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Community Neighborhood

The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra firmly believes that building authentic, long-term relationships is vital to the work of serving the community and connecting more people to the transformational music we perform. While the SPCO proudly performs in many Twin Cities neighborhoods, we are grateful for the deeper partnership we are working towards in North Minneapolis.

NORTHSIDE, Minneapolis

Located on West Broadway in North Minneapolis, the Capri Theater is part of the continuing economic development and artistic revitalization of the Northside community. The SPCO is proud to have partnered with the Capri in this work for the past thirteen seasons.

Currently, the 250-seat theater is filled, three to four times a year, with an enthusiastic audience for an SPCO Northside series. Tickets are free for Northside residents and people from outside the neighborhood are encouraged to come experience all that the Capri has to offer. Community input has driven the programming offered at the Capri and will continue to guide our work in the 2022.23 season and beyond. This partnership also produces the Northside Celebration, a collaborative concert experience celebrating the Northside. Hear a bit of the 2020 Celebration in the Concert Library.

For more information about our activities on the Northside and our partnership with The Capri, visit www.thespco.org/northside