Liaison Program

Your Personal SPCO Contact

The SPCO’s Liaison Program is a special service we offer to contributors who give $400 or more per year to the SPCO’s Annual Fund. Members of the Liaison Program are assigned a “Liaison” on the SPCO staff to serve as their personal SPCO contact. Your SPCO Liaison can help you to make the most of your concert experience by assisting with any ticketing issues or questions that you may have about the SPCO, including:

  • Providing personalized service with ticket purchases or exchanges
  • Letting you know about seats that become available in sold-out concerts you’d like to attend
  • Answering any questions you may have about the SPCO, from concert programming to your ticket or contribution history
  • Giving you advance notice of programming or guest artist changes in concerts to which you have tickets

Other benefits given to Liaison Program members are:

  • Invitations to private recitals and events that are not open to the public
  • Receiving “backstage” information about the SPCO before it becomes available to the rest of the public
  • Special for current members and those joining the program now: Benefit from priority seating in the new Ordway Concert Hall!

If you have questions about the Liaison Program, or to see if you qualify, contact Jackie Ruprecht at or 651.292.3275.