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The generosity of thousands of individuals, corporations, foundations and government supporters of the Annual Fund has been instrumental in advancing the world-class artistry and musical excellence of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. We extend our deepest appreciation to you for helping to make The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra a cultural touchstone in our community.

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Celebrating over 60 years of community support

Over the last six decades, the growing support of our donors has made it possible for the SPCO to share music with more people in our community than ever before while offering the most affordable ticket prices of any American orchestra. Thank you for your support!

Some members of our community are sharing a few reasons why they support the SPCO. See their stories below.

“My relationship to The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra is that it actually was started in the front hall of our house on Summit Avenue.”

Polly Nason McCrea, founding audience member and SPCO donor

“I’m most proud of the fact that we have a world class orchestra that performs at the highest artistic standards, and we are truly sharing it with a broad cross section of our community. We are living the value that this orchestra is here for everyone.”

Jon Limbacher, SPCO Managing Director and President

“I’m most proud of the SPCO for being an organization that I can share with my friends and family no matter what age or what generation, knowing that it will be a wonderful experience.”
— Kathy Kim, SPCO Governing Member

“I really appreciated that as a young audience member, there was a space for me to go and to talk about the performance and to meet new folks.”
— Paul Burns, SPCO Governing Member

“Providing for the SPCO in my estate plan is really just another way for me of giving…The SPCO has been here my entire life, and I want it to be here the rest of my life, and I want it to be here for my daughter 60 years from now. I’d like to hope that I can play a small part in that.”

Eric Prindle, SPCO Board of Directors

“We support the SPCO because we love it. We’re close to it….We feel close to the players and have had some over to our home….We know the orchestra, but also the audience….It’s really like a family.”

Kay and Rick Bendel, SPCO Governing Members & Friends of the SPCO

“We love the programming and are passionate about chamber music…It is hard to pinpoint one favorite SPCO memory, but it may have been at the Ordway, sitting behind a little girl about five years old and seeing the rapt attention she was paying to all the musicians, seeing her stillness and how the music captivated her….It gave us hope that the SPCO will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.”

Cara and David Holmberg, SPCO Governing Members & Encore Society members

“I’m most proud of the innovation and accessibility that is coming from the organization – all the while performing excellent, soul-stirring concerts by fantastic musicians. Every time I read an article about a new thing the SPCO is doing or a new audience they are reaching, my pride grows exponentially. I support the SPCO with both my annual gifts and as an Encore Society member because I strongly believe in the mission of the SPCO to provide accessible, world class music to our community.”

Theresa Gienapp, Encore Society member & former SPCO staff member

“I was at the very first concert at Central High School. My husband Ernie was the SPCO treasurer…There was a sense of community and a close association with the musicians…There’s nothing like music. It’s terribly important in bringing people together without words….it makes a community.”

Malka Goodman, founding audience member and SPCO donor