This week’s SPCO concerts are canceled

2021 Musician Appreciation Concert


Contributions to the Musician Appreciation Concert will go directly to SPCO musicians in appreciation for the passion, dedication and incredible artistry they share with thousands in our community each year.

We extend our deepest thanks to those who have supported this special event in celebration of the musicians of the SPCO. Thank you!

We have given careful attention to ensure a complete and accurate list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies and inform us of the error by emailing

Special thanks to our event sponsors:

Grant and Ruth Aaseng
Allan Abramson
Mary Adair and Gerald Jorgenson
Jones M. Adkins and
Julie R. Brown, In memory of
Martha Kaemmer

Douglas Affinito
Cigale Ahlquist
Donna Ahrens and Philip Anderson
Barbara Allan
Gerald Allan
Jean Anderson
Ross Anderson
Renner and Martha Anderson
Kathryn D. Andrews
James Andrisevic
Nina Archabal
Kerry and Jill Audette
Dan Avchen and David Johnson
Beth Averbeck
Raymond Ayala
Dr. Thomas and Ann Bagnoli
Jo and Gordon Bailey
Mary and Bill Bakeman
Dawn Baker and Aaron Milgrom
Helen Balcome
Phyllis M. Ballard
Marianne Barrera, In memory of
Teresa Barrera

Michelle and Phillip Barry
Tina and Joe Barsky
Sharon E. Bassett
Timothy and Katherine Bauer
Carol Bechtel
Lynne and Bruce Beck
William Beeman
Kay and Rick Bendel, In memory of
Michael Bendel-Stenzel

Dr. Susan Benfield, In memory of
Robert Sain

Inez Bergquist, In honor of
Lynn Erickson

Judith and Richard Berland
Sharon Bigot
Beth Bird
Mark Bischof
Dr. Michelle M. Blaeser
Fred and Linda Blaisdell
Paul Bloom
Nancy Blume
Debra Bode
Mark Bohnhorst and
Mary Wahlstrand
Erin Borchert
David Borchert
Robert and Janice Bowman
Barbara Boysen
Rochelle Brandl
Dr. Arnold and Judith Brier
John and Nancy Brock
Ulla Brown
C. M. Brown, In memory of
T. Brown

Richard and Nancy Brundage
Pamela Brustman
Karen Z. Buggs, In honor of Beauty
Barbara Burt, In memory of
Dale Tremain

Dr. Michael Burwell, In honor of Timothy Strand
Elizabeth Buschor
Barbara Mills Byers
Thomas P. Cairns
William Cameron
Barbara Camm and William Breer
Jim and Janet Carlson
Elaine J. Carlson
Cecil and Margaret Chally,
In memory of Betty Zats
Joan Charnas
George Chen
Anne L. Cheney and W. Stuart
Mitchell, Jr.
Mark Chergosky
Sharon Chmielarz
Christopher Kelsey
Sara Church, In memory of
Peter Ostroushko

Jon and Ann Cieslak
Anne Claflin
Anna Clark
Adam Clifton
Rebecca and Brian Cline
Liz Cochran
Michael Cohen
Barbara Cohen
Douglas Cole and Judith Eisner
Sharon Collins
Phyllis Conlin
Sarah Rossing Cooke
Benjamin and Laura Cooper
Leslie-Anne Copes-Finke,
In memory of Renee and
Jim Copes

Lucia P. May and Bruce Coppock
Patricia Cordano
David and Jeanne Cornish
Michael and Julia Costello
Jane Sage Cowles
Casey and Rachael Crabb
Gwen and Kenneth Crabb
Doug and Ruth Crane
Tim and Leslie Crichton, In honor of
the SPCO musicians

Mary Cullen
Peter and Christine Cundall
Mary Cunningham, In memory of
William Cunningham

Elizabeth Cutter and Perry Wilson
Mary Beth Cutting
Ingrid Dai
Suzanne Damberg, In memory of

Sheldon W. Damberg
Fern Davidson
Janis and Alfred Dees
Gary DeKrey, In memory of
Catherine DeKrey

Mark DelCogliano
Holly DeLisi
Dr. Mary DeMaine
Michael Dercks, In memory of

Ryan Diesem
Anthony William Dix
Elizabeth Dokken
William Dorgan
Rick and Murph Dow
David and Kären Dudley
Thalia Duffield
Dirk Durant
Sherman Eagles and
Susan Conner
Susan Ebertz
Jennifer Eckert
Ecolab Inc. Foundation
Dr. Dawn Einwalter
Kent and Katherine Eklund
Ronald L. and Patricia Eldred
Gail Engstrom
Karen Erickson
Patricia Erlandson
Gerald R. Etesse
Kenneth and Jill Ewald
Francis X. and Jessica A. Fallon
Stephanie and Eric Fehr
Camille and Paul Feng
Jim and Linda Ferree,
In honor of SPCO horn section
Paul Ferree
Karl and Sara Fiegenschuh
Papa Smurf
Sheldon Finver and Dee Albert
Elizabeth Fleck
Jo Fleming
Paul and Donna Floyd
Karen Forslin
Edward and Janet Foster
Caroline and H. Dutton Foster
Linda Fox
Jim and Helen Franczyk
Richard Frank
Judith Franklin
Jane Frazee, In honor of
Kent Kreuter

Philip Friedlund and Lisa Isenberg
Friends of The Saint Paul
Chamber Orchestra
Wendell and Faith Friest
Arlo and Stephanie Frost
V. and G. Fuhrken
Mr. and Mrs. William Gacki
Valerie Garber
Edwin Garbutt
Judith Garcia Galiana and
Alberto Castillo
Nancy and Jack Garland
Olivia and Donald Gault
Leland and Beverly Gehrke
Dr. Amy Gilbert
Jo Gilbertson
Mary Gillespie
Benjamin Glaros
John Glasenapp
Morton Schlesinger and
Joan Oliver Goldsmith
Stephen D. Gordon
Douglas Gray
Alice and Larry Greenbaum
Barbara Greenwald
Kathy Gremillion
Alexandra Grin, In memory of
Natalia Grin

Jeffrey Grip, In honor of Kyu
Tom and Mary Gross
Terry Wade and
Bonnie Grzeskowiak
Ray Gustafson and
Mary Dannies Gustafson
Matt Haar and Erin VanBurkleo
Dr. Nan Hackett
Kristen Hager
Georgia Hagerty
Lois Hall and Phil Morton
Barbara and Joe Halligan
Joseph Halloran
Keith Halperin and Karen Grabow
Michael W. and
Elizabeth Halvorson
Mary Hammill
Linda Hammond
Walt Handschin
Phillip Handy, In memory of
Alice Evans Handy

Lindsey and David Hansen
Annalee Hanson,
In memory of Zelig
Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison
Patricia Hart
Mark Harvey
Mary C. Healy
Julie and Dean Heller
Linda and Dean Henderson
John Henning
Deborah J. Hennrikus
David and Carol Henseler
Ruth Hiland
James W. and Bonnie Hild
Vivian Hildebrant
Anders and Julie Himmelstrup
Dr. Walter A. and Judith Hinck,
In honor of these great musicians
Beverly Hlavac
Peggy Hoeft
Anita Hoffman
M. Janice Hogan-Schiltgen
Arthur and Donna Hogenson
Cara Gould Holmberg and
David Holmberg
Julie F. Holmen, In memory of Mary Kohls
Sara Hoppe
Susan Horn, In memory of Magdalen
Brad Horras
James S. and Linda M. Hoskins
House of Note
Barbara P. Hovey
Dr. Stephan Hubig
Michael and Christina Huck
Chris Hudson
Carol Huff
Cynthia and John Hughes
Joan Hummel
Joshua Hummel
Jeanne Hunt
Coralie O. Hunter
Terry and Ann Huntrods
Aaron Hurst
Ruth and John Huss
James Hutchinson
Lynn and Thomas Ihlenfeldt
Lynn Indihar
Dana Jackson
Mike Jackson and Betsy Leach
Chris and Val Jackson
Pamala W. Jacobel
Suzanne Jebe
Roger A. Jensen
Isaac Jensen
Bruce Johansen, In honor of Zachary Cohen
Sharon K. Johnson
H. Budd and Carolynn Johnson
Gene H. Johnson and Linda S. Paul
Barb and Marshall Johnson
Jean Johnson
Richard and Audrey Johnson
James E. Johnson and
Lucy Rosenberry Jones
Sally and Chuck Jorgensen,
In memory of Judy Brownlee
Caryn and Jim Josephson
The Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund
and the MAHADH Fund of
HRK Foundation
Craig J. Alexander Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation,
In memory of Craig Alexander
Carrie Kalweit
Janet P. Kampf
Vicki Kappus
Pam Kaufman and
Dennis Keierleber
Sharon Kaylen
Alice Keith
Erwin A. and Miriam Kelen
Carolyn Kelleher
Dorette Kerian
Robert Kieft
Linda A. King and
Robert Schauinger
Jon Erik Kingstad
Jean Kinsey and Frank Busta
Allan Klein and Harriet Lansing
Judy Klotz, In honor of
Janet Shapiro and Phil Byrd

Bruce Kohn

Jeanne Kolis
Karl Korbel
Gary Kortemeier
John and Beverly Koser
Mary Kozmik
Michael Kramer, In memory of
Samuel Carlisle

Richard and Janet Krier
Judith Krow and David MacMillan
Diane Krusemark
Robert T. and Barbara Kueppers
William and Diane Kuhlmann
Becki Kvitrud
James and Gail LaFave
Kathryn LaLonde
Wayne and Katherine Langstraat
Sandra Larson
Holly Larson
Paula Anne Latz
Uyen Le
Josephine Lee and Kevin Kinneavy
Mary E. Schaffner and
Robert L. Lee, In memory of
Helen M. Lee

Helina Leino-Pakola
Ellie LeRoux
Jennifer Lessin, In honor of the
SPCO musicians

Mary Lewis
Julie Lillie
Kelvin Lim
Jon and Patty Limbacher
Jeff Lin and Sarah Bronson
Thomas and Vicki Lindquist
Steven Link
William and Patricia Litchy
Nancie Litin
Laura Liu and Ken Pomerantz
Patricia Lockyear and J. D. Purcell
Timothy and Susanna Lodge
Thea Lopatka
Grant Lotz
Jo Lucas
Lydia S. Lui
Wayne and Gail Lundeen
Jan Marie Lundgren, In honor of
Mary Em Lundgren

David Lutz and Cynthia Hazelwood
Christopher MacLennan
Nancy Maczka
John Madura
Donna Maeda and Martin Hernandez
Patricia and Gerald Maher
Stephen H. and Kathi Austin Mahle
Helmut and Mary Maier
Rhoda and Don Mains
Michael T. Manns
Ruth Markowitz, In memory of
Mary Jane Gergen

Judith Levin Marshall and Todd Marshall
Rudolf and Catherine Martignacco
Margery Martin, In honor of
Ella Kopadakis

Vivian Milroy Martin
Len Martinez
Glenn and Barbara Mason
Adrienne E. Mason
Lucille B. Matousek
Melissa Matson, In honor of
Julie Albers

Sulasalmi Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Lary and Elaine May
Laura McCarten
Candace McClenahan
Stephen and Andrea McCue
Katy McFall
Bernard M. and Karen J. McGarrigle
John McKenzie
Gary McLean
Joyce Mellom
Jan Merriman
Charles and Carolyn Meyer
John L. Michel and Dr. H. Berit Midelfort
Kathleen Mickelson
John and Janell Miersch
Martin Mikus
Brian and Laura Millberg
David Miller and Mary Dew
John Palmer Miller
Andrea Miller
Lynda Minnick
M. Valeriana Moeller
Michael Monsor
Kathleen Montgomery
James and Betsy Moore
Alfred P. and Ann M. Moore
David and Leni Moore
Family Foundation
William Moore and Mary Wagner
Mark Moriarty
Tim and Kathryn Morin
David Morris
Neil Moses-Zirkes
Mark Movic
Paul Mundt
Julie Marie Muskat
Bosco Nardelli
Rosanne Nathanson
David Naughton
Robert Nesheim
James and Carolyn Nestingen
Dr. Mark and Mary Jo Nissen
Richard Noer
Lowell and Sonja Noteboom
John Nuechterlein
Will O’Berry
Julie O’Brien
Linda Odegard and Harlan Cavert
Carson O’Doubhlain
Patricia A. O’Gorman
Judy Ogren
Paul and Jeana Ogren
Larry Olafson
Robert M. Olafson
Gordon and Betty Olson
Kathleen O’Neal
Holly MacDonald and John Orbison
Michael and Linda Orsted
Ronald S. Ostrow
Deborah J. Palmer and Kenneth L. Rich
James S. and Anne H. Parker
Claudia Parliament
Robert and Julie Paschke, In memory of
Marge Severson

JoAnn and Eric Pasternack
Marjorie Pearson
Richard and Mary Ann Pedtke
Daniel Pennie and Anne Carayon
Francisco Peschard
Gary Peter
Judith and John Peterson
Nicholas Pifer and Amy McNally
Diane Pike and Steve Willett
John W. Pilgrim, In honor of
Cassie Pilgrim

Mary and Albert Planten, In honor of
John C. Krell

Sally Polk
William Pomputius
Nick Hay and Carol Poulson
Tom Prather
Mary and Jonathan Preus
Eric Prindle and Dr. Emily Anderson
Wayne and Pamela Prochniak
Anne Quincy
Kathleen Quinn
Michael Rabe
Christopher Reeves
Warren and Marilyn Regelmann
John and Betty Reichert
Michael Ricci
Matthew Richey
Freya Richman
Ann Richter
John Riehle and Peg Lindlof
Ross Rifkin
Daniel and Judith Ritchie
Gail and Joel Roberts
David A. Robinson and Janet G. Ekern
Rolland Robinson
John David Rodriguez
Aron and Ellen Rolnitzky
Tamara and Michael Root
Donna Rose
David and Linda Rosedahl
Diane R. Rosenwald
Jack and Marty Rossmann
Elaine Ryden
Tom and Claire Rykken
Richard and Sandra Saliny
William and Susan Sands
Roxanne Sands
Joachim Feldman and
Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg
Jon and Laura Savin
Steven Savitt
Kris Sawyer
Jeffrey Schein
Karen Schilling
Robert Stanich and Jeanne Schleh
Richard C. Schmitter
Gary and Claudia Schnitker
Christine and James Schoettler
Pamela Schroden
Kathleen Schubert
Teresa Schulte
Ronald Schultz
Inge Schwochau
Don Brunnquell and Sally Scoggin,
In honor of Cassie Pilgrim
William R. Scott, Jr. and Susan Scott
Carol Seifert
Linda Sellars
Edward J. and Marguerite A. Senninger
David Senter
Jay and Kathryn Severance
Kim Severson and Philip Jemielita
Fred and Gloria Sewell
Mary Shamrock
Jeff and Karen Shanley
Sandra Shannon
Janet Shaughnessy
Ames Sheldon
Phyllis and John Sherman
Mariana and Craig Shulstad
Julie Siderfin
Mark and Mary Sigmond
Martha Simmons
Stephen Simon and Kathleen Wilken
Sandra Skaar
Eric Skytte and Valeria La Rosa
Richard and Sharon Slettehaugh
James Smith
Bill and Becky Smith
David and Ann Smith
Mary Tingerthal and Conrad Soderholm
Arlene Sonday
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Sherry Spence
Florence Sprague and David Misemer
Linda Stackowitz
Mike and Shawn Staley
Arturo Steely
Joseph and Karen Steger
Alice Stock
Stephanie Stoessel
Cynthia Stokes
Joan C. Stovall
Monika Strom, In memory of my mom
Stephanie Sulentic
John Sutherland
Amy Swalley
Wayne Swanson
Dale and Voni Swenson
Mae Sylvester
Tatsuro Tanioka
Kay Savik and Joe Tashjian
Carol Tauer
Rebecca Taurog
Sophie Teyssier
Kipling Thacker and Kevyn Riley
Ella Thayer
Claire Anne Thoen
Richard Thomas and Teena Moy
Mitchell Thompson and Lisa Goodard
Douglas J. Thomson
Sarah Thoreson
Peter Threadgill
Mark and Jan Tiggas
Pat Tollefson
Beth Toso and Eric Freeburg
Dale Trapp, In memory of
Grandson Simon

Marie Trepanier
Kathy Trombly-Ferrin and Randy Ferrin
David and Karen Trudeau
U.S. Bank
Judith and Roger Urban
Ruth Valgemae
Dr. Stephanie Van D’Elden
Mrs. Anita Vanden Bosch, In memory of
Edmund VandenBosch

Dr. Carl Voss
Michael A. Wagner
Thomas Wahlrobe and Elizabeth Bell
Samuel Wai
Bill and Barbara Wainberg
Dagny Waldeland
Douglas Wallace and Margaret O. Hunter
Charles Wallin
Charles Walters
Roland Warner
Margaret Weglinski
John Welckle
Naomi and John Wells
Anne and George West
J. Dale Westberg
Joanne Whalen
John and Janet Wheelock
John and Jean White
Dianne Wiik
C. Neil and Julie M. Williams
Larry and Rebecca Williams
Elizabeth and Bruce Willis
Larry Wilson, In honor of
Matt Wilson

Robert and Sara-Jane Wilson
Sue E. Wiltgen
Justin Windschitl and Dustin Schmidt
B. Rowe and Susan Winecoff
Barbara C. Winthrop, In memory of
Betty Zats

Carol Woehrer
Lucy Wollaeger
Shane Wood
Dale and Ann Woodbeck
Steve Woolley and Maria Vittone
Chris and Becky Worley
Stephen P. Yahn
Joshua Youdovin
Michael Young
Ute Zahn
David Zarkower
Rebecca Zeigler
Paul and Bernarda Zenker
Liz Zeno
Timothy Zimmerman
JoAnne Zoff
Ron Zweber and Peter Scott
Dr. Felix and Muriel Zwiebel,
In honor of the SPCO musicians
Eric Zylstra