Honor and Memorial Gifts

We extend our deepest appreciation to all those who have helped the SPCO share music with our community and recognize the following tribute gifts made between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2022.

In memory of Modjo Abebe
Fekade Abebe

In memory of James T. Adams
Adams Family Charitable Fund of American Endowment Foundation

In honor of Daria Adams, Maureen Nelson, Hyobi Sim and Sarah Lewis
Harlan Cavert

In memory of Dorothee Aeppli
Andreas E. Aeppli

In honor of Julie Albers
Hue Alexander
Joel Dunning
Melissa Matson

In memory of Adrienne Alexander
Judith Ream

In memory of Craig Alexander
Craig J. Alexander Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

In honor of Astia Allenzara
Louise Hotka

In honor of Carl Anderson
Katherine Anderson

In memory of S. R. Avery
Theodore Tucker

In honor of Dr. Norma Banks
Dan Fenstermacher
Heather Von Behren

In memory of Teresa Barrera
Marianne Barrera

In memory of Phyllis Bastien
Sheila LaBore

In honor of Tim and Katy Bauer
Lois Bauer

In memory of Bea and Pete
Kathleen McLean

In honor of Beauty
Karen Z. Buggs

The Entire Beck Family
Steve Beck

In honor of Bella
William B. Hauser

In honor of Belle
Ronald and Debbie Schultz

In memory of Ben
Michael Dercks

In memory of Michael Bendel-Stenzel
Kay and Rick Bendel
Dr. Stephen E. and Margaret A. Gadient
Dr. Roger and Ellen C. Lillemoen

In memory of Nils Bergstrand
Ruth Kerekes

In honor of Cassie Pilgrim and Barbara Bishop
John A. Michel

In memory of my dad
Leon and Judy Bloomfield

In honor of Brandon Valley Band Friends
Amanda Skalland

In memory of Tess Bruns
Marilyn and Steve Riederer

In memory of Patricia A. Bohaty
Wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota

In honor of Julia
Don Brunnquell and Sally Scoggin

In honor of Barbara Brown and John Michel
Erica Brown

In honor of Nancy Brown
Nancy S. Brown

In memory of Judith Brownlee
Sally and Chuck Jorgensen

In memory of William Butler, Uncle Bill
Ellen Butler

In memory of Miriam Sara Butwin
Laurie Umeh

In honor of Janet Shapiro and Phil Byrd
Judy Klotz

In memory of Samuel Carlisle
Michael Kramer

In memory of Alan E. Carp
Ruth Carp

In memory of Jon Cieslak
Mark Bonnell
Mrs. Ann Cieslak
Dr. Thomas and Suzanne Ducker
Thomas and Kristen Griep
Jim Hart and Maureen Reed
Deborah Hendricks
Darlington Hicks
Gail Klatt
Bill and Diane Kuhlmann
William and Anne Langford
Dan Meixner
Paul Melchert
Carolyn Borow Moore
John Nakasone
Beth and Pat Nunnally
Patricia A. O’Gorman
Jean Parilla
Mr. David Pearson
Wayne and Ona Pinsonneault
Sue Schiess
Sandra Schoenecker
Gayle Sutcliffe
Eberhard and Kathleen Werthmann
Elizabeth and Bruce Willis

In honor of Ciril and Suzy
Nancie Litin

In honor of Dr. Laura Clay
Linda Clay

In memory of Sophie Cohen
Martin Cohen and Henriet Nadler-Cohen

In memory of Richie Cohen
Ruth Ann Rose

In honor of Zachary Cohen
Bruce Johansen
Michael Singer

In honor of Conrad and Bettina
Mary Higgins

In memory of David J. Cooke
Sarah Rossing

In memory of Renee and Jim Copes
Leslie-Anne Copes-Finke

In honor of my nephew, Steven Copes
Diane Griliches

In memory of William Cunningham
Mary Cunningham

In honor of Marv Dahlgren
Dean and Barb Hansen

In honor of Richard Dana
Richard and Nancy Randall Dana

In honor of Hanley D. Daws
Sandra R. Aaron

In honor of Sanja deGarmo
Viviana Skansi

In honor of Dr. Amos Deinard on his birthday
Erwin A. and Miriam Kelen

In honor of Stephanie Van D’Elden
Diane Katsiaficas

In memory of Jack Desai
Ethel Woestehoff

In memory of Catherine DeKrey
Gary DeKrey

In honor of the SPCO Development Department
David Davis and Katelin Richter Davis

In honor of the incredible SPCO Development Team!
Papa Smurf

In honor of Steve Dickinson
Catherine Guisan

In memory of HY and DW
Eunyoung Mohrlant

In memory of Dean Einwalter
Dr. Dawn Einwalter

In honor of Randolph Elliot
Dianne Wiik

In honor of Soraya Emment

In memory of Mary Eskeldson
Margaret Casey

In honor of Lynn Erickson
Inez Bergquist

In memory of L.S. Fan
Sarah Kogut

In honor of Jay Ferree
Jim and Linda Ferree

In memory of Priscilla Fiola
Neil J. Trainor

In honor of Barb and J. Fonkert
Claudia Thiem

In Memory of Martin Fritze
Judith Dolan

In memory of Martha J. Fulton
Paul Schroeder

In memory of Daniel Gacki
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

In honor of Joan and Bill Gacki
Douglas Myhra and John Clingerman

In honor of James Galway, flutist
Holly Johnson

In memory of Mary Jane Gergen
Ruth Markowitz

In memory of Kokie and Maxine Goldenberg
Jeffrey Goldenberg and Karen Yashar

In honor of Steve Mann and Heather Gray
Arlene Jullie

In memory of Virginia and John Greenman
Sarah M. Sheehan

In memory of Lee Gremillion
Kathy Gremillion

In memory of R. James “Jim” Gesell
Mairs & Power, Inc.

In memory of Amy Ollila Griffin
Glenn Ollila

In memory of Natalia Grin
Alexandra Grin

In memory of Curtis Gumbrell
Harlan G. Copeland
Nelson and Megan de los Reyes
Patricia and Henry Etten
Elizabeth Gumbrell
Myron and Virginia Karki
Richard and Kathy LaLiberte
Carol Walsh

In memory of Lawrence T Hadbavny Jr.
Linda Fernandez

In honor of Phil Handy
Laura Handy

In memory of Alice Evans Handy
Phillip Handy

In memory of Evelyn Sonnack Halverson
Elizabeth and Bruce Willis

In memory of Robert Hart
Sally S. Hart

In honor of Carol, Nick Hay
Nick Hay and Carol Poulson

In memory of Thomas Hibbard
Anne L. Hibbard

In honor of Rev. Richard Hilstrom
Kathryn and David Gilbertson

In honor of Jackie Hoong
Peter Rhomberg

In honor of SPCO horn section
Jim and Linda Ferree

In memory of George Horvath
Janet Horvath

In memory of Christina D. Huck
Michael Huck

In memory of Betty and Bill Hulings
The Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund and the MAHADH Fund of HRK Foundation

In memory of Stephen Hunter
Karen Johnson

In remembrance of our father, Heinz F. Hutter
Hutter Family Foundation

In memory of David Japaridze
Marina Kosyakovsky

In memory of Paul F. Jessup
Lydia Conn
Ruth Fingerson
Gayle Gaskill
Susan and Jeffery Holmes
Christine Jessup
Johanna Jessup
Carl Strohmaier
Winifred Tillman

In memory of Glen Johnson
Lynne Nelson

In honor of James Johnson
Gerald A. Voermans

In memory of Stand Johnston
Taren Johnston

In memory of Joy
Suzanne Damberg

In memory of Judge Daniel Kammeyer
Stephen and Carol Askew
Autumn Glen Senior Living
John and Kathleen Berglund
Sarah Cooper
Colleen and Lawrence Gallatin
Valetta Gyurci
Amanda Humpage
Lizabeth Kyser
Sherry Legare
Mark Malzahn
Mickey Nickelson
Anne Obst
Clement and Ruth Opatz
Diane Marie Reisdorfer
Mark Reisdorfer
Gloria Russell
Robert Stanich and Jeanne Schleh
Jan Selby
Joshua Smith
Robert D. Thomasson
Joan E. Utvik
Stephen Vander Schaaf
Mary Ellen Villalta
Connie Wanberg
Jim and Greta Weisman
Mary Zellmer-Bruhn

In memory of Martha Kaemmer
Jones M. Adkins and Julie R. Brown
Richard and Nancy Randall Dana

In memory of Jonathan Kaminsky
Kenneth and Amy Kaminsky

In memory of Nicholas Karolides
Inga Karolides

In honor of Kyu-Young Kim
Cheryl Bailey
Jeffrey Grip

In honor of Rodney and Betty Lou Kloster
Kathryn Kloster

In honor of Joshua Koestenbaum
Dr. Michael Bahr and Morrie Hartman

In memory of Mary Kohls
Julie F. Holmen

In honor of Ella Kopadaikis
Margery Martin

In memory of Valery Kosyakovsky
Marina Kosyakovsky

In memory of Janet Kratz
Robert Kratz

In honor of John C. Krell
Mary and Albert Planten

In honor of Peter Karl Kresl
Lois Svard

In honor of Kent Kreuter
Jane Frazee

In honor of Pekka Kuusisto
Glenn Ollila

In honor of John and Karen Larsen
Janet Carpenter
Roseanna Benser

In memory of Pat Lassonde
Merton Lassonde

In memory of Steve Lawrence
Mark and Gretchen Waldeland

In memory of Helen M. Lee
Mary E. Schaffner and Robert L. Lee

In memory of my sister Marlyce Lee
William G. Asp

In memory and honor of Delbert Leaf
Donna Lee Barnett

In honor of Sarah Lewis
Jennifer O’Brien

In memory of Douglas B. Lind
Patricia Lind

In honor of Robert Linde
Ann Linde

In memory Mary & Joe Lorentz
Mary Higgins

In memory of Barbara Wolle Lorenzsonn
Elger Lorenzsonn

In honor of Mary Em Lundgren
Jan Marie Lundgren

In memory of Cleone Lunseth
Susan Ebertz

In memory of Magdalen
Susan Horn

In memory of Vivian Mason

In honor of Damien Mathew
Teresa Mathew

In memory of Diane Matthees
Cynthia Matthees

In honor of Pat McDonald
Emily Percy

In honor of Dr. Monica McKeever
Ulla Brown

In honor of Alicia McQuerrey
Marty & Laura Weintraub

In memory of Susan Medhaug
Annette M and Steve B Porter

In memory of Beverley Meley
James Tonrey

In honor of Brenda and David Mickens
Dr. Michael Burwell

In honor of Jeff Mohr
Kathi Mohr

In memory of Mary Jo Monson
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

In honor of the 35th Birthday of Satchel B. Moore
Carolyn Borow Moore

In honor of the SPCO Musicians
Eric Anderson
Harlan Cavert
Tim and Leslie Crichton
Bruce and Mary Jo Durand
Dr. Walter A. and Judith Hinck
Jennifer L. Lessin, M.D.
Margaret S. Odell
John Pastor
Dr. Felix and Muriel Zwiebel

In honor of The SPCO musicians and staff
Deborah Zachman

In honor of Emma Naragon
Pam Higgins

In memory of Gail Nelson
Kyler F. Nelson

In honor of Maureen Nelson
Dr. Tess Galati

In memory of Milton Griggs Nichols
David and Marjorie Hols
Ed and Mary LeClair
Helen Mairs

In honor of Chuck Ullery and Elsa Nilsson
Anders and Julie Himmelstrup

In memory of Linda C. Odegard
Richard and Marcia Carthaus
James Darrah
Terry Wade and Bonnie Grzeskowiak
Robert Nesheim
Lee and Karen Newcomer
David Davis and Katelin Richter Davis

In memory of Patricia Olive
Teresa Hudoba

In memory of Marjorie A. O’Reilly
Kathleen O’Reilly-Doyle

In honor of Dru Osterud
Amelia Osterud

In memory of Peter Ostroushko
Sara Church

In honor of Melanie Ounsworth
Shirley Shimota

In honor of Rachel Patrick
Catherine Russell

In memory of Clara Paula
Joachim Savelsberg and Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg

In memory of Barbara Brewer Peet
Elizabeth and Klaus Runge

In memory of Alice Pepin
Susan Handke

In memory of Marvin and Helen Penhiter
Judith Penhiter

In memory of Carol Berget Perry
Pamela Sorota-Mowery

In memory of Felix Phillips
Erwin A. and Miriam Kelen

In honor of Cassie Pilgrim
John W. Pilgrim
Don Brunnquell and Sally Scoggin

In memory of Zoe Yang Pilgrim
John W. Pilgrim

In honor of Jonathan Posthuma
David Davis and Katelin Richter Davis

In honor of Alice Preves
Scott Helgeson and Laura Preves

In honor of Nina Potter
Nina Potter

In memory of Loren Quam
Jan Shannon

In memory of Dr. S. Ramalingam
Vivian Ramalingam

In memory of Congrad Razidlo
Martha Rosen
Gary and Jane Smith

In memory of Kim T. Rawlinson
James and Barbara Bear
D Kunelius
Charles Rice

In honor of Dr. Paul Redleaf’s 90th Birthday
Martha D. Rosen

In honor of Sally Reynolds
Claire Anne Thoen

In honor of Deborah Palmer Rich’s birthday
Stephanie Palmer Rich and Bill Brown

In loving memory of Mary A. Riehle
John Riehle and Peg Lindlof

In honor of Rory
Ronald and Debbie Schultz

In memory of Ruth Ann Rose
Emily Brooks
Charles Greenman and Bonnie Mulligan
Ross Gronfield and Sara Noah
Mr. Robert Klas
Mr. Andrew O’Brien
Claudia Wagner

In honor of Stewart Rosoff
Ms. Linda Rossman

In honor of Jack and Marty Rossmann
Fred and Sarah Deschamps

In memory of Nina Rothchild
Ken Rothchild

In honor of Nathan Eliot Rowan
Molly Rowan

In memory of Elizabeth Orr Ryks
Kay and Rick Bendel

In memory of Robert Sain
Dr. Susan Benfield

In honor of Susan and Bill Sands
Whitney Burroughs and Courtenay Brown

In honor of Dan Schmechel’s retirement
Barbara and Ronald Renner

In honor of Cynthia and Will Schoettler
Christine and James Schoettler

In memory of Susan Shumer
Robert Shumer

In honor of Eleanor Schumacher
Ronald S. Ostrow

In memory of Inge Schwochau
Mr. Robert Averbeck
Tim Averbeck and Frank Petkovich
Lois Bence
Jeffrey Delaney
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Mr. and Mrs. William Gacki
Ric and Cheryl Giese
Eric Netteberg and Julie Wrase
Gary Schwochau
Linda Steinworth
Susan Travis

In memory of William Dean Sell
Mrs. Althea Sell

In memory of Marge Severson
Robert and Julie Paschke

In honor of Phyllis Sherman, Happy Birthday!
Kimberly Kahat

In memory of Richard Sieber
Andrea Sieber and Larry Arrigoni

In memory of Dianne Siegel
Dr. Arnold and Judith Brier

In memory of Grandson Simon
Dale Trapp

In memory of Spencer Silver
Linda Silver

In memory of Erika Sitz
Paul Sitz

In memory of Gary Specker
Barbara and William Read

In honor of Dad – Happy Birthday!
Eleanor Stahura

In memory of Jean Staneslow
Fran and David Nordhausen

In honor of Timothy Strand
Dr. Michael Burwell

In memory of my mom
Monika Strom

In memory of Don Sulentic
Ms. Denise Gilmore
Susie Larkin
Timothy Sulentic

In memory of Mery Sulkina
Mary Pshonik

In memory of Marian and Marino Tazzioli
Jeanne Tazzioli and Paul Gits

In honor of Amy Thirsten
Inez Bergquist
M. Brown
Mrs. Ann Cieslak
Richard Cohen
Sheldon W. Damberg
Rick and Murph Dow
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Terry Wade and Bonnie Grzeskowiak
Terry and Ann Huntrods
Ruth and John Huss
James E. Johnson and Lucy Rosenberry Jones
Laura Liu and Ken Pomerantz
Judy and David Myers
Robert M. Olafson
Deborah J. Palmer and Kenneth L. Rich
Eric Prindle and Dr. Emily Anderson
Jack and Marty Rossmann
Willy and Linda Van Dooijeweert
Elizabeth and Bruce Willis

In memory of Wayne Thompson
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

In honor of my Father
Gayle Thorsen

In memory of Dale Tremain
Barbara Burt

In memory of Martha Uhde
Ulla Brown

In honor of Erin VanBurkleo & Matt Harr’s wedding
Georgina Chinchilla Gonzalez and Greg J. Egan IV

In memory of Edmund VandenBosch
Mrs. Anita Vanden Bosch

In memory of Neal Viemeister
Ginny Kirby

In memory of Mark and Evelyne Weinberg
Rebecca Taurog

In memory of Phyllis Weiss
Jennifer Weiss and Glen Coakley

In honor of John Wenzel
Dr. Michael Burwell

In memory of Christopher and Neal Wermter
Susan Wermter

In honor of Vicki Wheeler
Kurtis and Vicki Wheeler

In memory of Peter Wilkes
Mary Michele McNulty

In memory of Skip Wilkie
Charles Corcoran

In honor of Stevenson Williams

In honor of Paul and Cara Wilson
Adam Kintopf and Adine Stokes

In memory of John I. Wilson
Douglas Wilson

In honor of Matt Wilson
Larry Wilson

In memory of Norman Winkelman
Amber Winkelman

In honor of the marriage of Aimee Yu
Olivia and Donald Gault

In honor of Janice and T.Z. Yuan
Cynthia Lee

In memory of Betty MZats
Alan Bernick
Ricky and Carrie Bloomfield
Diane Bloomfield
Shirley Bloomfield
Maureen H. Burns
Cecil and Margaret Chally
Myra and Jerry Eskew
Phillip and Sue Fantle
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Teddy Gesell
Abigail Hodes
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Leonard
Rhoda and Don Mains
Kerry McGonigle
Wendy Ringer
Jeanette Sandor
Marjorie M. Sherman
Elaine Steinman
Joel and Gail Tilsner
Willy and Linda Van Dooijeweert
Barbara C. Winthrop

In memory of Zelig
Annalee Hanson

In memory of Judy Zervas
Paul M. and Diane K. Hanson
Heidi Hanson

We have given careful attention to ensure a complete and accurate list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies and inform us of the error by emailing [email protected].