“Discovery is exhilarating”: Announcing Liquid Music 2015-16

Liquid Music

We’re excited to announce the 2015-16 Liquid Music season, which is now on sale and will begin in October. The popular series, presented by the SPCO, seeks to expand the world of classical music through innovative new projects, boundary-defying artists, adventurous collaborations, and unique presentation formats.

Kate Nordstrum, Liquid Music’s curator, shared her thoughts as she announced the series’ fourth season:

The artists and audience of Liquid Music past, present and future inspire me as a curator to think big, take risks and be alert to new ways of supporting nonlinear artistic ventures. The projects and collaborations that Liquid Music gets behind are hard-won and complex but tremendously fulfilling for everyone involved – they are the product of true partnership and mutual belief in a singular artistic vision.

I think Liquid Music audiences are so enthusiastic because they are given regular opportunities to explore, learn and partake in very special, very in-the-moment communal music experiences. We all need this stuff in our lives, not just because the performances are beautiful or mysterious or surprising, but because they open our hearts, minds and eyes to new worlds, new ideas and perhaps even new hope. Discovery is exhilarating.

Find out more about the new season and purchase tickets at http://www.liquidmusicseries.org