Honor and Memorial Gifts

We extend our deepest appreciation to all those who have helped the SPCO share music with our community and recognize the following tribute gifts made between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023.

In memory of James T. Adams
Adams Family Charitable Fund of American Endowment Foundation

In memory of Arthur “Tom” Alm
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

In memory of Raymond “Andy” C. Anderson
Marcia Fisher
Ruth Miller
John Wangaard

In memory of Robert K. Anderson
John Schmidt

In memory of Andrew
Catherine Guisan

In memory of Elizabeth “Betty” Andrews
Mavis Fossum
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Ruth and John Huss

In memory of Sebastian Bach
Olga Berkovskaya

In memory of Virginia “Ginger” Bailey
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

In honor of Becky
Farrand Anderson

In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Glynn E. Behmen Sr. Family
Glynn Behmen

In memory of Douglas J. Belgum
Colleen Belgum

In memory of Michael Bendel-Stenzel, MD
Kay and Rick Bendel

In memory of Roberta Beutel
Constance Beutel

In memory of Coleman Bloomfield
Leon and Judy Bloomfield

In honor of Rachel Bly
Rachel and Michael Bly

In honor of Andrew Brady
Daniel Parker

In honor of Christopher M. Brown
Frederick Hauser

In memory of Tim Brown
C. M. Brown

In memory of F. Jackson Bryce
Alex Chohlas-Wood
Barbara Jenkins
Mark D. Lofstrom
Wendy Sivanich

In honor of David J. Butler-the Music Man of Richfield MN

In memory of Samuel W. Carlisle
Michael Kramer

In memory of Chad Carter
Rachel Zaidman

In honor of Jim Clute
Roland Wells

In honor of Zachary Cohen
Bruce Johansen

In honor of Steven Copes
Betsy and Mike Halvorson

In memory of Bruce Coppock
Ms. Tamzin Brown
Rebecca and Brian Cline
Todd Gordon and Susan Feder
Lindsey and David Hansen
Ruth and John Huss
Erwin A. and Miriam Kelen
Jon and Patty Limbacher
Kelly MacLennan
Mark Niehaus
Lowell and Sonja Noteboom
Patricia A. O’Gorman
Christopher T. and Linda D. Stinson
Beth Toso and Eric Freeburg
Charles Ullery and Elsa Nilsson

In honor of Don
Renate Maria Sharp

In honor of Donelle
Gary Kortemeier

In honor of Ethel Dzubay
Bonnie Corcoran

In memory of Laurel Engquist
Lee Engquist

In honor of a Friend
Tracey Walen

In memory of James Gaither
Renoir Gaither

In memory of Lee Gremillion
Kathy Gremillion

In honor of Jane Gringauz
Dmitry and Jane Gringauz

In memory of Robert J. Gumnit
Frances Graham

In memory of Alice M. Handy
Phillip Handy

In memory of Edward R. Harris
Emily V. Harris

In memory of John and Irene Harvey
John Harvey

In memory of Douglas Heidenreich
Patricia A. O’Gorman

In memory of Scott Heiderich
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
John Riehle and Peg Lindlof

In honor of Murray Helfer
Patricia Gaarder
Chris Woznicki

In memory of Edwina Helling
Debra Erickson
Joan Fredeen
Cathleen King
Marilyn and Robert Pederson
David and Mary Ross
Jean Swanson
Eldon Tessman
Janet Werner

In memory of Robert S. Hillas
Stephen H. and Kathi Austin Mahle

In memory of John “Jack” Hoeschler
Jo and Gordon Bailey
William and Kareen Ecklund
Nicholas Nash and Karen Lundholm
Elizabeth Nordin
Clair J. and Sandra L. Robinson

In honor of Christopher Hogwood
Dagny Waldeland

In honor of Peter Howard
Michael and Emily Reif

In memory Nichole Hurtubise
Donna Nesser

In memory of Donald D. James
Martha Jo Atkins
Karen Axtell
Betty Biernat
Peggy Brennan
William Dana
Janet Frisch
Ethel James
Karen Milheim
Amy Schult

In memory of Paul F. Jessup
James and Barbara Gahlon

In memory of Glen Johnson
Lynne Nelson

In memory of Valery K.
Marina Kosyakovsky

In honor of Peter Karachunski
Olga Berkovskaya

In honor of Erwin Kelen
Judy and Michael Berman
Aaron and Judy Daniels

In honor of Kyu Young-Kim, Pitnarry Shin, George Li, Justin Windschitl and Dustin Schmidt
Terry Wade and Bonnie Grzeskowiak

In honor of Kyu Kim’s superb artistic leadership
The Hoeschler Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation

In honor of Ann and Ken Kompelien
Janet Mashek

In honor of Max and Keira Kottong

Renate Maria Sharp

In memory of James “Jim” LaFave
Kay and Rick Bendel
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

In honor of Jon Limbacher
John Riehle and Peg Lindlof

In memory of Jerry Linser
Mary Anne Linser

In honor of Sam Lodge
Timothy and Susanna Lodge

In memory of Barbara Wolle Lorenzsonn
Elger Lorenzsonn

In memory of Cleone B. Lunseth
Susan Ebertz

In memory of Helmut Lutsep
Marja Lutsep and Michael Halloran

In memory of Sandra F. Mandel
Reid and Jeanne Mandel

In memory of Len Martinez
Denise Siebert

In memory of Joanne Melloh
Theodore and Joanne Melloh

In honor of Dan Mollner
Leslie and Dan Mollner

In memory of Elden Molter
Tricia DuSaint

In honor of Momentum
Benji Gering

In memory of Bill Mortensen
Ms. Lois Langholz

In memory of Elizabeth “Betty” B. Myers
The Allegro Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Sheldon W. Damberg
Erik and Jana Hagen
Ruth and John Huss
Barb and Marshall Johnson
Cheryl and Barry Kempton
Mark Kleinschmidt
Daphne Mackey
Kathy Ramsted Sticha
Peter and Nancy Stalland

In memory of Paul N. Myers, Jr. & Genevieve P. Myers
Baillon Family Foundation

In memory of Gail Nelson
Kyler F. Nelson

In memory of Nikki, Loppet, Caeli, Moby, and Chablis
Stephen D. Gordon

In memory of Thomond R. O’Brien
Laura and Bradner Smith

In memory of Linda Odegard
Robert Nesheim

In memory of Paul Olley
Glenn and Barbara Mason

In memory of Phyllis Olson
Jennifer Weiss and Glen Coakley

In honor of Ayako Olsson
Susan Olsson

In memory of Roland Olsson
Susan Olsson

In honor of Daniel Orsen
Dennis Orsen

In memory of Yvonne Palka
John Palka

In memory of Judy Pavek
Sharon Erickson

In honor of Cassie Pilgrim
John W. Pilgrim

In honor of David Porter
David and Norma Porter

In memory of Alice Preves
Scott Helgeson and Laura Preves
John and Betty Reichert

In memory of Judy Reeves
Clare Fossum

In memory of Leo Reuder
Shirley Jonas and Reynaldo Lyles

In congratulations to John Riehle and Peg Lindlof
Ruth and John Huss

In memory of Mary A. Riehle
John Riehle and Peg Lindlof

In memory of My dad, Martiniano Roncaglia
Cristina Sturm

In memory of Nina Rothchild
Ken Rothchild

In honor of Ro-z
Jeanne Del Casino

In honor of Pamela Ryder
Michael and Bonnie B. Graves

In honor of David Sayers
Carlson Capital Management

In memory of James G. Scoville
Judith N. Scoville

In memory of George and Bert Seifert
Edward Seifert and Nancy Cameron

In memory of Bill Sell
Althea Sell

In memory of Stephen Sell
Mary Alice Sell

In honor of Kerry Sherin
Erin Berg

In memory of Judith Sherman
Erwin A. and Miriam Kelen

In memory of Clarence “Clancy” M. Smith Jr.
Barbara Amato
Marilyn Budde
Margaret Goderstad
Mary Heller
Norma Munson
Liz Murray
Andrea Specht
Benjamin VanderKooi

In honor of The SPCO bassoonists
Mary Beth Lamb

In honor of The SPCO Development Department
John Kuntz

In honor of The SPCO Musicians
William B. Hauser

In honor of The SPCO orchestra
Kathleen Quinn

In honor of The SPCO Woodwind section
Doug and Ruth Crane

In memory of Peter Stahl
Cynthia Arnold and Peter Stahl

In honor of Jim Stocke
Anna Betz

In memory of Irene Stoll
Gayle Highberg

In memory of Don Sulentic
Richard and Susan Asinger
Tim Bloom
Michael Munson
John Riehle and Peg Lindlof
Paul and Jane Welter

In honor of Tamara’s birthday
Tamara and Michael Root

In honor of Jane Tilka and Bill Dolan
Sarah Lambert

In memory of Robert Troemel
Ken and Julie Hoyme
Susan Megrund

In honor of Alexandra Stenerson Trudeau
Jason and Joan Patalonis

In memory of Vivaldi
Mary Beth Lamb

In honor of Professor Wee
Kyle Willkomm

In honor of Vicki Wheeler
Kurtis and Vicki Wheeler

In memory of Donna Wilkens
Catherine Anderson
Mavis Callovi
Lu Anne Green
Freda Lewis
Mark Schwagmeyer

In memory of Petre Wykes
Mary Michele McNulty

In memory of Phyllis Zunker
Alice Baron

We have given careful attention to ensure a complete and accurate list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies, and inform us of the error by emailing [email protected].