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Pre-Concert Discussions

Fanfare pre-concert discussions have been discontinued as of the 2019.20 season

This past spring we were informed of significant shifts in corporate funding affecting many arts organizations in the Twin Cities, resulting in a loss of around $250,000 for SPCO this year and beyond. We cannot increase revenue from other sources to fully make up for this loss. In order to continue our commitment to financial responsibility and balancing our budgets, the SPCO had to refocus resources and make difficult decisions to significantly reduce expenses. In making these decisions, we sought to maintain the activity that is most critical to our mission and allows us to continue to serve as many people as possible in our community.

Our expense reduction plan involves reducing activity in several areas, including the elimination of Fanfare pre-concert discussions, which are no longer offered starting this season. We know that Fanfare was enjoyed by many audience members, but we’ve had to make difficult decisions in response to these funding shifts. These changes will allow us to focus on our core mission to share world-class chamber orchestra performances with the broadest possible audience in our community while maintaining our financial sustainability in the face of these losses in corporate support.