberg
Ms. Katherine Solomonson
Mr. Dennis Sorheim*
Ms. Sheryl A. Sostarich
Warren and Marjorie Spannaus
Florence Sprague and David Misemer
Emil John and Joyce Staba*
Yvonne and Larry Stafford*
Joan and Michael Stahlmann*
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Steinbicker
Mr. Mike Steiner*
Mr. Michael Stellmacher
Marcia L. Stephens and Jeffrey Rundgren*
Mr. and Mrs. George Stevens*
Ms. Rachel Stiglitz*
Gregory Stinson
Fr. William Stolzman*
Mr. Warren D. Stortroen*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Straughn
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Stull
Anne Stundahl*
Ms. Janet H. Sullivan
Evy and Ross Sussman*
Swanson Charity Fund
Mr. Jerry Swenson
Mrs. Judy M. Taddeini
Kaisa E. Taipale
Carol Tauer
William and Edith Temte
David and Patricia Teskey
Edwin & Beverly Thiede
Ms. Joyce Thielen
Ms. Irma J. Thies
Amy Thirsten
Dr. Andrew Thomas
David and Jennifer Thomas*
Ms. Valerie Thompson*
Thompson Donor Advised Fund
Ms. Sarah Thoreson*
Ms. Carol Toensing
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Trepanier
David and Janice Tweet
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell and Marilyn Ueland
Charles Ullery and Elsa Nilsson*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Van*
Mr. Roman J. Verostko
Ms. Elizabeth Villalta and Mr. Perry Leo*
Jim and Julie Vinar
Michael Vitt and Maureen McCarthy*
Ms. Amy Vogt*
Mr. Phillip Anthony Voight*
Ms. Mary Volk
Mr. David Vorland*
Gary and Linda Wagenbach*
Michael A. and Janet Wagner*
Timothy and Carol Wahl*
Mr. and Ms. Richard J. Waldman
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wall
Robin Wallace
Mary and J.L. Walus
Mr. and Mrs. John Ward*
Charles and Susan Ward
Mrs. Theresa Watschke
Raymond and Arlette Watts*
Delores Weaver
A. DeWayne Wee
Mr. Mark Weigel
William and Ann Hart Wernz Fund
Mr. Eric Wesman*
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick West*
Mrs. Gerri Westlund
John P. and Annette Morrison Whaley
John and Sandy White
Ann White*
Lloyd and Carol White*
Ms. Andrea White
William and Shirley Whitlock
Joel Wiberg
Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson Wickens
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Wicklem
Paul and Jan Wicklund*
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wildes
Mr. Rodney Wilkens*
Ms. Charlotte M. Williams*
Arlene Williams*
Neil and Julie Williams
John and Adelle Wills*
Missy and Kent Wilson
Dr. Lawrence A. Wilson
Theodore A. Wilson*
Ms. Phyllis Wilson*
Ms. Sue E. Wiltgen*
Edwin and Barbara Wistrand
Ms. Sandra Wittrock*
Wayne and Mary Lou Wolsey
Leon and Jeanette Zaczkowski*
Mrs. Ardis Zantek
Ms. Nancy Zeis
Paul and Elizabeth Zerby
Ms. Jean Zivkovich*

*We thank these donors for contributing a monthly recurring Annual Fund gift as a member of the Sustainer Program.

We have given careful attention to ensure a complete and accurate list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies and inform us of the error by calling 651.292.3246.