Classical MPR interview with Julie Albers

Julie Albers

Alison Young of Classical MPR interviewed new principal cellist Julie Albers about topics ranging from her musical training to the challenges of flying with a cello. Here are a couple of excerpts.

On the difference between playing in a chamber orchestra and a symphony:

You know, it is different in a lot of respects. What I love about it is the intimacy. I feel that you really truly can achieve that chamber music feel with a group of this size. I mean, in a regular symphony, everybody always has that as the goal, that it’s always chamber music … but it’s just easier when you’re sitting close to one another, when you can hear every voice. And I think that’s part of the challenge, but to me, what’s so enticing about the chamber orchestra.

On being invited to play the Haydn D Major cello concerto with the SPCO on short notice last spring:

You know, I was thrilled, because that’s kind of like a dream come true. For me to be able to play Haydn D Major, which is my absolute favorite piece written for cello, with a group as phenomenal as SPCO, and to do it un-conducted was just extra-exciting for me, because then you really have 100 percent interaction with the musicians. There’s no interpreter to go through. So, I would say that I was more thrilled than anything. I knew that my sister was going to be playing in the concert, and I’m good friends with people here, so it was a really neat experience.

You can find the full interview on the Classical MPR website.