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SPARK! Musical Insights: Volume 1

A video musical performance with insights from a member of the SPCO intended to spark curiosity and conversation.

Volume 1: The Four Seasons with Joshua Koestenbaum  

Music has the undeniable power to instantly transport us to another time. For SPCO cellist Joshua Koestenbaum, The Four Seasons is a one-way ticket to 1960s Californian suburbia. In this installment of SPARK!, discover how Antonio Vivaldi’s iconic work became Joshua’s fourth-grade anthem. 

Your viewing experience is made complete with an introduction from Joshua Koestenbaum, a special interview with SPCO violin soloist Eunae Koh, and the full performance of Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.

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Learn more about host and cellist, Joshua Koestenbaum
Learn more about violin soloist, Eunae Koh 

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The written program includes program notes about the music and composer and the accompanying sonnets to The Four Seasons. These sonnets pair perfectly with the movements of The Four Seasons and it is thought that Vivaldi may have written them himself.

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