Honor and Memorial Gifts

We extend our deepest appreciation to all those who have helped the SPCO share music with our community and recognize the following tribute gifts made between December 1, 2020 and April 1, 2021.

In memory of James T. Adams
Adams Family Charitable Fund of American Endowment Foundation

In memory of Dorothee Aeppli
Andreas E. Aeppli

In honor of Julie Albers
Melissa Matson

In memory of Craig Alexander
Roberta Kagin

In memory of Teresa Barrera
Marianne Barrera

In honor of Tim and Katy Bauer
Lois Bauer

In memory of Bea and Pete
Kathleen McLean

In honor of Beauty
Karen Z. Buggs

In memory of Ben
Michael Dercks

In memory of Dr. Michael Bendel-Stenzel
Kay and Rick Bendel
Dr. Roger and Ellen C. Lillemoen

In memory of Patricia A. Bohaty
Wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota

In honor of Julia Bogorad
Don Brunnquell and Sally Scoggin

In memory of Barbara Brewer Peet and in honor of William Peet
Elizabeth and Klaus Runge

In memory of T. Brown
C. M. Brown

In honor of Barbara Brown and John Michel
Erica Brown

In memory of Judith Brownlee
Sally and Chuck Jorgensen

In memory of Samuel Carlisle
Michael Kramer

In honor of Dr. Laura Clay
Linda Clay

In honor of Zachary Cohen
Bruce Johansen

In memory of Sophie Cohen
Martin Cohen and Henriet Nadler-Cohen

In memory of Richie Cohen
Ruth Ann Rose

In memory of Renee and Jim Copes
Leslie-Anne Copes-Finke

In memory of Bill Cunningham
Mary Cunningham

In honor of Sanja deGarmo
Viviana Skansi

In memory of Catherine DeKrey
Gary DeKrey

In appreciation of Steve Dickinson
Catherine Guisan

In honor of Randolph Elliot
Dianne Wiik

In honor of Lynn Erickson
Inez Bergquist

In memory of Mary Eskeldson
Margaret Casey

In honor of Barb and J. Fonkert
Claudia Thiem

In memory of Martha J. Fulton
Paul Schroeder

In memory of Mary Jane Gergen
Ruth Markowitz

In honor of Steve Mann and Heather Gray
Arlene Jullie

In memory of Virginia and John Greenman
Sarah M. Sheehan

In memory of Amy Ollila Griffin
Glenn Ollila

In memory of Natalia Grin
Alexandra Grin

In memory of Evelyn Sonnack Halverson
Elizabeth and Bruce Willis

In memory of Alice Evans Handy
Phillip Handy

In honor of Phil Handy
Laura Handy

In memory of Thomas Hibbard
Anne L. Hibbard

In honor of Rev. Richard Hilstrom
Kathryn and David Gilbertson

In memory of George Horvath
Janet Horvath

In memory of HY and DW
Eunyoung Mohrlant

In memory of Joy
Suzanne Damberg

In memory of Martha Kaemmer
Jones M. Adkins and Julie R. Brown
Richard and Nancy Randall Dana

In memory of Dan Kammeyer
Stephen and Carol Askew
Autumn Glen Senior Living
John and Kathleen Berglund
Sarah Cooper
Colleen and Lawrence Gallatin
Valetta Gyurci
Amanda Humpage
Lizabeth Kyser
Sherry Legare
Mark Malzahn
Mickey Nickelson
Anne Obst
Clement and Ruth Opatz
Diane Marie Reisdorfer
Mark Reisdorfer
Gloria Russell
Jan Selby
Joshua Smith
Robert Stanich and Jeanne Schleh
Robert D. Thomasson
Joan E. Utvik
Stephen Vander Schaaf
Mary Ellen Villalta
Connie Wanberg
Jim and Greta Weisman
Mary Zellmer-Bruhn

In memory of Nicholas Karolides
Inga Karolides

In honor of Kyu-Young Kim
Jeffrey Grip

In memory of Mary Kohls
Julie F. Holmen

In honor of Ella Kopadaikis
Margery Martin

In honor of John C. Krell
Mary and Albert Planten

In honor of Kent Kreuter
Jane Frazee

In honor of Karen Larsen
Roseanna Benser

In memory of Delbert Leaf and in honor of his wife Lorrie
Donna Lee Barnett

In memory of Helen M. Lee
Mary E. Schaffner and Robert L. Lee

In honor of Sarah Lewis
Jennifer O’Brien

In memory of Douglas B. Lind
Patricia Lind

In honor of Mary Em Lundgren
Jan Marie Lundgren

In memory of Magdalen
Susan Horn

In honor of Damien Mathew
Teresa Mathew

In memory of my mom
Monika Strom

In honor of the SPCO musicians
Tim and Leslie Crichton
Jennifer Lessin
Dr. Felix and Muriel Zwiebel

In honor of SPCO horn section
Jim and Linda Ferree

In honor of these great musicians
Dr. Walter A. and Judith Hinck

In honor of the individual musicians of the SPCO
Eric Anderson

In honor of Lowell and Sonja Noteboom
The Clinton Family Fund

In honor of Dru Osterud
Amelia Osterud

In memory of Peter Ostroushko
Sara Church

In memory of Marvin and Helen Penhiter
Judith Penhiter

In memory of Carol Berget Perry
Pamela Sorota-Mowery

In memory of Felix Phillips
Erwin A. and Miriam Kelen

In honor of Cassie Pilgrim
John W. Pilgrim
Don Brunnquell and Sally Scoggin

In honor of Alice Preves
Scott Helgeson and Laura Preves

In memory of Loren Quam
Jan Shannon

In memory of Dr. S. Ramalingam
Vivian Ramalingam

In honor of Sally Reynolds
Claire Anne Thoen

In honor of Nathan Eliot Rowan
Molly Rowan

In memory of Robert Sain
Dr. Susan Benfield

In honor of Eleanor Schumacher
Ronald S. Ostrow

In memory of Marge Severson
Robert and Julie Paschke

In honor of Janet Shapiro and Phil Byrd
Judy Klotz

In honor of Phyllis Sherman, Happy Birthday!
Kimberly Kahat

In memory of Richard Sieber
Andrea Sieber

In memory of Grandson Simon
Dale Trapp

In honor of the memory of Erika Sitz
Paul Sitz

In honor of Timothy Strand
Dr. Michael Burwell

In memory of Dale Tremain
Barbara Burt

In memory of Martha Uhde
Ulla Brown

In honor of Chuck Ullery and Elsa Nilsson
Anders and Julie Himmelstrup

In memory of Edmund Vanden Bosch
Anita Vanden Bosch

In memory of Neal Viemeister
Ginny Kirby

In memory of Phyllis Weiss
Jennifer Weiss and Glen Coakley

In memory of John I. Wilson
Douglas Wilson

In honor of Matt Wilson
Larry Wilson

In memory of Norman Winkelman
Amber Winkelman

In memory of Betty M. Zats
Alan Bernick
Shirley Bloomfield
Ricky and Carrie Bloomfield
Diane Bloomfield
Cecil and Margaret Chally
Phillip and Sue Fantle
Teddy Gesell
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Leonard
Abigail Hodes
Rhoda and Don Mains
Kerry McGonigle
Wendy Ringer
Jeanette Sandor
Marjorie M. Sherman
Elaine Steinman
Joel and Gail Tilsner
Willy and Linda Van Dooijeweert
Barbara C. Winthrop

In memory of Zelig
Annalee Hanson

In memory of Judy Zervas
Paula Fredrickson
Heidi Hanson
Paul M. and Diane K. Hanson
Jan and Dan Krause
Christine and Sean McNunn
Pat and Dave Mersy

We have given careful attention to ensure a complete and accurate list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies and inform us of the error by emailing jposthuma@spcomail.org.