Legacy Giving

Thousands of children, students and young adults attend world-class SPCO chamber music performances each year in venues across the Twin Cities at ticket prices $10 or less, with children ages 17 and under attending for free. Through the generous philanthropic support of donors, the SPCO is making it easier than ever for young people to experience SPCO concerts.

Legacy gifts of any size help to ensure that the SPCO’s music continues in our community long into the future. Inspire, challenge, move and uplift new generations of SPCO audience members for years to come by making the SPCO’s transformational performances a part of your legacy.

Popular ways to make a legacy gift to the SPCO include:

  • A bequest of any dollar amount or percentage, or a balance or residue of your estate designated to the SPCO in your will or trust
  • A beneficiary designation to the SPCO of any amount or percentage for your IRA or retirement plan, bank or brokerage account, life insurance policy or annuity
  • Establishment of a charitable gift annuity, which provides immediate support to the SPCO and provides you with dependable income

Contact Erin VanBurkleo at 651.292.3275 or [email protected] for more information or to start a conversation about your SPCO legacy.

We encourage you to consult a professional advisor (such as an attorney, accountant or financial planner) to determine the giving vehicle that will best meet your needs.

Legal Name: The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Society
Federal Tax ID: 41-0829498

Have you already included The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra in your estate plans?

If your legacy plan already includes a gift to the SPCO, thank you! We hope you’ll consider letting us know. To share information about your legacy gift, please contact Erin VanBurkleo at 651.292.3275 or [email protected], or complete the SPCO’s Encore Society Enrollment Form and mail it to:

PO BOX 64718
SAINT PAUL, MN 55164-9696

The Encore Society

The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Encore Society honors and recognizes those individuals who have thoughtfully provided for the SPCO through a legacy gift of any size. Membership is offered to anyone who has notified the SPCO of their intentions.

For more information, please contact Erin VanBurkleo, Director of Individual Giving, at 651.292.3275 or [email protected].

Encore Society Members

The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra extends its deep appreciation to the members of the Encore Society. Their vision and foresight in planning a gift for the Chamber Orchestra’s future ensures that the SPCO will thrive for generations to come. These individuals have truly created a legacy of music.

Encore Society Members as of September 23, 2021

Anonymous (42)
Paul and Valerie Ackerman
Nancy M. Allen*
Arlene Alm
Karen Anderson and Dr. Karol Jensen*
Ms. Betty J. Anderson*
S. S. Anderson
Mr. Rolf L. Andreassen*
Brent and Jan Assink
Mr. Edmund Babcock*
Dr. Thomas C. and Ann G. Bagnoli
Mr.* and Mrs.* John M. Baker
Rosalyn* and Michael* Baker
Mr. Kenneth R. Barry*
Tina and Joe Barsky
Dr. Susan Benfield
Inez C. Bergquist
Arthur F. Bergstrom
Ms. Ruth E. Bergstrom*
Bruce and Arline* Beutel
Marion Birmingham*
Cynthia Bittner and Randal Schreiner
Robert E. Boldt*
Dennis Brennan
Larry and Ellen Marie Brentzel
Dr. Arnold and Judith Brier
Dr. Charles T. Brown*
Thomas* and Barbara* Brown
Theodore* and Mildred* Bulinski
C.T. Bundy 2d*
James Callahan
Nicky Carpenter*
Jennifer D. Charpentier
Anne L. Cheney and W. Stuart Mitchell, Jr.
Richard M. Cisek*
James P. Corson*
Leigh F. Countryman*
Dr. Sheldon and Mrs. Carol L.* Damberg
Lynn and Sandra Davis
Hanley Daws
Julia W. Dayton*
Mrs. Betty Z. Deane*
Cy and Paula DeCosse
Carol A. Deutsch*
Harry Drake*
Hugh and Joyce Edmondson
Harry and Ilmi* Eichstaedt
Janet G. Ekern
Kent E. and Katherine A. Eklund
Dr. Dan and Marilyn* Erwin
William Etter
John* and Hilde Flynn
Marian Forsythe*
Clare Fossum
Daniel E. Freeman
C. Louis Frey*
Charles J. Frisch*
Inez Gantz
Donald E.* and Adele A.* Garretson
William J. Georgou*
David J. Gerdes*
Theresa M. Gienapp
Dr. Marvin Goldberg*
Stephen Gordon
Paula L. Gottschalk*
Mrs. Nettie Grabscheid*
George D. and Anne R. Green
Rose O. Gustafson*
Miss Marion Hallgren*
William H. Halverson and Evelyn Sonnack Halverson*
Ruth E. Hanold*
Pastor Carl Hansen and Pastor Mary* Hansen
John W. Harris Family
Douglas R. Heidenreich
Tom and Mary Heller
John F. Hick
Walt and Judy Hinck
Cara Gould Holmberg and David Holmberg
Hella Mears Hueg*
Ruth S. Huss
Margaret Hustad-Perrin and David Perrin
Frank J. Indihar, M.D.*
Andrea and Gary Iseminger
Sarah Miller Johnson
Katrina Johnson & Anita Wheeler
Charles R. and Sally B. Jorgensen
Erwin A. Kelen
Janet Kelly*
Paul M. Kiley*
Steven and Lee Kingsbury
Sternie Kissin-Rosen*
Bernie Klask*
Gretchen A. Klein*
Rebecca Klein*
Gisela Knoblauch*
Joanne Kay Knoll*
Linda E. Krach and Robert L. Kriel
John and Karen Larsen
Dawn and Mark Larson
Robert* and Elaine* Larson
Dr. Van S. Lawrence*
David R. and Darlene A. Lee
Stephen and Rita Levin
Sallie Moniot Lilienthal
Dorothy Lindeke*
Warren* and Stephanie Lundsgaard

Beatrice and P.T. Magee
Tom and Marsha Mann
Judith Levin Marshall and Todd Marshall
Robert* and Nancy Martin
Ludwig Mayer*
Richard* and Mary B.* McMillan
Marguerite S. McNally*
Robert* and Roberta Megard
Marlys and Robert Melius
Dr.* and Mrs.* Robert Merrick
Maximillian H. Metzger*
Margaret L.* and Walter S.* Meyers
John L. Michel and H. Berit Midelfort
Cornelia Middents*
Rod Miller and Bill Miner
Mr. George Muellner
Allan E. ‘Pat’ Mulligan*
Ms. Betty D. Murray*
Mr.* and Mrs.* John M. Musser
Mr.* and Mrs. John H. Myers
Peter B. Myers
Mr.* and Mrs.* Philip H. Nason
Joan and Richard Newmark
Joyce M. Norbury*
Lowell and Sonja Noteboom
Jean H. Nudell*
Gayle M. Ober
Margaret J. O’Connor*
Linda Odegard* and Harlan Cavert
Paul and Jeana Ogren
Robert M. Olafson
Marri M. Oskam
Janet B. Otis*
Deborah J. Palmer
Janet S. Paper*
John H. Pearson*
Mr.* and Mrs. William S. Phillips
Sandra Pietron
Patrick Steven Poole*
Alice Preves*
Eric Prindle
Barbara U. Putnam*
Ellen Paper Rau*
John A. Reichert, M.D. and Elizabeth J. Reichert
David A. Robinson
Norman R. Rose* and Ruth Ann Rose*
Jack and Marty Rossmann
Ken and Nina Rothchild
Berneen Rose Rudolph
Don and Mary Anne Ryks
Terry Saario
Virgil B.* and Marion* Sandquist
Raymond L. and Leola Schreurs
Russell Schroedl*
Barbara and Robert Sherman
Ralph* and Pearl* Shoemaker
Paul* and Teri Singer
James G. Skakoon
Daryl Skobba and Kathleen M. McLaughlin
Laurie Rose Simon*
Mary L. and Clarence Smith
Frank J. Sorauf*
Robert Sporre*
Richard and Carol Stahl
Jeanne L. Schleh and Robert A. Stanich
Barbara L. Strom*
Stephanie Sulentic
Evy Sussman
Edward O. Swanson*
Gerald and Emma* Talen
Carolyn Talmage*
Margaret J. Thomas
Peter and Anne Thorp
Mr.* and Mrs.* George A. Toren
Ms. Audrey Traub*
Joe* and Jean Urista
Stephanie Cain Van D’Elden
Roman and Alice* Verostko
Charles T.* and Carrie R. Walker
Douglas Wallace and Peggy Hunter
Michael Walsh and Maureen A. Kucera-Walsh
Steven Wangstad and Kristi Rollag Wangstad
Marilee Ward*
Arvid* and Margie* Wellman
Patricia Whitacre*
Karl S. Willson
Mrs. Rita Wilson*
Frank* and Laurel Winsor
Jean C. Wirsig*
Gary R. and Sandra M. Woeltge
Pat Wuest*
Max and Deborah Zarling

* In remembrance