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Our musicians wear many hats

Today on #NationalHatDay, we celebrate the many hats our musicians wear. No, not fedoras or berets — the metaphorical ones! From teaching music to designing gorgeous silk instrument bags to pet therapy volunteering, our musicians are always up to something. If we had space to display it all, we would have our own hattery brimming with passion and stories! 

Lynn Erickson, joining forces with pup Lacey

Lynn and Lacey — rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? When Lynn is not playing trumpet, this pair donates their time and smiles every week as a pet therapy team at Methodist Hospital where they help patients take a break from their tiring healing journeys.









Daria Adams, Co-Artistic Director of Music in the Vineyards

Every summer, violinist Daria Adams directs a chamber music festival in Napa Valley, California called Music in the Vineyards, which will be celebrating its 26th season in 2020. Daria and husband Michael started the annual festival when they saw it as an opportunity for musicians and music lovers to gather in a unique setting for a multi-faceted cultural experience. In addition to curating a robust concert program, they also host performance competitions for aspiring classical instrumentalists.







Julia Bogorad-Kogan, ballet enthusiast and University of Minnesota instructor

Flutist Julia is a lover of learning and teaching! When not in rehearsal and concerts, she works at the University of Minnesota teaching applied flute and a class titled “Orchestral Excerpts for the Flute.” On the side, she also enjoys spending free time as a student of ballet.









Julie Albers, Assistant Professor

During SPCO summer breaks, Principal Cellist Julie Albers serves as an assistant professor at McDuffie Center for Strings in Georgia where she shares her knowledge and passions with students seeking intensive training in string musicianship and entrepreneurship.









Kyu-Young Kim, Artistic Director

Kyu-Young Kim has the dual role of Artistic Director and Principal Violinist. Off stage, his role as Artistic Director helps shape and develop the SPCO’s vision while programming and planning artistic processes, such as developing collaborations with Artistic Partners, guest artists, and orchestra members.