Regular SPCO concerts are canceled through June 2021; Join us for a series of encore presentations streamed via our free online Concert Library.

Honor and Memorial Gifts

We extend our deepest appreciation to all those who have helped the SPCO share music with our community and recognize the following tribute gifts made between February 15, 2020 and December 1, 2020.

In memory of Adrienne Alexander
Judith Ream

In memory of Ellen M. Anderson
Leslie Moore

In memory of Dr. Michael Bendel-Stenzel
Dr. Stephen E. and Margaret A. Gadient

In memory of Roberta A. Beutel
Constance Beutel

In honor of Margaret Bird
James Bird

In honor of Henry Bowman
Stacy Odegard

In honor of Barbara Brewer and William Peet
Elizabeth and Klaus Runge

In memory of Annabelle Bush
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

In honor of Phillip Byrd and Janet Shapiro
Bill Eadie

In honor of Mothers and Fathers, including mine
Diane Craig

In honor of Diane Craig
Richard Thomas

In honor of Dr. Amos Deinard, on his birthday
Erwin A. and Miriam Kelen

In memory of Nancy Dessert
Beth Hart

In honor of Pattie Dorf, a gifted pianist and published poet
Rev. William Weir

In memory of Joan Eggenberger
Gerald Eggenberger
Julia Verploeg

In memory of Leslie
Louise Engel

In honor of Paul Finkelstein
Amy Bray
Linda Bray
Mina Kobayashi

In memory of Russell James “Jim” Gesell
Mairs & Power, Inc.
Meredith Danielson

In memory of Mrs. Esther Halling
Kevin Halling

In memory of Alice Handy
Phillip Handy

In honor of Malcolm Hansen
Sarah Thoreson

In memory of Edward R. Harris
Emily V. Harris

In honor of Jackie Hoong
Brooke Logan
Peter Rhomberg

In memory of Glen and Debra Hurst
Aaron Hurst

In memory of Glen Johnson
Lynne Nelson

In honor of Erin Jude
Jeffrey Moe and Janet Zahn

In memory of Robert H. Kieft
Robert Kieft

In memory of Dorothea Kieselhorst
Dr. John Kieselhorst

In honor of Kyu-Young Kim
Jeffrey Grip

In honor of my neighbor Kyu
Cheryl Bailey

In memory of Paul and Alice Rose LaPlante
Paulita LaPlante

In memory of Pat Lassonde
Merton Lassonde

In memory of my sister Marlyce Lee
William G. Asp

In memory of Raymond Lewis
Judith Lewis

In memory of Vivian Mason
Jane Kyle

In honor of Dr. Monica McKeever
Ulla Brown

In honor of Brenda and David Mickens
Dr. Michael Burwell

In memory of Robert Momsen
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

In honor of the 35th birthday of Satchel B. Moore
Carolyn Borow Moore

In memory of Alfreda Morgan
Judy Morgan

In honor of Betty Myers’ 100th birthday
Baillon Family Foundation

In honor of David and Judy Myers
Charles Ullery and Elsa Nilsson

In memory of Gail Nelson
Kyler F. Nelson

In memory of Pat Olive
Teresa Hudoba

In memory of Yvonne Palka
John Palka

In honor of Deborah Palmer Rich’s birthday
Stephanie Palmer Rich and Bill Brown

In honor of Todd the cat
Katharine Powers

In memory of Conrad Razidlo
Frank Razidlo

In loving memory of Mary A. Riehle
John Riehle and Peg Lindlof

In memory of Joan K. Regal
Charles O. Regal

In honor of Ruth Ann Rose’s birthday
Claudia Wagner

In honor of Ally’s birthday
Brent Schauer

In memory of Burt Shapiro
John Minczeski

In memory of Dianne Siegel
Dr. Arnold and Judith Brier

In honor of Hyobi Sim (the new bride!)
Junseok Song

In honor of Pati Simon
Ulla Brown

In memory of Martha Ann Singer
Andrew Singer

In memory of Leopold Sipe
Judy Olsen

In memory of Erika Sitz
Paul Sitz

In memory of Dr. Sheila Smith
John Vitt

In honor of SPCO musicians
Inez Bergquist
Margaret Hoffman
Matthew Richey
Mark Viste
Eberhard and Kathleen Werthmann

In honor of Dad – Happy Birthday!
Eleanor Stahura

In memory of John “Jack” Stuckmeyer
Suzanne Herberg

In memory of Mery Sulkina
Mary Pshonik

In memory of Lawrence J. Vaubel
Dr. Carol L. Vaubel

In honor of John and Naomi Wells
Elisabeth Aurand

In honor of Vicki Wheeler
Kurtis and Vicki Wheeler

In memory of Peter Wilkes
Mary Michele McNulty

We have given careful attention to ensure a complete and accurate list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies and inform us of the error by emailing