2024 Musician Appreciation Concert


Net proceeds from the Musician Appreciation Concert will go directly to SPCO musicians in appreciation for the passion, dedication, and incredible artistry they share with thousands in our community each year.

We extend our deepest thanks to those who have supported this special event in celebration of the musicians of the SPCO. Thank you! *Updated as of March 22, 2024

Special thanks to our event sponsors:

Anonymous (12)
Mary Adams
Douglas Affinito
Catherine Allan and Timothy Grady
Dr. John H. and Judith Anderson
Linda Anderson
Eric Anderson
Nina Archabal
Dan Avchen and David Johnson
Michael Babcock
Dr. Thomas and Ann Bagnoli
Jo and Gordon Bailey
Margaretha Beach
Meredith Bearden
Jean Bearden
Jennifer Becker & Co.
Kay and Rick Bendel
Joe Benz
Anindita and Mrinal Bhattacharya
Dr. Michelle M. Blaeser
Susan and Jose Boatman
Dr. Arnold and Judith Brier
John and Nancy Brock
C. M. Brown
Kristen Bruya
Ryan Buelow
Janet G. Cain
Thomas P. Cairns
Bruce Carlson
Jasmine Carlson
Anne Casey
Harlan Cavert
Cecil and Margaret Chally
Anne L. Cheney and W. Stuart Mitchell, Jr.
Ann Cieslak
Rebecca and Brian Cline
Phyllis Conlin
Diane Cook
Benjamin and Laura Cooper
Jim Cosgrove
Jane Sage Cowles
Casey and Rachael Crabb
Doug and Ruth Crane
Mary Cunningham
Mary Beth Cutting
Scott Czaplewski
Diane Dahl
Sheldon W. Damberg
Victor de Meireles
Becky and Jay Debertin
Gary DeKrey
Mark DelCogliano
Sarah and Fred Deschamps
Thomas Dillon
Jack Dong
Marybeth Dorn
Bill Drake
Joel R. and Joanne Dufresne
David Edminster
Julia Ehrlich
David Elmhirst
Dr. Louis Epstein
Stephanie and Eric Fehr
Camille and Paul Feng
Trevor Franda
Friends of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Elizabeth A. Fuller
JoAnn Funk
Judith Garcia Galiana and Alberto Castillo
Ben Garner
Olivia and Donald Gault
Eugenia and Paul Gavrilyuk
Jo Gilbertson
Mary Gillespie
Glenda E. Glore
Stephen D. Gordon
William Grant
Kathy Gremillion
Terry Wade and Bonnie Grzeskowiak
Anne Grosse
Jon Haakenson
Matt Haar and Erin VanBurkleo
Keith Halperin and Karen Grabow
Walt Handschin
Kathy Hanson
Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison
Tom Hatch and Stacy Mattingly
Naomi Haugen and Peter Mansfield
Roberta Heine
Dr. Julia Heinen
Murray Helfer
Barbara Henry
August Herling
Ruth Hiland
Arthur and Donna Hogenson
John House
House of Note
Virginia Housum
Amy L. Hubbard and Geoffrey J. Kehoe Fund
Terry and Ann Huntrods
Patricia Hurd and Bruce Weeks
Ruth and John Huss
Lynn and Thomas Ihlenfeldt
David H. Ingbar and Mary Meighan
Steve Jankowski
Lynn K. Johnson
Jim and Mary Johnson
Vicky Johnson
James E. Johnson and Lucy Rosenberry Jones
Dwight and Pamela Johnson
Nancy and Bill Jones
Mark and Kathy Kachelmyer
Alice Keith
Robert Kieft
Patrick Kincade
Linda A. King and Robert Schauinger
Art and Bethany Klebanov
Carolyn Knudtson
Karen L. Koepp
Edward and Donna Kraus
Dr. Robert L. Kriel and Dr. Linda E. Krach
Randall and Rachel Kroll
Judith Krow and David MacMillan
Maureen Kucera-Walsh and Michael Walsh
Bill and Diane Kuhlmann
Kim Sonderegger
John Larkey
David Larson
Donald Larson
Karen Leaman and Warren Goodroad
Mary E. Schaffner and Robert L. Lee
Kyung Lee
John Lehman
Reverend Craig Lemming
Stephen Levin
Ingrid Liepins
Jon and Patty Limbacher
Jeff Lin and Sarah Bronson
Rachel Lind
William and Patricia Litchy
Patricia Lockyear and J. D. Purcell
Carol Long
Ted Longinow
Marja Lutsep and Michael Halloran
Holly MacDonald and John Orbison
Kimberley MacLennan
Dr. Elaine MacMillan
Susan and Roderick Macpherson
P. T. and B. B. Magee
Stephen H. and Kathi Austin Mahle
Rhoda and Don Mains
Judith Levin Marshall and Todd Marshall
Sands McAlees
Laura McCarten
Virginia Claessens McDonald
Anne McKinsey
Marlys and Robert Melius
Joan Mertz
Susan Mesch
John L. Michel and Dr. H. Berit Midelfort
Brian and Laura Millberg
Henry Misa
Nancy and Rick Moe
Michael Monsor
Kathleen Montgomery
Alfred P. and Ann M. Moore
David Morris
Anne Morrow
Paul Moudry
Rosanne Nathanson
Donald Nelson
Thomas and Kathryn Nelson
Sarah Nettleton
Lowell and Sonja Noteboom
Patricia A. O’Gorman
Robert M. Olafson
Kristi Ollila
PAK Properties
Deborah J. Palmer and Kenneth L. Rich
Eldora Pearson
Michele Ione Pierce
Diane Pike and Steve Willett
Kim Pomroy
Bill and Lisa Pomroy
Ronald Prieve
Kathleen Quinn
Michael Rabe
Karl Raschke
Michael and Emily Reif
Scott Reifschneider
Sally Reynolds and Hampton Smith
Ginger Reynolds
Freya Richman and Karen Casanova
John Riehle and Peg Lindlof, in loving memory of Mary A. Riehle
Thomas D. and Nancy J. Rohde
David and Linda Rosedahl
Diane R. Rosenwald
Jenna Ross
Jack and Marty Rossmann
Charles Rossmann
Ken Rothchild, in memory of Nina Rothchild
Sarah and Mitchell Rubinstein
Vicki Rupp
Robert Samples
Michael P. and Cornelia J. Sampson
William and Susan Sands
Barbara Saunders
Joachim Savelsberg and Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg
Jon and Laura Savin
Larry Schafer
Helen Scharber
Daniel J. Schmechel and Wilhelmina M. Wright
Richard C. Schmitter
Richard Schnieders
Richard D. Schrenk
Kathleen Schubert
Ronald and Debbie Schultz
Michael Schwartz
Margaret Alldredge and Andrew Selden
Linda Sellars
Jay and Kathryn Severance
Kim A. Severson and Philip L. Jemielita
Leonard E. and Joan-Anne Shelhamer
Katharine Shepard
Phyllis and John Sherman
Mariana and Craig Shulstad
Connie Simpson
Daryl Skobba and Kathleen McLaughlin
Richard and Sharon Slettehaugh
James Smith
Stephen Snyder
Joseph and Susan Sorrentino
Melenie Soucheray
Michael Spears
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Sherry Spence
Janet and George Stevens
Stephanie Sulentic
Jennifer Swihart
Lixuan Tai
Kay Savik and Joe Tashjian
James B. Tchobanoff and Mariann Cyr
DeeAnn Thompson
Brad Thompson
Pat Tollefson
David and Karen Trudeau
Joann Trygestad
Pauline Tupper
U.S. Bank
Dr. Stephanie Van D’Elden
Paul and Amy Vargo
Dan Vartolomei
Nettie Vinsonhaler
Dr. Carl Voss
Michael A. Wagner
Dagny Waldeland
Kathleen and James Walker
Roland Warner
John Welch
Kathleen Welte
John Whaley
Ann Whittemore and Nancy Nystuen
Dianne Wiik
Alan and Connie Wilensky
C. Neil and Julie M. Williams
Elizabeth and Bruce Willis
Sara-Jane Wilson
Justin Windschitl and Dustin Schmidt
Andrew Wohlfiel
Liz Zeno
Timothy Zimmerman
Ron Zweber and Peter Scott

We have given careful attention to ensure a complete and accurate list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies, and inform us of the error by emailing [email protected]