Bank Your Tickets

Would you like to bank your tickets from a canceled concert? Please use the form below to bank the value of your tickets for later use. We will send details on how to redeem the value of your banked tickets at a later date.* You can also call us at 651.291.1144.

Fill out my online form.

* Tickets obtained as part of an SPCO Membership or LivingSocial/AmazonLocal voucher have no set value. If you have an SPCO Membership or LivingSocial/AmazonLocal voucher, you are encouraged to turn back your tickets if you cannot make it to a concert.

The donation amount for paid tickets (excluding membership tickets and tickets obtained with a LivingSocial/AmazonLocal voucher) is equivalent to the amount paid for the ticket; processing fees not included.

Would you like to turn back your tickets? Visit or call our Ticket Office at 651.291.1144.