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Our musicians wear many hats

Today on #NationalHatDay, we celebrate the many hats our musicians wear. No, not fedoras or berets — the metaphorical ones! From teaching music to designing …

SPCO & MPR: The Grand Duo

On October 29, 1993, Minnesota Public Radio saved the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra from going out of business with a radiothon. SPCO Artistic Director Kyu-Young Kim says “It’s not hyperbole, just a simple statement of fact.”

Lembit Beecher Brings New Music and Memories to the SPCO

SPCO Music Alive Composer-in-Residence Lembit Beecher has been working alongside the orchestra’s Artistic Vision Committee and administrative staff to craft intriguing programs and to push our artistic planning process in new and exciting directions. SPCO Artistic Planning Manager Paul Finkelstein spoke with Beecher about his plans for the residency, which culminates during the 2018.19 season.