Individual Giving

Legacy Gifts 

We honor these generous donors for the gifts received through their estates between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023.

Tom Alm
Susan Baxter
Bruce Beutel
Robert E. Boldt
George Cameron Remainder Trust
Julia W. Dayton
C. Curtis Dunnavan Fund of the National Philanthropic Trust
David Gerdes
Dr. Marvin Goldberg
Nancy Holland
Daniel McGowan
Betty Myers
Sydney M. Phillips

Individual Giving 

The annual giving of more than 5,000 individuals, corporations, and foundations has been instrumental in advancing the mission of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. The Annual Fund provides the SPCO’s single largest and most sustainable form of revenue, in addition to the many other forms of support we receive. The list below indicates total giving from individuals during the 2022.23 fiscal year (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023). We also thank more than 700 sustaining donors who support the SPCO with recurring gifts.

We extend our deepest appreciation to all those who have helped the SPCO share music with our community.

We have given careful attention to ensure a complete and accurate list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies, and inform us of the error by emailing [email protected].


C. Curtis Dunnavan Fund of the National Philanthropic Trust*
Sheldon W. Damberg
Julia W. Dayton*
George Cameron Remainder Trust
Dr. Marvin Goldberg*
Jim and Kathy Haymaker
Amy L. Hubbard and Geoffrey J. Kehoe Fund
Ruth and John Huss
The Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund
Alfred P. and Ann M. Moore
Betty Myers*
Sydney M. Phillips*
Ken Rothchild
Sue Shepard
Margaret V.B. Wurtele

$25,000 – $49,999 

Baillon Family Foundation
Judy and Michael Berman
Bruce Beutel*
Anne L. Cheney and W. Stuart Mitchell, Jr.
Joan R. Duddingston
Judith Garcia Galiana and Alberto Castillo
Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison
James E. Johnson and Lucy Rosenberry Jones
Erwin A. and Miriam Kelen
Lucinda M. Kelly*
Art and Bethany Klebanov
John and Karen R. Larsen
Stephen H. and Kathi Austin Mahle
Daniel McGowan*
William McGuire
David and Leni Moore Family Foundation
Robert M. Olafson
David and Karen Olson Family Foundation
Deborah J. Palmer and Kenneth L. Rich
Daniel Pennie and Anne Carayon
Ed and Jenni Ryan
Daniel J. Schmechel and Wilhelmina M. Wright
Christina and Terry Schopfer
Kay Savik and Joe Tashjian

$10,000 – $24,999 

Anonymous (2)
Douglas Affinito
Catherine Allan and Timothy Grady
James Andrisevic
Nina Archabal
Jo and Gordon Bailey
Tina and Joe Barsky
Susan Baxter*
John and Nancy Brock
C. M. Brown
Tamzin Brown
Aaron and Judy Daniels
Sandra Davis
Becky and Jay Debertin
Rick and Murph Dow
Chip and Vicki Emery
Stephanie and Eric Fehr
Terry Wade and Bonnie Grzeskowiak
Keith Halperin and Karen Grabow
Mark and Terri Henneman
Hoeft Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation*
Terry and Ann Huntrods
Paul and Barbara Klaas
Marjorie and Ted Kolderie
Dr. Robert L. Kriel and Dr. Linda E. Krach
Randall and Rachel Kroll
Mary E. Schaffner and Robert L. Lee
Jon and Patty Limbacher
S.K. and Sing Lo
Robert and Aimee Mairs
Walter S. and Margaret Meyers Charitable Foundation*
Nicholas Pifer and Amy McNally
Peravid Foundation
Peter Remes
Rice Family Foundation | Carol and James Bowditch & John* and Emily Douglass
John Riehle and Peg Lindlof
Ann Rogotzke
David and Linda Rosedahl
Leland T. Lynch and Terry Saario Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
William and Susan Sands
Richard Schnieders
Kathleen Schubert
Teresa and Ron Sit
James Smith
Dennis W. Stanton
Dr. Patricia Sullwold
Dr. Stephanie Van D’Elden
Paul and Amy Vargo
Nancy Weyerhaeuser
Elizabeth and Bruce Willis
Justin Windschitl and Dustin Schmidt
The Benno and Gertrude Wolff Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation*

$5,000 – $9,999 

The Allegro Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Arlene Alm
Ellen Archibald
Susan and Lloyd Armstrong
Keith and Mary Bednarowski
Dr. Arnold and Judith Brier
David and Sandra Brown
Harlan Cavert
Cecil and Margaret Chally
Lili Chester
Benjamin and Laura Cooper
Casey and Rachael Crabb
Ken and Abby Dawkins
The Dellwood Foundation, Inc.
Hugh and Joyce Edmondson
James and Julie Gasper
Teddy Gesell
Joline Gitis and Steven Miles
Kathy Gremillion
Tom and Mary Gross
N. Bud and Beverly Grossman Foundation
Frederick Haas and Sarah Nordstrom
Lorraine Hart
William B. Hauser
Orville C. Hognander, Jr.
Mike Hostetler and Erica Pascal
Nancy and Bill Jones
Sally* and Chuck Jorgensen
D. William and Mary Ellen Kaufman
Kyu-Young Kim and Pitnarry Shin
Judith Krow and David MacMillan
Hinda Litman
Helmut and Mary Maier
Helen Mairs
Laura McCarten
Rick and Stacy Morgan
Karla and Peter Myers
Rosanne Nathanson
Carolyn Nestingen
Lowell and Sonja Noteboom
Patricia A. O’Gorman
Paula Patineau
Prospect Creek Foundation
Thomas D. and Nancy J. Rohde
Jack and Marty Rossmann
Kathryn J. Sedo and Scott Beers
Alan and Linda Shapiro
Jane Shriver
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Sherry Spence
Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Diane and Gaylord Thormodsgard
Frank Trestman
Dr. Carl Voss
Dee Weaver
Jane and Dobson West
Max and Deborah Zarling

$2,500 – $4,999 

Anonymous (4)
Suzanne Ammerman
Dr. Thomas and Ann Bagnoli
Jerald M. Barnard M.D. and Marilyn Adlin-Barnard M.D.
Jeffrey Beattie
Kay and Rick Bendel
Inez Bergquist
Mary S. Bowman
Ronnie and Roger Brooks
Barbara Ann Brown
Heidi and Jey Carlson
Paul F. and Tina Marie Casey
Mrs. Ann Cieslak
Annette Conklin
Jane Sage Cowles
Mary Cunningham
Peter Dahlen and Mary S. Carlsen
Tom DiPasquale and Rosanne Pera
Rice Family Foundation | Carol and James Bowditch & John* and Emily Douglass
Mary Anne Ebert and Paul Stembler
Gertrude H. Ffolliott
Nancy Field*
David Gerdes*
D. Thomas and Kristen Griep
Thomas Haller
Douglas R. Heidenreich*
The Hoeschler Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Cara Gould Holmberg and David Holmberg
David and Marjorie Hols
David H. Ingbar and Mary Meighan
Chris and Val Jackson
Lynn K. Johnson
Robert Kieft
Dr. and Mrs. Sung Jo Kim
David and JoAnn Knutson
Bill and Diane Kuhlmann
Jeff Lin and Sarah Bronson
Laura Liu and Ken Pomerantz
George M. Logan and Susan H. Holman
Marja Lutsep and Michael Halloran
Mark Lystig
Holly MacDonald and John Orbison
Robert and Polly McCrea Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Mersky Family Foundation
David Perrin and Dr. Margaret Hustad-Perrin
Diane Pike and Steve Willett
John and Betty Reichert
Dorothy J. Horns and James P. Richardson
Sarah and Mitchell Rubinstein
Don and Mary Anne Ryks
Michael and Shirley Santoro
Steven Savitt
Margaret Alldredge and Andrew Selden
Linda Sellars
Jay and Kathryn Severance
Kim A. Severson and Philip L. Jemielita
Robert and Barbara Sherman
Mariana and Craig Shulstad
Nancy Smith
Laura and Bradner Smith
Ronald Spiegel
Arturo Steely
Janet and George Stevens
Christopher T. and Linda D. Stinson
Stephanie Sulentic
R.E. Swager Family Foundation
Charles Ullery and Elsa Nilsson
DoraLee Delzell Throckmorton*
Rev. Don Allan Wells*
Kristen Smith Wenker
Anne and George West
Paul and Cara Wilson
John W. Windhorst, Jr.
Ron Zweber and Peter Scott
Sharon Zweigbaum
* deceased

$1,000 – $2,499 

Anonymous (4)
Adams Family Charitable Fund of American Endowment Foundation
Wendy Alexander
James and Sharon Allen
Paula A. Anderson
Anita M. Anderson
Bruce T. Anderson
Rosalind Annen
Mary and Bill Bakeman
Carly Baker
Robert Ball and Mark Schuler
Frank Barnwell
Jane Batcheller
Roger Battreall and Jayne Funk
Diane and Henry Benz
Joan and Eric Berg
Denise and George Bergquist
Anindita and Mrinal Bhattacharya
Jevon and Jancyn Bindman
Matt and Melissa Bleecker
David and Patricia Borchert
Leann Britton
Cheryl Brown
Paul Burns and Kathy Kim
Barbara Butcher
Ellen Butler
Russell Christensen and Barbara Krauss Christensen
Elizabeth Cobb and Peter Maye
Dr. Gary B. Cohen
Ellen L. Conway
David and Mary Cost through the Charles Piper Cost Foundation
Doug and Ruth Crane
Eleanor R. Crosby
Arline L. Datu
Gretchen Davidson
Stephen Davis and Murray Thomas
Frances Davis
Victor de Meireles
Cy and Paula DeCosse Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Pamela Desnick
Douglas Devens and Jennifer Raeder-Devens
Greg DeWitt
Marybeth Dorn
Kathleen and Douglas Drake
David and Kären Dudley
Tricia DuSaint
Timothy Dykstal
Susan Ebertz
William and Kareen Ecklund
The David and Kathleen Eckmann Fund of Vanguard Charitable
Janet G. Ekern
Lee Engquist
Anna Marie Ettel
Jessica and Jason Etten
Jeff and LeeAnn Ettinger
Kari Fedje Rasmus and Dan Rasmus
Karl and Sara Fiegenschuh
Rebecca S. and Benjamin R. Field
CDF Foundation
Hilde Flynn
Connie Foote
Frank J. Indihar, M.D. Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Patricia Freeburg
Joan and William Gacki
Peter and Mary Gilbertson
Jo Gilbertson
John and Cindy Gilpin
Elizabeth Gumbrell
Michelle Fitzgerald and Jonathan Guyton
Joseph Halloran
Walt Handschin
Lindsey and David Hansen
Paul and Cheryl Hansen
Pastor Carl Hansen
Michael and Kathryn Hansen
William Hanson and Marsha Dale
Emily V. Harris
Katherine Harris
Tom Hatch and Stacy Mattingly
Lucy Matthews and Kip Heegaard
John Henning
James and Leane Hewitt
Dr. Walter A. and Judith Hinck
M. Janice Hogan-Schiltgen
Aaron Holmgren
Stan and Jane Hooper
Hutter Family Foundation
Barbara Jenkins
Guy and Jean Johnson
Dwight and Pamela Johnson
Steven Johnson and Susan Iverson
Erika Kahler
Janet P. Kampf
Andrew and Virginia Kass
Roger A. and Patricia Katzenmaier
Pam Kaufman and Dennis Keierleber
Pamela and Jeremiah Kearney
Dale and Jan Kidd
Kwonshik Kim
Stuart J. Appelbaum and Jean A. King
Steve and Lee Kingsbury
Margaret V. Kinney
Ginny Kirby
Carlton Kittleson, Jr.
Dr. Steven and Debbie Koop
Patricia Koors
Susan Krabbenhoft
Barbara and Gary Krupp
Maureen Kucera-Walsh and Michael Walsh
Constance and Daniel Kunin
Anita Kunin
Laura and Tom Kuntz
Gail LaFave
Richard and Enid Lang
Alice Lesney
Pat Lindsley
William and Patricia Litchy
Jeffrey Locke
Sarah Lutman and Rob Rudolph
Richard and Jean Lynch Fund of The Catholic Community Foundation
Rhoda and Don Mains
Robert G. Mairs
Tom and Marsha Mann
Albert and Dorothy Marden
Catherine A. Mayer
Candace McClenahan
Virginia Claessens McDonald
Margot K. McKinney
Mary Bigelow McMillan*
The Jerry and Jeanne* Meigs Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation
Stanley and Susanne Meyer
Forrest and Joan Meyer
Lysle Meyer
Keith Miesel and Linda Ojala
David Miller and Mary Dew
Jerome Miranowski and Donna Kelly
Jeanette L. Mitchell
James and Carol Moller
Kristina Moomey
Mike Moriarty
Kay Phillips and Jill Mortensen Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
George Muellner
Don and Jean Mueting
Richard and Nancy Nelson
Gail Nelson
Thomas and Kathryn Nelson
Judith and Joseph Neumeier
Richard and Joan Newmark
Nicholson Family Foundation – Richard and Nancy Nicholson Fund
Mary Jo and Mark Nissen
David and Billie Novy
Robert M. and Colleen Oberlies
D. William O’Brien and Julie Smendzuik-O’Brien
Kevin O’Malley
C.T. Osthoff
Derrill Pankow and Allan Bradley
James S. and Anne H. Parker
Robert and Julie Paschke
Tom Peterson
Dwight and Chris Porter
David and Norma Porter
Eric Prindle and Dr. Emily Anderson
Barbara and Bill Read
Lori Ricke and Eric Dunn
Marc Robins
David A. Robinson
Sarah Rockler
John David Rodriguez
Dr. David A. and Kathleen Sweetman Rothenberger
Christine Sagstetter
Ellen Mary Saul
Anthony and Katie Scarfone
E. Nick and Karen Schmit
Richard C. Schmitter
Joseph R. and Winfred A. Schumi
Miriam Seim
Laurel Severson
Daniel and Emily Shapiro
Mark and Rebecca Shavlik
Leonard E. and Joan-Anne Shelhamer
John and Rebecca Shockley
Marianne and Gordon Shumaker
Laurie Rose Simon*
Richard H. and Mary Jo Skaggs
James Skakoon
David and Ann Smith
Dr. J Patrick and Linda M. Smith
Clifford C. and Virginia G. Sorensen Trust of the Saint Paul Foundation
Joseph and Susan Sorrentino
Dr. Krzysztof Burhardt and April Spas
Gary and Dona Stanull
Michael Steffes
Steve Pincus and Michelle Strangis
Jami Stromberg
Marcia Sullivan
Jerry Swenson
Judith Tarabek
Jon and Lea Theobald
Dr. Andrew J. Thomas
Richard Thomas and Teena Moy
Jane Tilka and Bill Dolan
Marcia Townley
Transforming Individual Lives Today
NaLa Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Dale W. Ulrich and Julie Brunner
Ron and Carol Vantine
Ginny and Ed Vizard
Linda Wadsworth and Bob Downs
Jean and David Wagy
Kathleen and James Walker
Charles Weinhold
Ann White
Alan and Connie Wilensky
Wiltz Family Fund
The Jean C. Wirsig Fund*
RADM Ray Cowden and Jean K. Witter
Jill Zahniser

$500 – $999 

$500 – $999
Anonymous (4)
Teresa Abbott
Roger and Margaret Anderson
Dean Anderson
Dr. John H. and Judith Anderson
Lori and Lee Anderson
Lowell Anderson and Kathy Welte
Lois Anselment
Cynthia Arnold and Peter Stahl
Diana J. Barber
Charles F. and Pamela C. Barer
J. Michael Barone
Michelle and Phillip Barry
Naren Bauer
Mary Bauman
Drs. J. Randolf and Margaret Beahrs
Ronald and Joyce Beauchane
Corrie W. Ooms Beck
Steve Beck
Dr. Ellen Bendel-Stenzel
Mitchell E. Bender and Priscilla Chester
Dr. Susan Benfield
Drew Benson and Matthew Kunnari
Kathryn Berg
Sharon Bigot
Dr. Michelle M. Blaeser
Carole Boyum
Elaine Brahms
Michael and Carol Bromer
Jerry S. Brown
Dr. Andrew and Sherilyn Burgdorf
Yomarie Burgos Adorno
Susan and Michael Burnett
Thomas P. Cairns
Ronald and Martha Caldwell
Mary Cavanaugh
Oscar B. Chamberlain
David J. and Michelle L. Christianson
Richard Cohen
Larry Colbeck
Jan Colliton
Richard and Dixie Cornell
David and Jeanne Cornish
Michael and Julia Costello
Jean and Joe Crocker
Robert Crosby
Mary Beth Cutting
Robert M. and Barbara Dalsin
Denise and James D’Aurora, Ph.D.
Thomas E. Davis
Mary Dawson
Gary Debele and Kimberly Tolman
Gary DeKrey
Steve and Kim DeRoche
John and Marcia Diracles
Ms. Anne Donahoe
Christopher and Britt Dougall
Bill Drake
Beverly Dretzke and Paul Schaleger
David Dudycha and Dorothy Vawter
Joel Dunning
Peter Duquette
David and Tammy Durant
Ethel Dzubay
Ryan Egan
Mike and Betty Elson
Dr. Louise Fawcett
George A. Ferguson
Jim and Linda Ferree
Catherine L. Fischer
Caroline and H. Dutton Foster
Jenny and Ryan French
Barbara A. Fritz
Patricia Gaarder
Catherine N. Galbraith
Jennifer Galovich
Greta Garmers
Kathryn and David Gilbertson
Mary Gillespie
Peter and Scotty Gillette
James and Jo Glasser
Morton Schlesinger and Joan Oliver Goldsmith
Richard and Marsha Gould
Frances Graham
Dr. James and Liz Grimmer
Jennifer Gross
Arthur and JeanAnn Guetter
John and Mary Gustafson
Dolores Gutierrez
Jon Haakenson
Ken and Suanne Hallberg
Lowell M. Hanson
Robert and Clara Hardy
Jodi and Stan Harpstead
David Hawley
Elisabeth Heefner
Cheryl and Reid Hegland
Scott Heiderich*
Mary Heller
Paula and Doug Hemer
David and Carol Henseler
Mary Kay Hicks
Alden Hoefer and Marion Stuart
Wayne and Dianne Hoeschen
Brian Horrigan and Amy Levine
Virginia Housum
Clifton and Melissa Hull
Coralie O. Hunter
Mari Ito and James Brozowski
Mary E. and Todd C. Jacobson
Donald Janes and Marilyn Thompson
Mark Jarrett
Suzanne Jebe
H. Budd and Carolynn Johnson
Katrina Johnson and Anita Wheeler
Orville and Kathy Johnson
Elizabeth and Neal Johnston
Robert McKlveen and Ellen Jones
Erin and Alex Jude
James and Linda Kalbler
Raye Kanzenbach and Joni MacDonald
Ed and Martha Karels
Jane and Bert Kasiske
Timothy Kelly and Ann Nugent Kelly Charitable Fund
Rosemary Kessler
Youngki Kim and Youngsun Lee Kim
Jean Kinsey and Frank Busta
Ellen Kniebel
Linda Y. Kohl
Marek and Joanna Kokoszka
Marina Kosyakovsky
Robert Kratz
Lambert and Jean R. Krinke
James Kunz
Frederick Langendorf and Marian Rubenfeld
Kenyon S. Latham, Jr.
Richard Launer and Amy Sadoff
Don Lee
Jon and Lisa Lewis
Carol Lichterman
Kelvin Lim
Celine Louwers
Donald and Lois Lovejoy
Marsha C. Macey
Rick and Susie Macpherson Charitable Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
John Madura
Linda Magdsick Quammen and Parker Quammen
Dusty Mairs
Ruth Markowitz
Judith Levin Marshall and Todd Marshall
Rev. Edwin and Katherine Martin
Phyllis Mattill
Sylvia McAlpine
James P. McCarthy and Gloria Peterson
Corrine McCarthy
Dorothy McClung
Judy McElheney
Anne McKinsey
Crystal Meriwether
Dolores M. Merrill
Charles and Carolyn Meyer
Camille Meyer
John A. Michel
John L. Michel and Dr. H. Berit Midelfort
Brian and Laura Millberg
Laurie Miller and Scott Sakaguchi
Curt and Cathy Miller
Mark Mislivec and Troy Brazell
Karen Moline
George and Cheryl Moore
Russell Moore and Erica Weida
Joon and Jim Mornes
Ann Morrissey
Carolyn Mueller
Gordon and Barbara Murdock
Anne Murphy-Resz
Richard and Beatrice Murray
Nicholas Nash and Karen Lundholm
Perry and Helen Nelson
Lynne Nelson
Todd F. Grant and Debra Nelson-Grant
Merritt C. Nequette and Nancy Z. Hartung
Bruce and Ann Nerland
Christie and Win Neuger
Mary Neustel
J. and Helen Newlin
Eric Newman and Janice Gepner
Phuong Nguyen
Franklin L. Noel and Ellen Perl
Byron and Janet Nordstrom
Scott Northrup
James M. and Sonja C. Devick Odland
Diane Ogren and Jeffrey Hill
Robert D. O’Hara, Jr.
Tamas Ordog
Sally P. O’Reilly
Janice M. Ostrem
James and Susan O’Toole
Laurie and Chris Paidosh
Mary and David Parker
Abigail Pelham
Lana K. and Jonathan Pemberton
Jane Persoon
Michael Peterman and David Wilson
John Petraborg
Anne D. Pick
John and Julia Ploeg
Bruce and Kathleen Pohlig
John K. Porter
Mary and Jonathan Preus
Scott Helgeson and Laura Preves
Ronald Prieve
Lois Proehl and Glen Funk
Bradley and Linda Quarderer
Michael Rabe
Sharon Radman
Archana Ramaswamy and Rumi Faizer
John Reay and Karen Hanson
Lawrence Redmond
S. Reed
Cathy Reed
Gregory and Patricia Reese
Michael and Emily Reif
Katherine and Bruce Rhoades
Jonelle Ringnalda
Gail and Joel Roberts
Deb Rodahl
Calvin and Caroline Roetzel
Diane R. Rosenwald
Jack and Marjorie Ross Fund of The Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation
Juliana Kaufman Rupert
Tom and Claire Rykken
Martin and Ellen Sampson
Robert Stanich and Jeanne Schleh
Jonathan O’Conner and Eric Schlotterbeck
Thomas Scott
Fred and Sylvia Berndt
Althea Sell
Thomas H. Selwold and Gretchen L. Durkot
Mary Shamrock
Renate Maria Sharp
Gale Sharpe
John and Brenda Sielaff
Mark and Mary Sigmond
Robert Silverman
Paul Sitz
Dennis P. Skrade
Helen Slater
Mary and H. Douglas Smith
Linda J. Smith
Nancy Speer
Bill and Mary Steinbicker
Delores and Donald Stenzel
Marcia L. Stephens and Jeffrey Rundgren
Craig A. and Barb Sterling
Dr. M. Thomas and Liba Stillman
Charles Stoddard
Barbara Stoll
Janet and Craig Swan
Elizabeth Starbuck and Delbert L. Swanson
Saul Taylor
Pondie and Mark Taylor
James B. Tchobanoff and Mariann Cyr
Patricia Haswell and Richard Todd
Beth Toso and Eric Freeburg
Joann Trygestad
Andrew Tucker
Raymond and Teresa Voelker
Daniel Vogel
M. K. Volk
Michael A. Wagner
Jenifer Wagner and James Vogel
Dagny Waldeland
Lee and Mary Jo Wall
Douglas Wallace and Margaret O. Hunter
Mary and J.L. Walus
Margaret Weglinski
Bill Wernz and Ann Hart Wernz
John and Annette Whaley
David and Beverly Wickstrom
Thomas and Mary Lou Wilharber
Frank and Frances Wilkinson
C. Neil and Julie M. Williams
John Williams
Diane Young
Janet Zander
Bernie and Evie Zeruhn
* deceased

$250 – $499 

Anonymous (9)
Donna Ahrens and Philip Anderson
Janet Albers
Albright Foundation
Barbara Allan
Bill and Nancy Althoff
Dr. John Anderson and Marsha Niebuhr
Linda Anderson
Ross and Kathryn Anderson
Matthew and Sarah Anderson
Emily Autumn
Jeannette Bach
Audrey and Dan Bailey
Dr. Cheryl Bailey and Dan Humes
John and Brenda Barton
Karen Baszynski
Lynne and Bruce Beck
Kenneth and Marie Bezdicek
Gail and Richard Bohr
Jeff Bowar and Virginia Heuer-Bowar
Karen Boyum
John E. and Terrie Brandt
Sharon and Todd Brezina
Bruce and Paulette Briese
Dr. Martin and Donna Mae Bruhl
Philip and Ellen Bruner
Dorene J. Bruns
Daniel and Theresa Burks
Diane and James Burnett
Richard Burton
Diane Bushyager
Douglas Caldwell
Charles G. Calhoun
James Callahan
Ruth Carp
Dr. F. Mark and Denise T. Carter
Cynthia Cattell
Mary Charles
Sara Church
Rebecca and Brian Cline
Robert Cochrane and Denise Scharlemann
Phyllis Conlin
Edward and Monica Cook
Colleen Cooper
Peter D. Cross
Barbara and Richard Crouter
Terry and Jeanette Cureton
Diane Dahl
Julie Dallman
James P. DeBenedet
Laura Delavie
John and Virginia Dell
Roger Domyahn
Kathi Donnelly-Cohen
Sue Dosal
Larry J. and Janet Douglas
Joel R. and Joanne Dufresne
Mel and Georgia Duncan
Stephen and Vickie Dunn
William Dustin
Susan Eckfeldt and Mary Allen
J. Michele Edwards
Kent and Katherine Eklund
Judy Enfield
Dr. Louis Epstein
Leif and Linda Erickson
Patricia Erlandson
Dean and Diana Ersfeld
James and Anne Ewing
Francis X. and Jessica A. Fallon
Dr. Ralph Faville
David and Dedra Fellner
Camille and Paul Feng
Joyce F. Field
Randi Fisk
Heidi Fisk
Jo Fleming
Joan and John Frank
Jane Frazee
Mary and Mike Frederick
Bruce and Alice Gaarder
James and Barbara Gahlon
Robert and Rebecca Galkiewicz
Paul Garrett
Olivia and Donald Gault
Leland* and Beverly Gehrke
Rebecca Gepner
Theresa M. Gienapp
Mark D. Gitch
Anne Glad
Charlotte L. Grantier
George D. and Anne R. Green
Tom and Jaci Guglielmi
Catherine Guisan
Noelle and Theodore Haland
Mark and Mary Jo Hallberg
Jon Hallberg and Diane Bruck-Hallberg
Laura Halldin
Sandra L. Halvorson
Carolyn Hamilton
Mark Hamre
Russell Hankins
Anne Hanley and George Skinner
Kent and Judith Harbison
Georgiana Harris
John W. Harris Family
Sally S. Hart
Susan and Robert Hartzell
Naomi Haugen and Peter Mansfield
Karen and David Haugen
Frederick Hauser
Dennis and Nancy Hebrink
Carrie Hefte
Ann and David Heider
Rosemary J. Heinitz
Geoffrey and Randi Hellman
James and Annamary Herther
Mary F. Hill
Bekki Hince
Janet F. Hirsch
Beverly Hlavac
Arthur and Donna Hogenson
Robert Hohertz
Victor and Sherry Holderby
Richard Holmes
Beth Honetschlager and Donald Greenebaum
Kathy and Mike Hopkins
Stephen Hopkins and Gail Olson
William Hornung
Dr. Jim and Jan House
Burt and Sandy Hoverson
Richard and Meredith Howell
Loren Howley
Nancy Huart
Michael Huck
John and Pam Humphrey
Mark and Kathleen Humphrey
Patricia Hurd and Bruce Weeks
Rosalie Huston
Barbara Hyer and John Pavlovich
Jerome and Nancy Irsfeld
Emi Ito
Veronica Ivans and Don Ruzin
Sandy Jacobsen and Dean K. Hedstrom
Ann Jaede
Dr. Suzanne James
Ethel James
Jack and Margaret Janzen
Rita G. Jarrard
Ruth-Ellen B. Joeres
Mark and Mary Johns
Ronald and Barbara Johnson
JoAnn Johnson
Jethra Kapp and Joel Glaser
Chris Keating
Alice Keith
John Kendrick
Paul and Nancy Kerestes
Anthony L. Kiorpes and Farrel E. Rich
Harold Kistler
William Klein and Hildy Bowbeer
Gerd and Maria Knops
Karen L. Koepp
David and Linnea Krahn
Wes and Deirdre Kramer
Edward and Donna Kraus
Tom and Mary Krick
Bonita Kuslich
Dan R. La Vigne
Dale L. Lange
Jana Larson
Carol Larson
Bruno Lavandier
David R. and Darlene A. Lee
Madelyn Leopold
Ralph and Helen Levitt
Mary Lewis
Susan Lindoo and Michael Wolesky
John R. Litch
Patricia Lockyear and J. D. Purcell
Mary Lundberg-Johnson and David C. Johnson
Wayne and Gail Lundeen
Eric and Cindy Lundin
Ronald and Kathryn Lutes
King W. and Nancy C. Ma
Dr. Joan E. Madden
Michele Madigan
Yader Madriz
Kathryn Madson
Catherine Malave
Nancy Mallory
Reid and Jeanne Mandel
Aaron Mann and Emily Herr
Michael Manns
Paul Markwardt
Dr. David and Linda Maschwitz
Caroline Matterson
Sulasalmi Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Karen and Brian Maverick
Sylvia McCallister
Michael McCormick
Dr. Martha McCusker
Deborah McKnight and James Alt
Mary Michele McNulty
James Oberly and Louise Merriam
Jane Merrill and Johnny Gay
Michael Michalk
Dean and Diane Milbrath
Rodney Miller and William A. Miner
Nancy Miller
John Palmer Miller
James Miner
Patricia A. Mitchell
James and Sheila Moar
Michael Monsor
Rev. William and Karen Montgomery
Amy and Eric Moon
Inar and Susan Morics
Jennifer Muenchow
Karen Muller
Janet and Thomas Munger
Judy and David Myers
April L. Narcisse and James A. Percich
Michael and Janis Nash
Patricia A. Nelson
Allan* and Imogene Nelson
Vivian Nelson
Chuck Nelson
Edmund and Mary Newman
Robert and Ann Niedringhaus
Mark Niehaus
Laurits and Mary Nielsen
Fran and David Nordhausen
Charlotte Nudell
John Nuechterlein
Bondo and Raine Nyembwe
Bridget O’Brien
David Oglesby
Paul and Jeana Ogren
Douglas and Carol Ogren
Jesse Okie and Mary Harrington
Gloria and David Olsen
Judy Olsen
Ellen E. Olson
Julie and Robert Olson
Gerard and Louise Olson
Anne O’Meara
Constance Oriani
Donna and Marvin Ortquist
John Palka
Stephen L. and Lois K. Parker
Marjorie Pearson
Susan J. Perkins
David and Nancy Peters
Lois Petersen
Janet Petri and Paul Zorn
John Pfeifer
Jason and Kate Piehl
Michele Ione Pierce
John W. Pilgrim
Ann L. Piotrowski
Grace Pomroy
Richard Poppele
Jerry Portnoy
Lorraine Potuzak
Leila D.J. Poullada
Nick Hay and Carol Poulson
Tim and Bonnie Power
Karen Pratt
Alex Pritchard
Mary Ellen and Dick Pugh
Richard Putzier and Jane Poethke
Edward and Anne-Monique Rapoport
Bruce Reckow
LouAnn and Larrie Reese
Richard L. and Joyce Reinke
Sarah Renner
Patricia A. Repinski
Peter and Mary Rhode
Sally A. Richardson
Ann Richter
Marilyn and Steve Riederer
Mary Rigney
Annemarie and Mark Robertson
Scott Robinson
Winthrop and Barbara Rockwell
Jesus Rodriguez
James and Mary Roeller
Richard and Ellen Rominski
Jim and Sandy Rummel
Anne Russell
Paul and Pat Sackett
Shirley Sailors
Michael P. and Cornelia J. Sampson
Marcy Sapuriada
Nancy Saunders
Mary E. Savina
Ottavio A. Savina
Nancy Scanlan
Elaine Gaston and Mark Scannell
Alexander Scheel
Karen Schilling and Steven Schroer
Laurie Schmidt and Jeffrey Comias
Charlotte Schmidt
Paul Schroeder
Mark and Rhoda Schuler
William R. Scott, Jr. and Susan Scott
Judith N. Scoville
Chris Senn
Edward J. and Marguerite A. Senninger
Dr. Leslie A. and Marilyn Sharpe
Frank and Ruth Shaw
Jeffry and Jane Shaw
Terry Shima
Elizabeth Short and John Kirkland Cozine
Mary Kathleen Sitzmann
Sandra Skaar
Amanda Skalland
Daryl Skobba and Kathleen McLaughlin
Linnea Sodergren
Florence Sprague and David Misemer
Biruta and Andris Spruds
Lawrence Sroufe
Brent Stahl and Ellen Engstrom
Gary and Rita Steffenhagen
Denis and Nancy Stoddard
William and Carol Straka
Janet Sullivan
Susan G. Surine
Evy K. Sussman
Diana and John Swanson
Mayer and Elizabeth Tapper
Karen Tarrant
Ed McConaghay and Margaret Telfer
Joyce Thielen
Benjamin Thomas
Jill and John Thompson
Richard and Caroline Thompson
Charles and Valerie Thompson
Francoise Thompson
Jean Thomson
Sarah Thoreson
Matthew R. Thueson
Neil J. Trainor
David Trechter
Linda and Eric Trygstad
Mark A. Twedt
Mary Kay Ulness
Judith A. Urban
John and Jennifer Urbanski
Kirk and Susan Vadnais
Bette Vandersteen
Elizabeth Villalta and Perry Leo
Tracey Walen
R. James Walker
Raymond Chiu and Stephanie Wang
Charles and Susan Ward
Carolyn Weaver
John Welckle
Mary Welfling
William and Diana Weller
Naomi and John Wells
Lois Welshons
Samuel and Mary Wetterlin
Donaldson and Jeanne Wickens
Paul and Jan Wicklund
Patricia Willenbring*
Michael and Martha Willett
Ruth and David Wood
Don and Catherine Woznicki
Jane U. Young
Judy Zinn
Jean Zivkovich
Dr. Felix and Muriel Zwiebel
* deceased

$100 – $249 

Anonymous (15)
Jerome H. Abrams
Mary Adair and Gerald Jorgenson
Nicole Adams Blume
Jones M. Adkins and Julie R. Brown
Nobuhiko and Marilyn Akimoto
John W. Albers
Eric J. Alborn and Mark T. Johnson
Patricia Alexander
Chip and Barbara Allen
Gordon and Carol Altshuler
Gail Amundson and Peter Rothe
Cindy Anderson
Gary Anderson and Christine Boros
Farrand Anderson
Jerome and Constance Anderson
Catherine Anderson
Marianne Anderson
Dean A. Andrew
Marcie Andrews
Cindy Angerhofer
Dr. Howard Ansel
Matt Anton and Melina Williams
Carole Appleby
Duane and Christina Arndt
Rachael Arnott
Stephen Arsenault and Minda Arsenault Pearson
Richard and Susan Asinger
Dan Avchen and David Johnson
Nancy Ayers
Marilyn Bach
Joanne and David Backlund
Donna Bahls
Joseph R. Baierl and Denise Duchateau
Edward Davis and Cara Bailey
Judith A. Bailey
Anne Bailey
William Baker and Colleen O’Neill
Nic Baker
Helen Balcome
Ralph and Lois Ballinger
Fred and Carol Banister
Adrienne Banks
Paul A. Bard, Jr.
Timothy Bardell
Bill Barker
Richard G. Barker
Carol Barnett
Alice Baron
Dr. Sara-Ellen Barsel and Randy Neprash
Danielle Bartz
Jessie Baskauf
Sharon E. Bassett
Donna Baty and Steven Schauer
Timothy and Katherine Bauer
Charles and Lucy Bauer
Alan Baxter
Carolyn E. Beatty
Don Beck
Dr. Kenneth Beckman
William Beeman
Benjamin L. Behler
James and Marcia Behm
Kathryn Behm and Darrell Blomquist
James R. and Dorothy C. Beix
Barbara Belew*
Colleen Belgum
Donald and Mary Anne Bennett
Bruce Bennett
Bonita J. Benson
Gerald N. and Phyllis Benson
James and Elizabeth Bentley
Herb and Lynne Benz
John F. Bergford, Jr.
Richard Bergstrom
Judith and Richard Berland
Ute Bertog
Randall C. and Marcia L. Betcher
Michael and Ruth Bettendorf
Constance Beutel
Betty Biernat
Kim Bingham
Susan Bishop
Fred and Linda Blaisdell
Lionel and Joann Blatchley
Paul Bloom
Tim Bloom
Leon and Judy Bloomfield
Nancy Blume
Marsha Blumenthal
Dr. Kristina Boerger
Mark Bohnhorst and Mary Wahlstrand
Robert E. Boldt*
William and Patricia Bomash
John R. Bonde
Evelyn Bone
Laurence and Sandra Borden
Mary and John Borgh
Joe Bornong
Jane L. Boss
Laura Bottenfield
Ted Bowman and Marguerite Grahn-Bowman
Rochelle Brandl
Lorraine R. Brasket
Gretchen Bratvold
John and Mimi Braun
Siena Braun
Madeleine Bray
Mary Brennan and Vincent Hyman
Jim Brewer
Dorothy Brewer
J. Gerry Briggs
Dianne Brooke
Carolyn Brown
Jan C. Brown
Lucinda Brown
Siri Brusehaver
Erik Bruun and Jytte Svarre
Kristen Bruya
Dr. Glenn and Eunice Buchanan
Tamara R. Buetow
Carol A. Bufton
Karen Z. Buggs
Mark E. Bunker
Benjamin Burgdorf
William Burns
Margaret Burton
Elizabeth Buschor
Janel M. Bush
Magda Bushara
Sharon and Daryl Buss
Lorna and Frederic Byers
Janet G. Cain
Mavis Callovi
Ford Campbell
Virginia Campbell
Laura H. and Mark L. Capaldini
Dana Carlson
Jasmine Carlson
Philip Heide and Pamela Carlson
Elaine J. Carlson
Bruce Carlson
Patricia and Arnold Carver
Daniel Casar
Herb Cashdollar
Jerry Cassidy
Thomas and Susan Cathey
Karen Caughey
Darrell J. and Lois Charboneau
William and Nancy Child
Stephanie and Brian Childs
Glenn Choquette
Dr. Nadia Christensen
Dean Christensen and Joyce Francis
Katherine Kaufer Christoffel*
Glenn Ciegler
Carol Clarke
Bradley G. Clary
Joan Cleary and Jerry Helfand
Elizabeth G. Cliffe
Faith Clover
Joseph and Sarah Clysdale
Ann Coady
Hiram and Liz Cochran
Gene and Mary Coffman
Barbara Cohen
Ruth Colby
Joseph Collins
Judith Ann Collopy
Marcia Colson
Steven Comingdeer
Michael Condon
Ray Conroe
Dr. Lawrence and Jean Cook
Glenn A. Corliss
Judy Corrigan
Richard and Joanna Cortright
Jeanne E. Corwin
Michael Coscio
Gwen and Kenneth Crabb
David Cross
Nancy A. Cudahy
James Cuff
Peter and Christine Cundall
Judy Custer
Elizabeth Cutter and Perry Wilson
William Dana
Kathleen Daniels
Cheryl and John Davenport
Malcolm Davy
Mark and Janet Debe
Joann Decker
Janis and Alfred Dees
Susan Defreitas
Jeanne Del Casino
Mark DelCogliano
Dr. Mary DeMaine
Dr. Donald E. and Alma H. Derauf
Michael Dercks
Erin DeRubeis
Nina DiAngelis
Douglas Diedrich
Mike and Debbi Dieter
Joseph Dixon
H. John and Sylvia Dobrovolny
Elizabeth Docherty
Dean Doering
Humphrey Doermann
Elizabeth Dokken
John S. Donnelly
Myrna Doran
A. Brian Doran
Thomas and Phyllis Dosch
David and Mary Drache
Ann K. Dudero
Thalia Duffield
Janet and Kevin Duggins
Victoria J. Dunn
Ann Dunn-Foley and Tom Foley
Sherman Eagles and Susan Conner
Mary Earl
Barbara and John Edgar
Alison Edgerton
Rob and Jenny Edman
Lois Edwards
Mary Louise Egan
Claudia Egelhoff
George Ehrenberg
Kris Ehresmann and Paul Moyer
Robert and Kathleen Eide
Nada Ellert
Richard and Anne Ellingson
Debra and Curtis Enestvedt
Andrew Eng
Ginnee Engberg
Maureen Engelhardt
Ken and Carol Engelhart
Carolyn Engquist
Deborah Enyeart
Carl J. Erickson
Theodore and Carol Ericson
Hope Binner Esparolini
Laura Espondaburu
John Evans
Richard and Adele Evidon
Mary Ewing
Jack and Eileen Falker
Martin Fallon
Dr. John Fangman
Kathie Faricy
Ed and Margie Farr
Jean Farrell
Kurtis Fechtmeyer
Todd Gordon and Susan Feder
Mary Feeney
Margaret Feil
Nile R. and Kay J. Fellows
Russell Felt
Dr. Brian Fiedler
Drs. Gregory A. Filice and Svetlana Simovic
Wanda Fingalson
Sheldon Finver and Dee Albert
Leonard Fisk
Ann Fitch
Kelly Fitz
Lynn Fleener
John Floberg and Martha Hickner
Paul and Donna Floyd
Janet and Aaron Folsom
The Forman Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Clare Fossum
Rick and Katie Fournier
John W. Fox
Cheryl and Elliot Francke
Salvatore Silvestri Franco
Jim and Helen Franczyk
Sylvia Frank
Richard Frank
Judith Franklin
Jay T. Franklin
Elizabeth Frenzel Jones
Phyllis Doane Frisby
Arlo and Stephanie Frost
V. and G. Fuhrken
Lisl Fuhrken
Susan J. Fuller
Mark Fulton
Norman M. Gabrick
Markus Gaelli and Deborah Gross
Theodore Galambos
Arthur Galbraith
Jamie L. Gareri
Richard and Ann Garland
Margo Garrett Kavalovski
George and Carol Geiger
Barbara Geiser
Elizabeth Genovese
Richard S. Gillman
John Glasenapp
Harriet and Peter Glick
Theodore and Hung-Ja Gliske
Glenda E. Glore
Frances S. Go
Karen Gochberg
Bobbi Goess
James G. Goetz
Graciela Gonzalez
Ken and Harriet C. Goodpaster
Katherine G. Goodrich
Eileen and Edward Gordon
Stephen D. Gordon
Arlene Goter
Paul and Barbara Grabowski
Christine Graf
Marcella Grandpre
Annalee Gray
Edeltraud Green
Ellen and Ken Green
Alice and Larry Greenbaum
Dr. Norman Greenberg and Beth Silverwater
Dr. David W. Griffin and Dr. Marjorie Hogan
Dmitry and Jane Gringauz
Michael Gross
Karin J. Grossman
Tom and Linda Grothe
Pamela and Josh Gruber
Jerome Grunstad
James R. and Nancy R. Guerino
Doug Guild
Philip and Susan Gulstad
Vadim Gurvich
Ray Gustafson and Mary Dannies Gustafson
Erik Haaland
Michael and Jane Hagedorn
Erik and Jana Hagen
Kristen Hager
Robert and Georgiana Haight
Sandra S. and Richard D. Haines
Kendall Hains
Dr. Pinckney Hall
Barbara and Joe Halligan
Betsy and Mike Halvorson
Ruth Halvorson
Linda Hammond
Larry Hampel and Mary Kopet
Phillip Handy
Daniel and Sherri Hanger
Norma Hanlon
George and Emily Hansen
William and Sheri Hansen
Barb Hanson
David and Carol Hardin
Jeanne K. Haro
Paul and Margaret Harper
Kevin and Ila Harris
Lyle and Rojane Hart
Douglas Hart
Eric D. Hart
Dr. Michael Bahr and Morrie Hartman
Lynn and Dick Hartshorn
John Harvey
Orlando Hash
Jody Hauer
Howard and Nicole Haugh
Thomas and Carla Hawley
Harry C. and Nancy A. Heacox
Deborah Healey
Janice Heasley
James Hedeen
Bill and Andrea Heier
Todd and Carole Heimdahl
Dr. Lisa L. Heinrich
Murray Helfer
Julie and Dean Heller
Edwina Helling*
Dodi and Robert Helman
Mary K. Heltsley
Kay Hempel
Linda and Dean Henderson
Mary G. Henderson
Deborah Hendricks
Kristin L. Hendrickson
Roger and Vicki Henry
Keitha Herron
Al Hester
Margaret Heubach
Russell Heuckendorf
Nelly Hewett
Charles Hibbard
Pamela Higgins and Steve Naragon
Ruth Hiland
Vivian Hildebrant
Daniel C. Hill
Helen and Curtis Hillstrom
Anders and Julie Himmelstrup
Elizabeth Hinz
Maureen E. Hirsch
Armen Hitzemann
Jim and Nanette Hockin
Neil A. and Susan Hodson
Timothy Hoel
Margaret Hoff
Anne Hoflen
Blandine A. Hogan
Sharon Hogenson
James A. and Pat Hoglund
Rudolf Hokanson and Susan Miller
Becky Hokenson
Lois Hollingsworth
Mike and Mary Holm
Julie F. Holmen
Barbara Holtan
Lois Holzemer
Charles R. Horihan
James S. and Linda M. Hoskins
Kenneth A. Hotz
Janice Hougen
Cheryl Houle
Dr. Stephan Hubig
Patricia Hudziak
Elizabeth and James Hughes
Gordon and Judy Hughes
Thomas and Jeanne Hunt
Anne Hunter
David Hunter
James Hutchinson
Lynn and Thomas Ihlenfeldt
Jerome and Mary Ince
Joseph and Carol Incremona
Pam Isaacson
Deborah Isabelle
Ronald and Michelle Jackelen
Mary Ann Jackson
Vicki G. Jackson
Erwin T. and Kathy Jacobson
Rosemary Jacobson
Kathleen Jaglo-Joseph
Elise Jahnke
Ann Jalonen
John and Thelma James
Dolores and Lee Javorski
John W. Jensen
Peter C. Jensen
Roger A. Jensen
Susan Jepsen
Linda Jergenson
Ted and Deborah Jewett
Julie Jochum Gartrell
Judy Johannsen
Jim and Mary Johnson
Rosemary Johnson
Diane C. Johnson
Mary D. and Thomas Johnson
Bev G. Johnson
Sigrid Johnson
Philip and Carla Johnson
Jody Johnson
Siri Johnson
Barb and Marshall Johnson
Dolores Johnson
Jean Johnson
Edward and Martha Johnson
Mary A. Jones
Nancy H. Jones
Rose Jost
Myron and Ellen Just
Alan and Geri Kagan
Gerald and Rebecca Kajander
Donald and Janet Kamis
Michael Kanner
Dr. Arnold and Shirley Kaplan
Joel and Harriet Katz
Alfred and Sharon Kauth
Erin Keefe
Janice and Curtis Keller
John Keller
J. Richard and Faith Kelley
Evan Kelley
Diane Kelly
Gregory Kelly
Jack and Marilyn Kemme
Charlyn Kerr
Sharon Kessler and Dr. Michael Dorsher
Joe Ketzner
Randee Killeen
Richard and Marcia Kimball
Loretta Kimmet-Mobley and Andy Mobley
Linda A. King and Robert Schauinger
Cathleen King
Neal P. and Gretchen Kingsley
Dylan Kinneavy
Robin and Gwenn Kirby
Karl and Mary Kjeldsen
Mark Kleinschmidt
Roger and Mary Lou Klinkhammer
Peter Knapp and Lucinda Jesson
Richard W. Knuth and Susan Albright
William Knuth
Hans J. Koenig
Elizabeth Koenig
Kristen Koester
John Kohring
Susan and Larry Koll
David and Nancy Kopesky
Susan and Dr. Richard Kopher
Steve Korte
John and Beverly Koser
Chris Kraft and Nelson Capes
Kevin Krafty
Michael Kramer
Louise A. Kramer
John Kremer
Lorraine A. Kretchman, MD
Jeff Krumrie
Diane Krusemark
Steven and Genie Kufus
Kristi and David Kuhnau
Christina L. Kunz and Hassan M. Saffouri
Joseph J. Kuznik
Al Kvaal
Amy V. Kvalseth
Valerie and Jerome Kyllo
Cindy and Steven LaBerge
Rita Lahtonen
Sarah Lambert
Steven Landby
Edward Langerak
Paulita LaPlante
Lynn Kendall Larson
Ron Larson
David Larson
Bette Larson
Barbara and Dean Larson
Sandra Larson
Mark and Susan Lasoff
Nancy Lawroski
Monika and Rod Leas
Jim and Linda Lee
Suzanne Lee
Sharon Leete
Alice Lehman
William Lehnertz
Louis and Janice Leichter
James A. and Holly M. Leighton
James Leith
Gayle Lens
John Steele Lentz, Jr. and Ursula Lentz
Frank Lerman and Carol Simon
Dr. Daniel Leslie
William and Judith O’Keefe Lester
Stephen Levin
James* and Ruth Lewis
Judith Lewis
Brian J. Lewis
James W. and Sharon A. Lewis
Hans Liao
Mike and Carol Lidberg
Ingrid Liepins
Dr. Roger and Ellen C. Lillemoen
Stephanie B. Linden
Ann Linde
Mary Lindgren
Thomas and Vicki Lindquist
Grady Linehan
Mary Anne Linser
Allen and Jennifer Lipke
Cheryl Littau
Timothy and Susanna Lodge
Elaine and Marvin Lofquist
Mark D. Lofstrom
Alan and Lori Lohman
Lois London
Margaret Longlet
Thea Lopatka
Marilyn T. Lopez
Elger Lorenzsonn
Sharon Lovo
Judy Lund
Lynn Lundberg
Robert Lundberg
Gerold V. and Gunda Luss
Ron and Cathy Lutz
David Lutz and Cynthia Hazelwood
Miles Lybeck
Michael Mack
Daphne Mackey
Kelly MacLennan
Nancy Maczka
Margaret J. Madden
Dr. Robert Madoff and Dr. Jane Korn
Deborah Madson
Vernon Maetzold
R. Magill
Finette Magnuson
Virginia Mahlum
Suzanne Mahmoodi
Tony and Alice Maistrovich
Adam Malamen
Victoria Malawey
Robert and Helen Malby
Jo Angela Maniaci
Elaine Mann
Kenneth and Carol Marbaugh
Carol Margolis
Susan Mark
Frederick and Helen Markwardt
Rob and Kathryn Martin
Mary K. Martin
Sara Martineau
William D. and Carole Martino
Elaine Martinsen
Don and Sally Mason
Jeff Masten
Carol Masters
Chad Mathern
Dr. Damien Mathew
Ronald L. Mathison
Chris Mato Nunpa
Lary and Elaine May
Susan McCall
William McCarthy
Mr. Jerry McClelland
James McClung
Wendy McCormick and Robert Milner
Margaret McCray
Stephen and Andrea McCue
Mary McDiarmid
Zachary McDonald
Katherine McGill
Ronald McGlennen
Elizabeth Schornek
M. J. McGregor and Stephen M. Dahl
Lisa R. McIntire
Susan McKinley and John Heule
James and Brenda McQuerrey
Mary Anne Mead
L. David Mech
Peter and Catherine Meier
Carl Meier
Marlys and Robert Melius
Joyce Mellom
Velia R. Melrose
Lester and Eileen Meltzer
Joan Mertz
Roxann Metz
Bill and Sue Metzger
Bruce and LeeAnn Meyer
Chet Meyers
Vicki Lynn Mickelson
Paul Mielke
Dina and Igor Mikhailenko
David Miller
Dyann and Ronald Mills
Dennis Mirovsky
Joyce Mitchell and William Satzer
Silke Moeller and Juergen Konczak
Carol Moen
Devora L. Molitor
Maurice Monahan
Kathleen Montgomery
Liam Moore
Judith Moore
Alice Moormann
Yvonne M. Morehouse
Judy Morgan
Hilda Viktoria Mork
David Morris
Polly Morrison
Mark W. and Jane M. Morrow
Susan Skinner and Mark Movic
James and Marilyn Muellner
Michael Munson
Brendan Murphy
Sarah Murray
Katherine Murray
Edward L. Mutsch
Nadine and Donald Myers
Michael Myhrom
Roberta Nagan
Mary Jo and Frederick Nairn
Mary Neal
Valerie and Cliff Nebel
Anne and Hart Nelsen
Marlys Nelson
Barbara Nelson
Ann Nelson
Krista Nelson and Farhad Anklesaria
Paula Nelson
Carole and Roger Nelson
Louella Nelson
James Nelson
David A. and Audrey J. Nelson
Janelle Nelson
Robert Nesheim
Mona and Theodore Nesse
Donna Nesser
Kathryn Nettleman
Andrea Niemi
Don and Gerda Nightingale
Diane Nixa
Jane Nolting-Brown
Elizabeth Nordin
Steven Oakley
Richard E. Oberg
Jim and Rosalie O’Brien
Amy and Michael O’Brien
Andrew Odlyzko
Catherine Ogren
Edward M. and Kathleen M. Ogrin
Chris Ohland
Yvette Oldendorf
Byron and Marilynn Olney
Peter Ofofson
Gordon and Betty Olson
Matthew Olson
Susan Olsson
William O’Neill
Milo and Betty Lou Oppegard
Dennis and Turid Ormseth
Dennis Orsen
Michael and Linda Orsted
Doug and Phyllis Ostergren
Allan and Drucilla Osterud
Julie A. Ottis and Neil Neddermeyer
Raymond Ottman
Deloris Ouren
Barbara Owens
Dominique Palks
Nancy Palm and David Salene
Kenneth and Sue Palmer
Bharat Parekh
Don and Kathy Park
Peter and Carol Parshall
JoAnn and Eric Pasternack
Jason and Joan Patalonis
Robert J. Patient
Terry and Mary Patton
Alyson Paulick
James J. Pearson
Vonda Pearson
Cynthia and George Peck
Rick and Sandra Penning
Michael Peroz and Mary Joy Rieder
Timothy Peters
Robert and Alice Peters
Jonathan Peterson
Paul and Maryanne Peterson
Lee Peterson
Judith and John Peterson
Craig A. and Mary L. Peterson
Lee Pfannmuller and Gary Seim
Wayne Bjorlie
James and Renee Phelps
Patrick and Annette Phillips
Julien and Jeffrey Phillips
Edmund Phillips
Mary Pieh
Herb Pilhofer and Rosemary Januschka
Barbara Lind and Craig Poeschl
Sally Polk
Laura K. Polymeros
Stephanie Pomonis
Kim Pomroy
Truman and Noelyn Porter
Katharine Powers
Tom and Kt Prather
Tom and Jean Probst
Gary and Kathleen Propp
Joseph and Patricia Pulice
T. Jeffrey and Laura Putnam
Dr. Mark Rabinovitch and Karen VanBeck Rabinovitch
Larry Ragland
Andrew and Rebecca Rahn
Richard Raiche
Chris Kvale and Marcia Raley
Thue and Uttara Rasmussen
Mark Ratner
The Mohring and Rawson Family
Jacqueline Raymond
Christopher Reeves
Jacqueline S. Regan
Tim Regan
John Reitan
Alberto and Alexandra Ricart
Dick Rice and Rosemarie Whitehead
Matthew Richey
Freya Richman
Philip Rickey
Ellen Rider
Bob and Anita Rieder
Daniel and Judith Ritchie
Isaac J. Roang
Nancy and David Robbins
Anne Robbins
Nancy Robillard
James Robins
Greg Robinson
Colette Roche
Carroll Rock
Lisa Roe
Juliette Rogers
Dr. Natalie Roholt and Dr. Patrick Riley
Aron and Ellen Rolnitzky
John Romano
Kathy and Patrick Romey
Peter Romig
Kendall and Bonnie L. Ronning
Tamara and Michael Root
Sally and Bob Roscoe
Donna Rose
Stewart Rosoff
David and Mary Ross
Everett Rotenberry
Andrea Roth
Elaine Rothman
Jo Ann Rucker
Parichay Rudina
Robert Ruud
Marre Jo Sager
Anthony Salim
Lars Samuelsson
Mimi Sanders
Wesley Sandholm
Patricia A. Sandkamp
Mary Santi
Arline Satrom
Robert J. and Mary Satterstrom
Mark and Gail Satz
Joachim Savelsberg and Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg
Kris Sawyer
Dolores A. Schaefer
Jean Schaefer
Brent Schauer
Robert Schauinger
Naomi Scheman
Michael B. Schendel
Kevin and Katherine Schill
Roger and Kathryn Schindel
Carol Schmidt
Raymond E. Schmidt
John Schmidt
Mary Schommer
Kenneth J. Schram
Maridee Schroeder
Jim and Carol Schuetz
Barbara Schulman and Matt Gilson
Ronald and Debbie Schultz
Laird Schultz
Jane Schulz
Mark Schwagmeyer
Joseph and Maryann Schwebel
Benjamin and Sarah Scott
Mark and Dorlin Seaquist
Arne Selbyg
Muriel J. Selen
Mary Alice Sell
Corey Sevett
John and Hiroko Shade
Luke and Karen Shanahan
Lee and Jerry Shannon
Sandra Shannon
Alison Sharpe-Havill
Jocelyn Shaw
Terri Shefelbine and Todd Jones
William J. Sherfey
Shirley Shimota
Richard and Linda Shinofield
Beth A. Shipway
Andrea Sieber and Larry Arrigoni
Stephen Simon and Kathleen Wilken
Robert Simonds
Teresa Simonson
Lisa Sinclair
Andrew Singer
Sue Singer
Donald Sivanich
Wendy Sivanich
Jack F. Jr and Gretchen E. Sjoholm
Carol and Joel Skinner
Marv and Mickey Slind
Elaine Sloan and Ross Moen
Claricy Smith
Bill and Becky Smith
Carol Smith
Gabe Smith
Edward I. Smith
Jean M. Smith
Duane R. Smith
Susan Smoluchowski
Jeanette Sobania
Rosemary W. Soltis
Mary Sonnen
Jeanne Sorenson
Pamela Sorota-Mowery
Ann Sothy
William and Marcia Soules
Cheryl G. Spangler
Elisabeth Spanhoff
Sharon and Thomas Speich
Susan Spindler
Mary Kaye Springer
Jody Stadler
Thomas Stagg
Richard and Carol Stahl
Joan and Michael Stahlmann
Peter and Nancy Stalland
Kevin and Barbara Stalsberg
Jeffrey Friedl and Carla Steen
Jordan Stein
Paul Stein and Peg Powers
Mike Steiner
Paul Stelter
Heidi Steltzner
Peter and Maria Stitzel
Alice Stock
Cynthia Stokes
Warren Stortroen
John and Marcia Stout
William and Sara Stout
James and Ann Stout
Dr. Thomas W. and Ruth Stram
George and Mary Strauss
Barbara Streifel
Frank Stubbs and Tom Lee
Jeffrey Stutzman
Elizabeth Sullivan
Catherine Sultan
Mark and Shirley Sundquist
Mary E. Sutton
Ava Suzuki-Lambrecht
Sandra Swami
Jean Swanson
Tom and Bonnie Swanson
Debra Swanson
Claude and Maryann Swayze
Joseph Swierczek
Cynthia Syme and Richard Rosenberg*
Gregory Tacik and Caroline Olig
Judy M. Taddeini
Jeanne Tanamachi
Katherine and Jeffrey Tane
Rafael E. Tarrago
Tom and Ruth Tauscheck
Elizabeth Temple
Eldon Tessman
Kipling Thacker and Kevyn Riley
Lisa Theisen
Roger and Alice Thiede
Irma Thies
Nancy Thies
David and Jennifer Thomas
Mitchell Thompson and Lisa Goodard
Gayle Thorsen
John and Susan Thueson
Pamela L. Tibbetts
Quinn Tierney
Mark and Jan Tiggas
Anne and Bill Tisel
Carol Toensing
Linda Toso
Dorothy Tostengard
Louise A. Town, M.D.
Nancy Tracy
Dale Trapp
Joseph and Dorothy Trepanier
Linda Anderson Trouten and Bruce Trouten
Nancy Truax
Terrence J. Trudeau
Theodore Tucker
Terrolle and Dale Turnham
Christopher Tyndall
Roger and Marianne Tyrrell
David Ulrich
Franz W. Ulrich and Lisa Bormann
Gay Urness and Deborah Achor
Jeffrey and Rica J. Van
Ellen Van Iwaarden
Robert van Vliet
Dr. Carol L. Vaubel
David Vaughan
Elizabeth Vavra
Carolyn Verret
Theresa M. Vertuno
Mark Viste
Michael Vitt and Maureen McCarthy
Susan Von Mosch
David Vorland
Donna Votino
Wallace and Jeanne Wadd
Carol and Tim Wahl
Bill and Barbara Wainberg
Gregory Wallin
Anne Walter and Michael Swift
John Wangaard
Doug and Peg Wangensteen
Roland Warner
Steven and Diana Warner
Cody Warren
Theresa Watschke
Lauren P. Weck
Thomas and Eva Wedel
Georgia A. Wegner
Jessica Wegwerth
Sven Wehrwein
David I. Weinberg, MD
Barbara F. Weissberger
Karen Weium and Dave Barnard
Terri A. Welch
Martha Wells
Roland Wells
Larry and Pat Welo
Paul and Jane Welter
Janet Werner
Fritz and Cynthia West
Paul and Sally Westermeyer
John T. Wetzel
Kurtis and Vicki Wheeler
John and Janet Wheelock
Michelle Whitman
Judy Whitney
Ann Whittemore and Nancy Nystuen
Dr. Thomas A. and Barbara Wiberg
Robert G. and Betty Wicklem
Kenneth Wielinski
Dianne Wiik
Jacob Wilde
Mary Wilkening
Eunice Wilkinson
Kathie and Jay Wilkinson
David and Nancy Willetts
Charlotte M. Williams
Richard Williams
Preston and Sharon Williams
Todd and Marjorie Williams
Lani Willis
Theodore A. Wilson
Matt and Jenny Wilson
Douglas Wilson
Sue E. Wiltgen
Daniel J. and Susan L. Winderl
Laurence Winship and Rebecca Strauchon
Laurel Winsor
Richard and Lois Wintersteen
Edwin and Barbara Wistrand
Sandra Wittrock
Sharon and Ernest Woizeschke
Barbara Wojahn
Kimberly A. Wolken
Millie Woodbury
Steve Woolley and Maria Vittone
Lee and Janet Woolman
Teresa Workman and Karl Beach
Chris Woznicki
Shirley Wright
C. Ben and Donna J. Wright
Scott Wright
Elizabeth Wroblewski and Bill Maloney
Maryann Wycoff
David Yarusso
Mary Yee
James A. Young
Jeanne Young
Helen Yu
Ardis Zantek
Ann Y. Zastrow
Catherine and John Zdechlik
Liz Zeno
Mary Barbara Ziegenhagen and Patrick Higgins
Timothy Zimmerman
William Zimmermann, Jr. and Elizabeth Zimmermann
Jo and Steve Zimmermann
JoAnne Zoff
Susan Zuriff
* deceased

$99 and under 

Anonymous (7)
Deanna Abbott-Foster
Victoria Abrahamson
Diane Ackert
Mary Adams
Brock Adams
Anastasia Adorable
Dr. Camelia Alb
Dean and Phyllis Albert
Margaret Albrecht
Sarah Albright
Bill Alfveby
Jacob Allen
Dave and Lynne Allen
Pastor Denise Allen-Walker
Magdalena Alonso
Allen Alwin
Barbara Amato
Barbara Amram
Leslie and Gordon Amundson
George Anastos
Becka Anders
Katherine Anderson
Jeffrey Anderson
Matthew Anderson
Kenneth and Judith Anderson
Linda Sue Anderson
Gary Anderson
Michael Anderson
Donna M. Anderson
Susan Anderson
Linda Anderson
Greg Anderson
Ray and Constance Anderson
Dana Anderson
Wendy Anderson
Jennifer Anderson
Kate Andrews van Horne
Carl Anfinson
Nancy Angelo
Jim Angermeyr
Dale Anklam
Richard Arey
Annette Argall
Milo Arkema
Maureen Armstrong
Krizia Arneberg
Anne Aronson
Stephanie Arrell
Joyce and Robert Arthur
Gary Ash
Martha Jo Atkins
Kristine Atwell
Kerry and Jill Audette
Julie Aulwes
Joseph Autry
Marcia Avner
Karen Axtell
Kristy Bachus
Joanne Backer
Nancy Bagshaw-Reasoner
Marie Baker
Erin Baker
Laurie Bakkum
Heidi Baldwin
Barbara Baldwin
Martha Ballard and Paul Chrenka
Dawn Banken
Todd Bannie
Dr. Thomas Barber
Javier Barberena
Brandon Barclay
Donna Lee Barnett
Jason Barrett
Jim Barton
John Bartunek
Susan Bastian
Margo Bauck
Michael and Marcia Baudino
Annabel Bavaud
Carla Bayerl
Anita Bealer
Jean Bearden
Vanessa Beardsley
Patricia D. Becerra
Michael Becker
Ann Beckman
Christopher Becknell
Justin Bedford
Glynn Behmen
Toni A. Beitz
Virginia Belden-Charles
Philip Belin
Richard Bell
Daniela Bell
Diane Bemel
Mary Bendtsen
John H. Bennett
Sharell Benson
Dawn Bentley
Laura and Kevin Berdine
Erin Berg
Elizabeth Bergman
Lynn Bergstrom
Katie Berkompas
Olga Berkovskaya
Dana Huseth
Anna Betz
Bart Bevins
Gordon and Diann Bird
Jeffery A. and Karen Birkeland
Amanda Bitzer
David Bjork
Wayne Bjorlie
Robbin Blackman
Paula Blake
Patricia Blake
Matt Blake
John Bleuel
Mary Ellen Block
Igor Blokhintsev
Jon Blomstrand
Stephanie Blumhagen
Rachel and Michael Bly
Kristin Boardman
Susan and Jose Boatman
Robert and Margaret Boatz
Carol A. Bock
Kirby Bock
Kelly Boie
Kimberly and Robert Boisvert
Stephen Bolea
Laura Bolstad
Louise Bonach
Erin Borchert
Kathleen Borgen
William Bormann
Lorraine Born
Jessica Bortnova
Steve Bosch
Thomas Bostyancic
Gisele Bouroncle
Jane Bovard
Lisa Bowen
David Bowen
David Bower
Marta Bowman
Bruce Boyea
Barbara Boysen
Philip Bradley and Jan Frankman
Rosalyn Branch
John Brandberg
John Brant
Robert Brearey
Rolla J. Breitman
Peggy Brennan
Lisa Brenner and Mike Selon
Ellie Brenny and Walter Jost
Gayle Breutzman
Thomas Brey
Lisa M. Brienzo
Nancy Brierley and William Befort
Karen Brindley
David and Cindy Brod
Barbara I. Brooks
Robin Brown
Nancy S. Brown
Jessica Brown Billhymer
Alan and Kathleen Browne
Thomas Bruestle
Tyanna Bryant
Elsie Buck
Marilyn Budde
Paul Buettner
Angela Buffington-Johnson
Debra Burdette
Dr. Frank Allen and Ruth Bures
Andrew Burfeind
Terrence Burford
Anne and Steve Burgeson
Scott Burglechner
Helen Burke
Sheila Burke
Elizabeth Burr
Peggy Burress
Michael Busch
Sherri Buss
Sophia Butler
Joseph Byboth
Jason Byers
Ashley Byers
Carolyn Cade
Oliver Calder
Douglas Caldwell
George Calger
Robert C. Callahan and Carol A. Jordan
John and Kristine Callahan
Andrew Cameron
Gloria Cantor
James Carder
Colleen Carey
Louise A. Carlson
Bruce and Jean Carlson
Sue Carlson
Marcia Carlson
Lisa Carlson
Keith Carlson
Donna Carpenter
Eric Carpenter
Larry Carpenter
Pierre Carrier
Sean Carroll
Sharon Carter
Cynthia Carter
Claudia Casey
Margaret Casey
William Cassell
Kent Cavender-Bares
Kyle Cedermark
Harry Chalmiers
Barbara A. Chapman
Joan Charnas
Cheryl Chatman
Beth Chekola
Eric Chen
Daniel Chen
Dr. James Chenevert
Bert Chien
Thomas and Nancy Chisholm
John Chlebeck
Paul Chmelik
Sharon Chmielarz
Alex Chohlas-Wood
Tara Christensen
Elaine Christiansen
Jordan Christiansen
Gerald Christianson
Kate Christianson
Sara Church
Chris Cinque
Joannette Cintron
Mary Clark
Gloria Clauson
Marilyn A. Clement
Jerry and Mary Clysdale
Angella Coffee
Dorothy Coffey
Christine Colby
Dan and Kate Cole
Scott Cole
Denise Cole
Laura Coleman
Rachel Colestock
Rachel Collection
Eduardo Coll
Ann Marie Collins
William Collins
Tisha Colton
Pinney Colton
Jeffrey Comins and Laurie Schmidt
Conni Conner
Jean Cook
Diane Cook
Katie Cook
Alex Cook
Robert Cooley
Mehroo Cooper and Shirin Downey
Larry Cooperman
Bonnie Corcoran
Jill Cordes
Margaret Corneille
Brendle Corpman
Rebecca Corruccini
Joanna Cortright
Arthur Cotant
Evelyn Cottle Raedler
Frank Cottrell
Christopher Coughlin
Dr. Louise Covert
Andrea J. Cowell
Alicia Cozine
Robert Craft
Michael Crawford
Chango Cummings
Mary Currie
Marie Currie
Shayne Curtis
Michael Czuppa
Daniel Dadivas
Peter Dahl
Charles Dahl
Tim Palmquist and Phoebe Dahlquist
Barbara D’Aigle
Jennifer Dailey
Claudia H. Daly
Kenneth Damlo
Daniel Dauner
Brian Daunheimer
Mary Lisbeth Davidson
Beth Davies
Barbara Davis
Maxine Davis
Seth Davis
David and Suzanne Davison
Richard Day
Jana Deach
Perry Dean
Joseph DeCarlo
Jeff Decoster
Logan Dedow
Marie DeGrood
Rebecca DeLaCruz
Gretchen Dempewolf
Janice DeNoble
Tom Dethmers
Ariel Detwiler
Adrian DeVos
Dian Dewi
Justin Dexheimer
Kathleen Dhaemers
Ravinder Diamond
Denise M. Dian
Candace Dick
Daniel Dick
Barb and Steve Diederichs
Claudia Dieter
Gail Diez
John and Linda Dinan
Mark DiPietro
Alex Dobbertin
Gretchen Docter
Igor Dodevski
Judith Dolan
Kelly Donahue
Tim Donakowski and Mary Plath
Timothy Donakowski
Linda and Keith Donaldson
Patricia Donaldson
Paul Dorn
Peter J. Dorsen
Rita Doucet
Mark Dougherty
C. William Douglass
William Charles Dow
Michael Downie
Mary Doyle
Phillip J. Drexler
John and Renee Drucker
Jeffrey DuCharme
Pamela Dudziak
Eric Dueholm
Josh Duey
David R. Dufresne
Siobhan Dugan
Benjamin Duncanson
Kathy Dunklee
Eliz M. Dunning
Dr. David Durant
Dirk Durant
William Durfee
Aaron Dvorak
Jim and Charmaine Dwyer
David Dybiec
Keith P. and Grace B. Dyrud
Signe and Maurice Dysken
Randy Easter
Christin Eaton
Susan Eckfeldt
Dr. Harry Edelman
Brian Edelschick
William Edney
Karla Edwards
Terri Edwards
Emmanuel Egbujor
Paul Eger
Deanna and Robert Egge
Rosalie Eggert
Sheila Ehrich
Christian Ehrnriter
Katherine Eichhorn
Mark Ekblad
James Elberling
Ronald L. and Patricia Eldred
Mark and Sonja Elias
Corinne T. Ellingham
William Elliot
Christopher Ellis
Judy A. Enenstein
Mary A. Enestvedt
Roxana Eng
John G. and Amelia J. Engberg
Kathryn Engdahl
Denise and Scott Engen
John C. and Carol English
Patricia J. Enstad
Gabriel Eppolite
Karen Erickson
Rodney E. and Barbara L. Erickson
Susanne Erickson
Debra Erickson
Sharon Erickson
Nissa Erickson
James Erickson
Jennifer Erickson
Julian Ernst
Joseph and Susan Eschenbacher
Marcela Estibill
Gerald R. Etesse
Steven Ethen
Patricia and Henry Etten
Jean Evens
Nikki Everding
Tara Fahey
Julieta Fajardo
Judy and Richard Falc
David Falk
Katharine Farnell
Julia Farnham
Daniel Fasching
Sonia Feder-Lewis
Margaret and Richard Ferber
Mathew Ferche
Jonathan Ferguson
Alejandro Ferrer-Lugo
Michael Fiala
Steven Fischer
Jeanne Fish
Marcia Fisher
Maureen Fisher
Jane and Wayne Fisher
Eric Fitterer
Nicole Wanner
Denise Flaherty
Elizabeth Fleck
Marshall Flowers
Ross Culverhouse and Eileen Foley
John Folk-Williams
Susan Fons
Susan Forbes
Michael Ford
Linda Forsberg
Stephanie Forsyth
Sharon Fortunak
Richard and Mary Fosmer
Mavis Fossum
Mary Foster
Edward and Janet Foster
Sarah Foster
Megan Foust
Nancy Fox
Steve Fox
Joseph France
Laura Francis
Steven Frankel
Ernie and Joanne Frankovich
Kathleen Franzen
Judy Fraser
Joan Fredeen
Bobbie Fredsall
Roberta French
Francis Fried
Barbara Friedman and Lon Rosenfield
Wilmer and Bea Friesth
Janet Frisch
Deborah Fristad
Paul and Katherine Fristad
Laura Fritz
Nicole Frost
Kathryn B. Fryxell
Ming Akiko Fukushi and Tatsuo Fukushi
Mark Fulton
Margaret Fulton
Dr. Greta Gaard
Estelle Gabriel
Renoir Gaither
Phyllis Galbraith
Josie Gallup
Dr. Robert and Susan Gammill
Patrick Garay Heelan and Erin Heelan
Mary Gardner
Penelope Gardner
Annetta Gardner
Lisa Gebhard
Mary Ellen Gee
Miriam Gerberg
Benji Gering
Christophor Gerken
Judy J. Germann
Dean Gesme
Jane Giacobassi
Linda Gieser
V. J. and Joanne Giga
Dr. Amy Gilbert
Sean Gilbert
Mary Ann Gilbertson
Lori Gilbertson
Kim Gillespie
David Girard
Rozanne Glass
Eleanor Glewwe
Lorna Glick
Peg and Liz Glynn
Margaret Goderstad
Roxann Goertz
William R. Goetz
Brian Goldenman
Vladimir Goldman
Jennifer Gomez
Cameron Gordon
Curtis Goreham-Voss
Stanley L. Graham
Bernard Graham
Mary Grahek
Kristine Granias
Jennifer Granick
Michael and Bonnie B. Graves
Lu Anne Green
Diana Green
Sherri Green
Sarah Greenfield
Joann Greenwell
Gay Greiter
Melissa Grell
Michele Gressman
Wanda Griepp
Scott Griesbach
Dr. David J. Griffin
David Griffin
Jessica Grimm-Solinksy
Gracia Grindal
Jennifer Grindheim
Stephen Grittman
Sandra Kay Gritzmacher
Stephen Gross
Jean Grossman
Nanette Grube
Richard Gruenhagen
Kim Gruidl
Kari Guida
Jenny Guiton
Bruce Gustafson
Dannie Gustafson
Janet Ha
Quynh Ha
Matthew Haag
Dean Haagenson
Matt Haar and Erin VanBurkleo
J. D. Haas
Dr. Ashley Haase
Charles Hackerson
Anita Haddorff
Ellen Haeg
Kathryn Hagen
Kay Haggerty
Bill and Sally Hague
David Hahn
Marilyn Haight
Thomas Haine
Kathryn Hainlin
Anne L. Haley
Barbara Hall and Tom Ray
Michael Hallberg
Patrick J. and Linda Hallock
Jessica Halter
Mary Haltvick
Eugene Haman
Bobby Hamilton
Dorothy Hammer
Sheryl Hammond
Beverly Hammond
Patricia L. Hanauer
Charles Hancher
Bonnie Hancock
Charlotte Hanley-Jacobson
Paul Hannan
Leanne Hansen
Karen Hansen
Angela Hanson
Richard Hanson
Marta Hanson
Elise Hanson
Jodi Harpstead
Max and Carole Harris
Beth Hart
Mary Hartwig
Saida Hasanova
Kirsten Hash
Galen and Grace Hasler
Terrence Hassanally
Cheryl and Donald Hastings
James and Kathleen Hatch
Darwin Hatheway
Ingrid Haugen
Steven Haupt
Janet Havens
JoAnn Hawkins
Barbara J. Hawkinson
Dana Hays
Allen Heimerdinger
Ava Heinrich
Katerina Helebrantova
Beth Helgoe
Mary Heller
Jo Ann Hendricks
John Hendrickson
Dennis Hennessy
Mary Jo Henning
Beth Henningsen
Jennifer Henricks
Mark Herman
David and Faye Herold
Peggy Herrmann
Carolyn Herrmann
Jay Hewitt
Don and Patricia Hewitt
Rebecca Heyns
John F. Hick
Gayle Highberg
Arthur E. and Joan Higinbotham
James W. and Bonnie Hild
Tallulah Hilding
Dr. John Jacob and Donna Jean Hill
Richard Hill
Penelope Hillemann
Rebekah Hilliard
David Hilmo
Michele Hinchman
Diane Hinds
Connie J. Hines
Roger L. Hintze
Lisa Hinz and Stuart Macdonald
David Hirsch
Sandra K. Hirsch
Sarah Hitchler
Gayle E. Hjellming
Maestro Thomas Hoblit
Richard Hodges
S.E. and Lynn W. Hodulik
Pete Hoeger
Susan M. Hoehn
Jerome Hofer
Margaret Hoffman
Lydia Hoffman
Janet Hoffmann
Stefanie Hofman
James Hofmann
Beth Holbrook
Andy Holdsworth
Stuart Holland
Kelly Holland
David Holland
Gordon Holm
Ann Holm
John Holm
Deborah A. Holmstrom
Connor Holt
Nicholas Hook
A. William Hooke
Jackie Hoong
Sara and Sigurd Hoppe
Richard Horton
Harriet Horwitz
Barbara P. Hovey
Jeffrey and Diane Hovis
Andy Hovland
Dale E. Howard
Lauren Howard
David Howe
Ken and Julie Hoyme
Yubei Hu
Dr. Amy Huber
Emma Huebner
Carol Huff
Gwen Hughes
William S. and Phyllis P. Hughes
Kacee Huisinga
Julie Hunter
David Hurd
Kathleen Hustad
Daniel Huston
Patrick Hutchison
Dr. Sarah Hutto
Amanda Ivanov
Edward J. Jackson
Mike Jackson and Betsy Leach
Carolyn Jackson
Arthur and Janice Jackson
Neree Jackson
Mina Jacobs
Karen and Jerry Jacobson
Ronald and Nina Jacobson
Kathryn Jacobson
John and Monell Jakel
Layton and Linda James
Cynthia James
Ariel James
Juanita M. Janeczko
William Janicke
Ben Jarvis
Steven Jasinski
Jean Jeffery
Donna Jensen
Lura Jensen
Patricia Jensen
Mary C. Jenson
Michele Jerison
Kathleen A. Jesme
Paul and Dorothea Jirsa
Bruce Johansen
Carol A. Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Joann Johnson
Marnie Johnson
Sheryl Johnson
Anita Johnson
Chris and Janet Johnson
Marcia Johnson
Marvin Johnson
Bethany A. and Dennis V. Johnson
Richard and Audrey Johnson
Murdoch Johnson
Allan and Linda Johnson
Holly Johnson
Jan Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Nathan Johnson
David W. Johnson
Judy Johnson
Vicky Johnson
Suzanne Johnson
Micheil Johnston
Shirley Jonas and Reynaldo Lyles
Jan Joncas
Guy D. Jones, III and Catherine M. Jones
Chris Jones
Mary Jordan
Karl Josephs
Jeanette Juba and Ken Polta
Karen and John Jurewicz
Tabatha Justice
Mary Lee Kabes
Mark and Kathy Kachelmyer
Sam Kalda
Chelsea Kallinen
Charles Kampen
Matthew and Barbara Kan
Manas Kapoor
Peter Karachunski
Marilyn Karasov
Amelia Karstens
Phillip L. Katzung
Kenneth Kauffman
Anne Kawell
Sharon Kaylen
Riley Kazukiewicz
Jerome and Tara Keehr
Louise Kellams
Paula Keller
James Kellerman
Kevin Kelley
Marie Kelliher
Margaret Kelly
Mary Kelly
Christopher Kelsey
Cheryl and Barry Kempton
Suzanne Kennedy
Ann Keogan
Ruth Kerekes
Renee Kerr
Susan Ketcham
Ali Khalili
Yulia Khayde
Sandra Kiel
Aline Kies
Anna Kieselbach
Laura Kilberg
Robert Kill
Son Yeolum Minji Kim
Vincent W. and Barbara King
Dwayne King
Vincent King
Jon Erik Kingstad
Patricia Kinne
Janet Kinney
Judy Kipka
James Kirkendall
Guri Kirkeng
Catherine Kirkpatrick
Mary L. Kittelson
Joan Klaiber
Yaron Klein
David Kleppe
Sheldon Klukas
Libby Knapstein
Elizabeth Knight
Daniel Knights
Jerry and Nancy Knoth
Frederick and Eileen Knudsen
Kimball Knutson
Kay Koehnen
Esti Koen
Kenny Kohberger
Jeff Kolnick
June Kolodzieski
Florinus Kooyman
Dave Kopesky
David Korte
Gary Kortemeier
Terry Korupp
Jonathan and Julie Kosbab
Robert Kost
Jared Koster
Barbara Kotsmith
Alfred Kracher
Brenda Krage
Mary Kramer
David Krantz
Jeanne Kranz
Linda Krefting
Adam Kress
Ross Kretschmar
Bert Kritzer
William Kroening
Fred Krohn
Mary Krutzig
Tonya Krysinski
Amy Kuelz
Adam Kuenzel
Traese Kuhl
Dr. Lauren Kuhn
John Kuntz
Steven Kurzweg
Dawn Kuzma
Allison J. La Pointe
David La Terre
Rachel LaBerge
Matthew LaBo
R. Michael Lacy
Tara Laferla
Joanne Laird
Kathryn LaLonde
Rita Lamatsch
Mary Beth Lamb
Jennifer Lammers
Barbara Lang
Lois Langholz
Wayne and Katherine Langstraat
Heather Lantz
Bart Lantz
Daniel and Corrine Lapinsky
Jerome and Ruth Larson
Jason Larson
Doug Larson
Robert Larson
Rose and Gary Larson
Elizabeth Ann Lasley
Betty LaTourelle
Paula Anne Latz
Arianne and Ben Laxo
Judy Layde
Lazar Lazarov
Toba Lazor
Thomas Leaf
Karen Leaman and Warren Goodroad
Judy Leatham
Thomas J. and Mary Lee
Conrad Lee
Angela Lee
Nancy Lee
Mary Lee
Richard Lee
Scott LeGere
Karen Lehman
Elizabeth Lehtola
Katherine Leighton
Leslie Leik
Beth and Phil Leith
Lory Lemke
Donald Lence
Nathan Lentfer
Jennifer L. Lessin, M.D.
Judith Lester
Amy Letson
Kathy Leu
Brad Levenhagen
Dan and Susan Levey
John Lewicki
Greg Lewin
Marcia Lewis
Freda Lewis
Jenny Lief
Kathryn and Michael Lien
Don Lifto
David and Jennifer Lightstone
Dorothy Lilja
Chrystia Lilley
Rachel Lind
Allison Lindberg
Robin Lindeman
Mary Lou Lindholm
David Linn
Kathryn Lippert
Kathleen Lisignoli
Mitzi L. Litman
Jayson Loeppke
Julia Lofness
Doug and Mary Logeland
Lisa Loher
John Lohmer
Kristen Lohrey
David Long
Heidi Loomis
Alfredo Lopez
Cindy Lorah
John Lorenz
Jennifer Lorge
David Lower
Francis Lu
George Lucas
Lynn and Joseph Lucking
Michael Ludvigsen
Jon F. Luebke
David Lund
Maribeth Lundeen
Mia Lundgren
Karen Lushine
Angela Luther
Ann and Gary Mabbott
Dr. Peter Mach
Sandra Mack
Robert Mack
John and Katherine Macke
Kimberley MacLennan
Amanda Macrina
Lynda Mader
Judy Madigan
Carol R. and Lawrence M. Madison
Hilary R. Magnuson
Margaret Maitland
Jim Maland
Howard I. and Suzanne Malmon
Daniel Malneritch
Stephanie Malone
Thomas and Dorothy Maloney
Danielle Mannella
Christie Manning
Chris Mansfield
Bob and MaryEllen Manske
Dana Mardock
Lola Marek
Irina Markovskaya
Vina L. Marquart and Karl Nilsson
Lee Marsh
Marcia Marshall
Haldry Martarelli Marchesi
Colin Martin
Cyd Martin
Christine Martin
Tiller Martin
Stephanie and Phillip Martineau
Len Martinez
Paul Mascovich
Janet Mashek
Dr. Mark Masino
Glenn and Barbara Mason
Sonja Mason
Jennifer Masrud
Allison Mathern
Nisha Mathew
Christoph Mathieu
Seth Matters
Larry Matthews
John Matthias
Elaine May
Ana Maya
Margaret Mazzaferro
Virginia McBride
Brennan McCabe
Loren McCaghy
Keith McCarten
Shannon McCarty
Kevin McClure
Patrick McCoy
Sandra McDonald
James McDonnell
Claire McFall
Tamara and Richard McGehee
Jeanette McGillicuddy
Noreen McGuire
Carol A. McGuire
Beryl T. McHale
Joy McIver
John McKenzie
Dawn Mckenzie
Carol and Jim McKinney
Kathleen McLean
Siobhan McMahon
Rick McNabb
Kevin McNellis
Susan K. McNellis
Mary McNellis
Jane B. McWilliams
Joe Mechtenberg
Rosita Meehan
Susan Megrund
Teresa Meikle
Heather Meldrum
Gaye Mellema
Theodore and Joanne Melloh
Todd Meltzer
Steven Mercurio
Rebecca Merritt
Sharon Merritt
Mary Meyer
Michael Meyer
James Meyers
Jessica Meyerson
M. A. Michaelson
Karen Milheim
Gemma Miller
Steven and Rosalie Miller
Charles Miller
Greg Miller
Natalie Miller
David Miller
Ruth Miller
Mitchell Miller
Jeff Millikan
Lynda Minnick
Lanesha and Scott Minnix
Andrea Mirenda
Stephanie Misono
Ayumi Mita
Janet Mitchell
Patricia A. Moe
Jeffrey Moe and Janet Zahn
Erik Moe
David Moe
M. Valeriana Moeller
Robert and Sharon Moeller
Barbara Mohler
Eric Molho
Leslie and Dan Mollner
Keith and Michelle Montgomery
Deborah Montgomery
Douglys and Joanne Moore
Erin Moore
Kelly Moore
Amy Moore
Joyce Moran
Maryanne Moren
Aggie Morgan
Matthew Morgan
Jeremy Morris
Marcia Morris
Susan Morris
Stephanie Morrison
Dr. Dennis Morrow
Debra Morse
Richard and Jean Morse
Dianne Morstad
David Mortenson
Philip Morton
Dr. Matthew Moscou
Dale Mossey
James Moudry
Rob Moyer
Beverly Muchow
Harold Mueller
Paul Mundt
Renee Mungas
Barbara Munic
Norma Munson
Debbie Munson Badini
Liz Murray
Roger A. Mussell
Burton Myers
Don Myhre
Dr. Cynthia Myntti
Jen Nagel
Gloria Narabrook
Emma Naragon
Dr. Darcia Narvaez
Dr. Michael Nation and Janet Sauers
Erika Neely
Brooke Neisen
Jacquelynn Nelsen
Kathryn J. Nelson
Jane and Richard Nelson
David Nelson
Pamela Nelson
Paige Nelson
Kyler F. Nelson
Charles Nelson
Suzanne Nelson
Kari Nelson
Pam Nelson
Mary Nelson Peasley
Laura Nereng
Rusty Nereng
Jay Nesbit
Stephen Neveaux
Charles L. and Joan Newman
Wayne and Pamela Prochniak
Tan Nguyen
Charlotte Nicholes
John Niehoff
Tricia Nielson
Nannette Niesen
Annette Nijjar
Carole Nimlos
Dolores and James Noah
Karen Nobbe Stephens
Richard Noer
Leanne Campbell-Noonan
Mary Ann Nord
Lois Nordling
Patricia Noren
Amanda Norgaard
Kathy Novak
Brandon Novy
George Nudell
Jorge Nunez
Paschal Nwokocha
Paul Nyquist
Shaun O’Keefe
Julie O’Brien
Patrick and Estela O’Brien
Celena I. O’Brien
Beckie O’Connor
Raluca Octav and Bogdan Cornel Filipescu
David Odde
Lars Oddsson
Bruce Odegaard
Michelle Oerter-Clark
Eric Ofstedahl
Judy Ogren
Paul O’Hara
Marguerite Oines
Larry Olafson
Steven Olinger
Chuck and Ruth Oliver
Kristi Ollila
Alis Olsen
Margaret Olson
Elizabeth Olson
Donald and Darlene Olson
Ronald Olson
Paul Olson
Sarah Bane
Jeremy Orosz
Benjamin Ortega
Marco Ortiz
David and Nora Osendorf
Mary Osterlund
Liam O’Sullivan
Gabriel Otten
Yongtian Ou
Tara Owens
Jack Oyanagi
Ann Oyen
Alan Pachter
Patrice Pakiz
Magdalena E. Pala
John and Misuk Palmer
Donald Palmgren
Mike Palmquist
Melissa Pancake
Patricia Panshin
Grant and Laura Parcells
Noah Parisi
Hyuna Park
Jennie Park
Daniel Parker
James Parker
Erik Parr
Derek Parshall
Mary Patterson
Tim and Dawn Patterson
Marianne Paulos
Julie Paulsen
Annalyse Pavett
James Payne
Judy Payne
Seth Peabody
David and Joan Pearson
Michael Pedersen
Rebecca Pedersen and Felix Hoover
Marilyn and Robert Pederson
John Pelaez
Shiaoling Peng
Timothy and Kathleen Culhane-Pera
Mario and Jaya Perez
James Perkins
Megan Person
Bethany Pertzsch
Robert A. Peskin
Gary Peter
John Peters
Shelley Peterson
Tess Peterson
Brian Peterson
Douglas and Jodi Peterson
Leiataua Dr. Robert Peterson
Carl Peterson
Diane Peterson
Karlyn Peterson
Ariel Peterson
Jon Peterson
Brian Peterson
June Petrie
Suthimah Pheuanxayavong
Kathleen M. Philipp
Simon Pick
Dr. Ryan Picone
Lori Pietrowski
Suzanne M. Pietsch
Susan Pilarski
Bob Pittenger
Joan Pixler
Donn Poll
Joe Polta
Kimaree Poole
Nicholas Pooler
Laurentiu S. and Eugenia Popa
Jennifer Pothen
Regan Potter
Jacqueline Powell
Jane Powers
Ryan Powers
Ruth Premer
John Proper
Sandra Purrington
Larry Pyle
David Quady
Shirley Qual
Richard Quanrud
Brian Quarstad
Rita Quigley
Kathleen Quinn
Sheila Quintus
Catherine Ramirez
Kathy Ramsted Sticha
Edward Rapoport
Steven Rapp
Susan Rasmussen
Gordon Rausch
Christian and Heather Ravndal
Ruth Recktenwald
Lynn Recktenwald
Kelley Reed
Madeleine Reed
Rebecca Reed
Sherri Reed
Max Reemtsma
Charles O. Regal
Gary Regnier
Christine Rehm
Robert J. and Beverly Reid
Robert Reilly
Karl A. Reinhard
Patricia Reisenger
Richard Renner
Ellen Rest
Marie Rete
Steven L. and Donna J. Retter
Daniel Revsbeck
Sally Reynolds and Hampton Smith
Carroll E. Reynolds
Jon Rice
Bruce and Elizabeth Richardson
Lisa Richardson
Rachel Richardson
David Davis and Katelin Richter Davis
Walter Riedell and Kelly Davis Riedell
Jennifer Rieder
Harold Riehm
Sandra Riekki
Sheri Riemers
Adrienne Riley
Jane Riley-Koll
Jean Rivard
Kate Roarty
Marcia Robert
Elizabeth Roberts
Beverly Roberts
Gregory Robinson
Clair J. and Sandra L. Robinson
Mark Roble
Thomas and Julie Rochat
Dr. Mary Rogers
Scott and Nancy Rogneby
Arianna Rondos
Barbara Ronningen
Monica Rosales
Edelle Rose
Robyn Rose
Martha Rosen and Ken Stewart
Ethan Rosenberg
Phyllis Rosengren
Eileen Rosenwinkel
Sally Rothenberg
Mitchell Rothman
Vernon Rowland
Victoria and Gennady Rozinov
Rebecca Rubenstein
Crystal Ruiz
Susan Runholt
Jackie A. Ruprecht
Piotr Rusinkiewicz
Madonna Russo
Lorene Rutherford
Patricia Ryan
Jean Ryan
Mary Ryan
Malcolm Ryerse
David Saari
Daniel Sabo
Karen Saboe
Mitra Sadeghpour
Nicole Saenz
Mary Sahl
John Sakowski
Katie Salai
Dean Salita
Natalie Salmi
Jennifer Salness
Scott Sandberg
David Sandell
Barbara Sanders
Clara Sanders
Elizabeth Sanson
Rose Mary Satack
Brenda Saucedo de los Santos
Barbara Saunders
Greg Sauve
Jon and Laura Savin
Donald Sazima
Vernon Schaaf
Andrew Schaeffel
Ed Schaefle
Ed and Karen Schaefle
Luke Schallinger
Gary Scharber
Helen Scharber
Erika Scheurer
Merlin Schlichting
Helen and Stephen Schlosser
Brent Schlosser
Greg and Paula Schmalz
Greg James
Dean Schmidt
Kris Schmitt
Rev. Don Schmitz
Ryan Schmotter
Katie Schneider-Bryan
Carol Schoeneck
James Schoessler and Susanne Sandidge
David Schons
Delores I. Schouweiler
Mr. Richard Schubert
Donald Schuld
Amy Schult
Teresa Schulte and William Pohl
Paul K. Schulte
Susan Hunter Schultz
Gregory Schwarck
Lindsey Seavert Harrison
Dale Sedgwick
Cheryl Seeman
Richard Segal
Edward Seifert and Nancy Cameron
Judy Seliga-Punyko
John Sell
Mary Sellers
Margaret Semrud-Clikeman
Charlotte Senske
Ruth Senter
Madeline Serr
Arjun Sethi
Dr. Stephen Setterberg
Mary Ann and Michael Sexton
Richard Shafron
Peter Shanedling
Jeff and Karen Shanley
Cathy Shannon
Nathalie Shanstrom
Jane Sharer Maier
Jacob Sharp
Mary Shaughnessy
Brigid Shea
Scott Sheahan
Kerri Shear Jaeger
John and Mary Shearen
Sarah M. Sheehan
Allen Shepersky
Phyllis and John Sherman
Emily Shively
Lydia Shull
Robert Shumer
Carol Sibley
James Sieben
Denise Siebert
Silke Siepmann
Richard Van Deusen and Marjorie Sigel
Margaret Ann Siltberg
David Sime
William Simmons
Dana Simonson
David E. Siskind
Gary and Mary Skellenger
Linda Skillingstad
Charles Skrief
Jenella Slade
Joanne Slanger
Sean Slattery
Mary Ann Slipka
Emily D. Slowinski
Julie Smalley
David and Stacey Smith
Edward A. and Debra Smith
Kate Smith
Sharath Smith
Scott Smith
Gregory Smith
Emily Smith
Matthew Smith
John Smith
Stephen Snyder
Chet Snyder
Gary Soberg
Steve Soderlind and Anne Hittner Soderlind
Laurie Solberg
David Soll
Steve Sonnenberg
Hilary Sonstegard
Melenie Soucheray
Charise Sowells
Andrea Specht
Paulette Speed
Carole Spickelmier
Richard Stadel
Tim Staffanson
Mary Stainbrook-Tri
Dr. John Stamp
Charles Stander
Sir John Stangl
Warren Starkebaum
John Starmer
Isabel Steele
John Steely
Ann and G.A. Steen
John Stefany
Angela Stehr and Mark Friedl
Debra A. Stenerson
Mary Kay Stensvaag
Mary Steponkus
Marilee and Terence Stevens
Elizabeth Stewart
AJ Stewart
Norton and Beverly Stillman
Todd Stitt
Nancy Stockert
Art Stoeberl
Adine Stokes
Kathleen Stokka
Jen Stoltenow
Dr. Melissa Stone
Bev Stratton
Karen Strauss
Anne Stremcha
Marie Strom
Patricia Henning Strother
Harold Stroud
Kristen Stuenkel
Eric Stults
Cristina Sturm
Victor Suarez
Kathleen and James Sullivan
Peggy Summers
Jacob Svenkeson
Dorothy Swanberg
Greg Swanson
Charles L. Swanson
Gail Swanson
Emily Swedberg
Carol J. Swenson and Robert Ferguson
Francis Sydnor
Judith M. Szalapski
Leah Tabbert
Kathryn Tabor
Dominic Tacheny
Jack Taly
Susan Tapp
Charlene Tarsney
Carol Tauer
Alexandra Taylor
Alexandria Taylor
Katrina Taylor
Sandi Tazelaar
Bill Teeple
Camille Tengowski
Kaja Terlson
Derek Terveer
Clare Teynor
The Dante Moreira Gilbert Fund
Anna Thibert
Charles M. and Leslie Thiele
Brittany Thiele
Claire Anne Thoen
Angela Thomas
Joan E. Thompson
DeeAnn Thompson
Diane Thornton
Emery Thul
Donald Thune
Patricia Tidmarsh
Mary Tilley
Susan Tincher
Liliana Tobon-Gomez
Gary Todd
Lisa Todd
Shirley Toering
Pat Tollefson
Richard Tomkinson
Eric Topel
Donneen Torrey
Kathryn Tout
Jeff Towey
Ann Tranvik
Dr. Bruce Trautman
Lee Trelstad
Daniel Trenholm
Rosanne Triviski
Emma Troff
Seth Troyer
Sharon Trucker
Dr. David Tryggestad
Jane Tsai
Minghao Tu
Dianne Tuff
Randall Tuma
Ericka Tung
Janis S. Tweedy
Anne Uehling
Jane Ullmann-Bester
Nancy Ulvestad
Robert Underwood
Elizabeth Unger
Linda Unverzagt
Carlos Usandivaras
Jincy Vaitkunas
Eduardo Valencia
Dr. Daisy Valentin
Linda Valeri
Vicenta Valero
Dr. Kyle Vanderburg
Ed and Lynn Vandergriff
Benjamin VanderKooi
Bill and Kathy Vanderwall
Karin Vanzyl
Lynn Vara
Linda and Mark Varvel
Michael Varverakis
Frederic Vereecken
Camille Verzal
Daniel Vevang
Linda Vieira
Marvin Vikla
Cathy Villas-Horns
Chris Vinsonhaler
Steven Vitale
Andrea Vogel
Alexander Voronov
Dr. Val Vossen
Henry Voth
Susan Wabaunsee
John Wachtler
Gary Wahman
King M. Wai
Joel Waldfogel
Kathleen J. Wallenta
Betty Wallien
Thomas and Martha Walsh
Peter and Kay Walsh
Monica Walsh
Clara Walter-Marchetti
Sharon Wang
Chaoyang Wang
Joe Warren
Jerry Washburn
Wendy Washburn
Elizabeth Watkins
Karen Webb
Ruth Ann Weber
Alice Webster
Ronald C. and Gloria Weeks
Mary Ann Weerts
Jacki L. and M. D. Weibye
Karl Weilandt
John Weimholt
Pamela Weiner
Susan Weisberg
Sarah Weisbrod
Dr. Melissa Weisman
Donna M. Weispfenning
Jennifer Weiss and Glen Coakley
Ronald Weiss
Paul Weium
Michael Welch
Gwen Welch
Bob Welch
John Wenzel
Susan Wermter
Lyndon and Diane West
Dick and Sandra Westby
Mr. Tim Westermeyer
Barb Young Wetzel
Cathy Whaley
Carol Whisnant
Bev Whitehouse
Sue Wick and Glenn Shifflet
Barbara Wickham
Karl Wielgus
Craig and Melissa Wiklund
Lori Wilcox
Carl J. Wild
Donald B. Wilder, Jr. and Kathleen Wilder
Mark William
Robert Williams
John Williams
Lisa Williams
Jodi Williams
Christopher Williams
David Williamson
Kyle Willkomm
Gregory Wilsey
Larry and Kay Wilson
Dr. Lawrence Wilson
Sara-Jane Wilson
Thomas Wilson
Bonnie Wilson
Kristin Wilson
James Winberg
Glen and Kathy Winchell
Arlan Winikoff
Matthew Witham
Bill Wittenbreer
Thomas Woehrle
Dr. Jon Wogensen and Brenda Wogensen
Larry Wolf
Lucy Wollaeger
Lorna Wolthoff
Eric Won
Anthony Wong
Craig Wood
Gerald Wood
David and Mary Woodward
Christine Erickson
Kimberly Wright
Nancy Wright
Denise Wunn
Sandra Anne Wurm
Wendy Wyatt
Robert Wyman
Rich Xiong
Mary Schooley
Scott Yarosh
Gigi Yau
Toni Yeamans
Virginia Yingling
Joan C. Young
Bernice Young
Chad and Jennifer Youngberg
Nancy J. Zabel
Enrica and Brian Zaidman
Rachel Zaidman
Carolyn and Brian Zakem
Deborah Zanish
Maria Zardain-Dix
Raymond Zastrow
William Zastrow
Tom Zell
Louise Ziegler
Edward Zimmerman
Roberta Zohara
Corrie Zoll
Bernadette Zollner
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