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New year, new way to explore SPCO’s digital performances

The new year brings with it a new way to discover music in The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s extensive free digital library: Curated Collections.

We’ve created each collection around a theme or artistic idea, offering unique insight into musical works, composers and performances themselves.

This is a constantly growing section of the Concert Library, so check back periodically for new collections! We hope that they allow you to explore our digital performances like never before.

Explore the Curated Collections

Curated Collections highlights

Sunday Morning Coffee

Staff Curation

Ah, Sunday — the day of new beginnings and anticipation. This is a collection about living in the moment, feeling at one with The Now, and, perhaps most importantly, warding off the all too common “Sunday scaries.”

Sinfonias and Solos

Curated by Zachary Cohen, Principal Bass

A selection of Baroque-era pieces of differing “sizes,” juxtaposing small solo works with larger ensembles. Zachary was specifically interested in how Johann Sebastian Bach, and those he heavily influenced, fills out one instrument’s part by emulating multiple “voices” within one to give the impression of more parts — a fascinating way of creating something magnificent while working with less.

Eastern European Voices

Curated by Joshua Koestenbaum, Associate Principal Cello

These works are some of the very best examples of the rich, virtuosic string writing that emerged from Eastern Europe. These composers have combined the traditional music(s) of a place with their own voices, to beautiful effect.