Regular SPCO concerts are canceled through June 2021. Join us for a series of encore presentations streamed via our free Concert Library.

Musician Appreciation Concert


Contributions to the Musician Appreciation Concert will go directly to SPCO musicians in appreciation for the passion, dedication and incredible artistry they share with thousands in our community each year.

We extend our deepest thanks to those who have supported this special event in celebration of the musicians of the SPCO. Thank you!

We have given careful attention to ensure a complete and accurate list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies and inform us of the error by emailing

Alpha list of individual supporters
Allan Abramson
Douglas Affinito
Barbara Allan
Gerald Allan
Kathryn D. Andrews
Nina Archabal 

Dan Avchen and David Johnson 

Dr. Thomas and Ann Bagnoli 

Carol Bechtel 

Kay and Rick Bendel, In memory of Michael Bendel-Stenzel 

Inez BergquistIn honor of Lynn Erickson 

Judith and Richard Berland 

Sharon Bigot 

Dr. Michelle M. Blaeser 

Nancy Blume 

David Borchert 

Robert and Janice Bowman 

Barbara Boysen 

Rochelle Brandl 

Dr. Arnold and Judith Brier 

John and Nancy Brock 

Ulla Brown 

Pamela Brustman 

Dr. Michael Burwell, In honor of Timothy Strand 

Barbara Mills Byers 

Elaine J. Carlson 

Jim and Janet Carlson 

Mark Chergosky 

Anne Claflin 

Anna Clark 

Adam Clifton 

Barbara Cohen 

Phyllis Conlin 

Benjamin and Laura Cooper 

Leslie-Anne Copes-FinkeIn memory of Renee and Jim Copes 

Jane Sage Cowles 

Gwen and Kenneth Crabb 

Doug and Ruth Crane 

Mary CunninghamIn memory of William Cunningham 

Ingrid Dai 

Sheldon W. Damberg 

Gary DeKreyIn memory of Catherine DeKrey 

Mark DelCogliano 

William Dorgan 

Rick and Murph Dow 

Dirk Durant 

Ecolab Foundation 

Dr. Dawn Einwalter 

Gail Engstrom 

Karen Erickson 

Francis X. and Jessica A. Fallon 

Joachim Feldman and Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg 

Paul Ferree 

Papa Smurf 

Jo Fleming 

Edward and Janet Foster 

Linda Fox 

Judith Franklin 

Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra 

Arlo and Stephanie Frost 

Mr. and Mrs. William Gacki 

Edwin Garbutt 

Olivia and Donald Gault 

Mary Gillespie 

Stephen D. Gordon 

Barbara Greenwald 

Kathy Gremillion 

Alexandra GrinIn memory of Natalia Grin 

Jeffrey GripIn honor of Kyu 

Terry Wade and Bonnie Grzeskowiak 

Dr. Nan Hackett 

Kristen Hager 

Barbara and Joe Halligan 

Joseph Halloran 

Michael W. and Elizabeth Halvorson 

Mary Hammill 

Linda Hammond 

Walt Handschin 

Phillip HandyIn memory of Alice Evans Handy 

Mary C. Healy 

Deborah J. Hennrikus 

Ruth Hiland 

Anita Hoffman 

Arthur and Donna Hogenson 

Cara Gould Holmberg and David Holmberg 

Susan HornIn memory of Magdalen 

Dr. Stephan Hubig 

Michael Huck 

Carol Huff 

Coralie O. Hunter 

Terry and Ann Huntrods 

Aaron Hurst 

Ruth and John Huss 

James Hutchinson 

Chris and Val Jackson 

James E. Johnson and Lucy Rosenberry Jones 

Sally and Chuck JorgensenIn memory of Judith Brownlee 

Ms. Janet Kampf 

Erwin A. and Miriam Kelen 

Dorette Kerian 

Robert Kieft 

Linda A. King and Robert Schauinger 

Allan Klein and Harriet Lansing 

Jeanne Kolis 

Gary Kortemeier 

Michael KramerIn memory of Samuel Carlisle 

William and Diane Kuhlmann 

Becki Kvitrud 

James and Gail LaFave 

Wayne and Katherine Langstraat 

Holly Larson 

Josephine Lee and Kevin Kinneavy 

Ellie LeRoux 

Mary Lewis 

Jon and Patty Limbacher 

Steven Link 

William and Patricia Litchy 

Thea Lopatka 

Grant Lotz 

Wayne Lundeen 

Jan Marie LundgrenIn honor of Mary Em Lundgren 

Nancy Maczka 

Patricia and Gerald Maher 

Stephen H. and Kathi Austin Mahle 

Rhoda and Don Mains 

Ruth Markowitz 

Judith Levin Marshall and Todd Marshall 

Vivian Milroy Martin 

Glenn and Barbara Mason 

Adrienne E. Mason 

Lucille B. Matousek 

Candace McClenahan 

Katy McFall 

Jan Merriman 

Charles and Carolyn Meyer 

John L. Michel and Dr. H. Berit Midelfort 

Kathleen Mickelson 

Martin Mikus 

John Palmer Miller 

Andrea Miller 

Lynda Minnick 

  1. ValerianaMoeller 

Michael Monsor 

Alfred P. and Ann M. Moore 

David and Leni Moore Family Foundation 

Mark Moriarty 

David Morris 

Neil Moses-Zirkes 

Paul Mundt 

Rosanne Nathanson 

James and Carolyn Nestingen 

Dr. Mark and Mary Jo Nissen 

Richard Noer 

John Nuechterlein 

Will O’Berry 

Carson O’Doubhlain 

Patricia A. O’Gorman 

Robert M. Olafson 

Kathleen O’Neal 

Holly MacDonald and John Orbison 

Michael and Linda Orsted 

Deborah J. Palmer and Kenneth L. Rich 

JoAnn and Eric Pasternack 

Marjorie Pearson 

Gary Peter 

Nicholas Pifer and Amy McNally 

Sally Polk 

Nick Hay and Carol Poulson 

Eric Prindle and Dr. Emily Anderson 

Wayne and Pamela Prochniak 

John and Betty Reichert 

Matthew Richey 

Freya Richman 

John Riehle and Peg Lindlof 

John David Rodriguez 

Michael Root 

Diane R. Rosenwald and Marguerite Wilson 

Jack and Marty Rossmann 

Elaine Ryden 

Roxanne Sands 

Robert Stanich and Jeanne Schleh 

Gary and Claudia Schnitker 

Marie Christine and James Schoettler 

Kathleen Schubert 

Ronald Schultz 

William R. Scott, Jr. and Susan Scott 

Edward J. and Marguerite A. Senninger 

Fred and Gloria Sewell 

Ames Sheldon 

Sandra Skaar 

Richard and Sharon Slettehaugh 

Bill and Becky Smith 

Dr. Michael and Mrs. Sherry Spence 

Stephanie Stoessel 

Joan C. Stovall 

Sulasalmi Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation 

Stephanie Sulentic 

Amy Swalley 

Tatsuro Tanioka 

Kay Savik and Joe Tashjian 

Carol Tauer 

Kipling Thacker and Kevyn Riley 

Ella Thayer 

Claire Anne Thoen 

Mark and Jan Tiggas 

Beth Toso and Eric Freeburg 

U.S. Bank 

Judith and Roger Urban 

Ruth Valgemae 

Dr. Carl Voss 

Bill and Barbara Wainberg 

Charles Walters 

Roland Warner 

Anne and George West 

Ms. Joanne Whalen 

John and Janet Wheelock 

John and Jean White
Elizabeth and Bruce Willis
Robert and Sara-Jane Wilson
Justin Windschitl and Dustin Schmidt
Rowe and SusanWinecoff
Barbara C. WinthropIn memory of Betty Zats
Shane Wood
Steve Woolley and Maria Vittone
David Zarkower
Liz Zeno
Timothy Zimmerman
Eric Zylstra 

Special thanks to our event sponsors: