Club2030 Concert Membership

Club2030 Concert Membership Benefits

  • Club2030 Concert Members, 18 to 39 years old, can attend an unlimited number of regular SPCO concerts for only $5 per month
  • Good for seats in our scale 2 and scale 3 prices at the Ordway or Ted Mann Concert Hall, and any seat at our Neighborhood Series. (these seats are green or purple in our online seating charts)
  • As a member of Club2030, you can also continue to get scale 1 seats at the Ordway or Ted Mann Concert Hall for the same great price of $10 each.
  • Choose your own seats online in advance whenever you want to attend a concert or just show up at a concert to see if seats are available
  • No need to renew your membership every year–you’ll continue to have access to every regular SPCO concert year after year, unless you contact us to stop your membership

Learn how to use your Club2030 Concert Membership


Our annual holiday concerts, Musician Appreciation Concert, Arts Partnership Co-presentations and other special concerts are not eligible for Club2030 concert membership redemption. 

Your monthly Concert Membership fee is not a donation to the SPCO–it is a fee that allows you to attend unlimited concerts each month. To make a contribution on top of your monthly Concert Membership fee, please visit

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