2023 Musician Appreciation Concert


Contributions to the Musician Appreciation Concert will go directly to SPCO musicians in appreciation for the passion, dedication and incredible artistry they share with thousands in our community each year.

We extend our deepest thanks to those who have supported this special event in celebration of the musicians of the SPCO. Thank you! **Updated as of March 6, 2023

Special thanks to our event sponsors:


Anonymous (4)
Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison
Alfred P. and Ann M. Moore
Alice Keith
Alice Lehman
Alison Edgerton
Dr. Amy Gilbert
Mrs. Ann Cieslak
Ann Rogotzke
Anne L. Cheney and W. Stuart Mitchell, Jr.
Dr. Arnold and Judith Brier
Art and Bethany Klebanov
Arthur and JeanAnn Guetter
Barbara Allan
Barbara Cohen
Barbara Lang
Barbara Saunders
Barbara Schulman and Matt Gilson
Becky and Jay Debertin
Benjamin and Laura Cooper
Beth Toso and Eric Freeburg
Betsy and Mike Halvorson, In honor of Steven Copes
Brian and Laura Millberg
Brittany Thiele
Bruce and Kathleen Pohlig
Bruce Gustafson
Bruce Johansen, In honor of Zachary Cohen
C. M. Brown, In memory of Tim Brown
C. Neil and Julie M. Williams
Camille and Paul Feng
Carol A. Bock
Carol Sibley
Carol Tauer
Casey and Rachael Crabb
Catherine Allan and Timothy Grady
Catherine Guisan, In memory of Andrew
Catherine Ramirez
Chad Mathern
Charles and Lucy Bauer
Charles Ullery and Elsa Nilsson
Chris and Janet Johnson
Chris Mansfield
Christopher Kelsey
Cindy Lorah
Colleen Belgum, In memory of Douglas J. Belgum
Constance Beutel, In memory of Roberta Beutel
Corrie W. Ooms Beck
Craig and Melissa Wiklund
Cristina Sturm, In memory of My dad, Martiniano Roncaglia
Dagny Waldeland, In honor of Christopher Hogwood
Dale Trapp
Dan Avchen and David Johnson
Daniel Huston
Daniel Parker, In honor of Andrew Brady
Darwin Hatheway
David and Carol Henseler
David and Jeanne Cornish
David and Kären Dudley
David and Leni Moore Family Foundation
David Ingbar and Mary Meighan
David Kleppe
David Lutz and Cynthia Hazelwood
Deborah Hendricks
Deborah J. Palmer and Kenneth L. Rich
Deborah Zanish
DeeAnn Thompson
Denise Flaherty
Dennis Orsen
Diana Green
Diane and James Burnett
Ms. Diane Cook
Dianne Tuff
Donna Ahrens and Philip Anderson
Doug and Ruth Crane, In honor of the Woodwind section
Douglas Wallace and Margaret O. Hunter
Mr. Douglys Moore
Ecolab Inc. Foundation
Ed and Margie Farr
Edward and Donna Kraus
Edward J. Jackson
Elaine J. Carlson
Elger Lorenzsonn, In memory of Barbara Wolle Lorenzsonn
Elizabeth Koenig
Ellen Butler
Emily Autumn
Eric Prindle and Dr. Emily Anderson
Erwin A. and Miriam Kelen
Eunice Wilkinson
Dr. F. Mark and Denise T. Carter
Florence Sprague and David Misemer
Francis Lu
Fred and Linda Blaisdell
Fred and Sylvia Sekhon Berndt
Freya Richman
Gary DeKrey
Gary Scharber
Gay Greiter
Gayle Thorsen
George and Mary Strauss
George Nudell
Gordon and Betty Olson
Guy and Jean Johnson
Gwen and Kenneth Crabb
H. Budd and Carolynn Johnson
Hans J. Koenig
Harlan Cavert
Harold Mueller
Helen Burke
Helen Scharber
Helmut and Mary Maier
Holly MacDonald and John Orbison
House of Note
Hyuna Park
Inez Bergquist
Jack and Marty Rossmann
Jackie Hoong
James and Gail LaFave
James and Marcia Behm
James B. Tchobanoff and Mariann Cyr
James E. Johnson and Lucy Rosenberry Jones
James Kellerman
James McClung
James S. and Linda M. Hoskins
James Smith
Jane B. McWilliams
Jane Sage Cowles
Janet Zander
Janis and Alfred Dees
Jay and Kathryn Severance
Jeff Bowar and Virginia Heuer-Bowar
Jessica Bortnova
Jessica Wegwerth
Jill and John Thompson
Jim and Linda Ferree
Jo Gilbertson
Joachim Savelsberg and Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg
Joann Trygestad
Joel R. and Joanne Dufresne
John and Betty Reichert, In memory of Alice Preves
John and Nancy Brock
John H. Bennett
John Henning
John Madura
John Palka, In memory of Yvonne Palka
John Riehle and Peg Lindlof, In loving memory of Mary A. Riehle
John Schmidt, In memory of Robert K. Anderson
John Sell
John W. Pilgrim, In honor of Cassie Pilgrim
Jon and Patty Limbacher
Jon Haakenson
Judith and Richard Berland
Judith Garcia Galiana and Alberto Castillo
Judith Krow and David MacMillan
Judy Fraser
Judy McElheney
Judy Ogren
Julia Lofness
Julia Stanley
Julie Smalley
Justin Windschitl and Dustin Schmidt
Karl and Sara Fiegenschuh
Katherine Leighton
Kathy Gremillion, In memory of Lee Gremillion
Katie Cook
Kay and Rick Bendel, In memory of Michael Bendel-Stenzel, MD
Kay Savik and Joe Tashjian
Mr. Keith Ackert
Keith McCarten
Kenneth and Judith Anderson
Dr. Kenneth Beckman
Kerry and Jill Audette
Kim A. Severson and Philip L. Jemielita
King W. and Nancy C. Ma
Kristen Bruya
Kristen Koester
Kyle Willkomm, In honor of Professor Wee
Laura and Bradner Smith, In memory of Thomond R. O’Brien
Laura McCarten
Laurie Miller and Scott Sakaguchi
Leland and Beverly Gehrke
Linda Sellars
Liz Zeno
Ms. Lois Langholz, In memory of Bill Mortensen
Lori Ricke and Eric Dunn
Lorraine Hart
Dr. Louis Epstein
Lowell and Sonja Noteboom, In memory of Bruce Coppock
Lowell Anderson and Kathy Welte
Lucy Wollaeger
Lynn and Thomas Ihlenfeldt
Lynne Nelson, In memory of Glen Johnson
Ms. Margaret Mazzaferro
Margaret Weglinski
Marja Lutsep and Michael Halloran
Marjorie Pearson
Mark and Jan Tiggas
Mark and Kathy Kachelmyer
Mark Fulton
Dr. Mark Rabinovitch and Karen VanBeck Rabinovitch
Marshall Flowers
Mary Adams
Mary and Bill Bakeman
Mary Ann Jackson
Mary Beth Cutting
Mary Cunningham
Mary E. Schaffner and Robert L. Lee
Mary Gillespie
Mary Shamrock
Mel and Georgia Duncan
Michael and Carol Bromer
Michael and Emily Reif, In honor of Peter Howard
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Sherry Spence
Michael Huck
Michele Hinchman
Miriam Gerberg
Murray Helfer
Nancy and Bill Jones
Naomi and John Wells
Naomi Haugen and Peter Mansfield
Nicholas Pifer and Amy McNally
Nina Archabal
Olivia and Donald Gault
PAK Properties
Patricia A. O’Gorman
Paul and Amy Vargo
Paul and Barbara Grabowski
Paul Bloom
Paul F. and Tina Marie Casey
Paula Anne Latz
Phillip Handy, In memory of Alice M. Handy
Phyllis and John Sherman
Phyllis Conlin
Piotr Rusinkiewicz
Randall and Rachel Kroll
Ray Gustafson and Mary Dannies Gustafson
Rebecca and Brian Cline
Rebecca Merritt
Rhoda and Don Mains
Rice Family Foundation | Carol and James Bowditch & John* and Emily Douglass
Richard C. Schmitter
Richard Frank
Richard Noer
Richard Schnieders
Richard Thomas and Teena Moy
Richard W. Knuth and Susan Albright
Rick and Murph Dow
Rob and Jenny Edman
Robert and Aimee Mairs
Robert D. O’Hara, Jr.
Robert Kieft
Dr. Robert L. Kriel and Dr. Linda E. Krach
Robert M. and Colleen Oberlies
Robert M. Olafson
Robert Nesheim, In memory of Linda Odegard
Robert Schauinger
Robert Shumer
Robert Williams
Rochelle Brandl
Roland Warner
Roland Wells, In honor of Jim Clute
Ron Zweber and Peter Scott
Ronald L. and Patricia Eldred
Ronald Prieve
Ruth and John Huss
Ruth Hiland
Sally and Chuck Jorgensen
Sandra Purrington
Sandra Skaar
Sarah Thoreson
Sharon Kaylen
Sonja Mason
Stephanie and Eric Fehr
Dr. Stephanie Van D’Elden
Stephen and Andrea McCue
Stephen H. and Kathi Austin Mahle, In memory of Robert S. Hillas
Steven Garcia Photography
Steven Oakley
Steven Savitt
Stonebridge Capital Advisors, LLC
Susan Boatman
Susan Krabbenhoft
Susan Wermter
Teresa Meikle
Terry and Ann Huntrods
Terry Korupp
Terry Wade and Bonnie Grzeskowiak
The Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund and the MAHADH Fund of HRK Foundation
Thea Lopatka
Theodore and Hung-Ja Gliske
Theodore and Joanne Melloh, In memory of Joanne Melloh
Thomas D. and Nancy J. Rohde
Thomas P. Cairns
Timothy Zimmerman
Tricia DuSaint
Truman and Noelyn Porter
U.S. Bank
Virginia Housum
Wanda Griepp
Wayne and Pamela Prochniak
William and Patricia Litchy
William B. Hauser
William Cassell
William Edney
Yaron Klein

We have given careful attention to ensure a complete and accurate list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies and inform us of the error by emailing [email protected]