Offer Exceptional Concerts for our Community:

  • Produce artistic work rarely seen in our community, such as major chamber choral works and concert operas
  • Present distinguished artists and ensembles not seen in our community by producing occasional festivals
  • Support the creation of new artistic works by both emerging and established composers

Constantly Focus on Developing the Quality of the Orchestra:

  • Implement an international recruiting plan for new SPCO musicians and Artistic Partners, to bring the finest performers to the Twin Cities
  • Undertake regular domestic and international tours, to continually refine the ensemble skills of the musicians and raise the profile of the SPCO to support its long-term recruiting, funding initiatives and visibility

Serve More People:

  • Maintain and enhance our unparalleled level of accessibility for audiences we serve today
  • Expand digital and social media content and reach to serve more people in the ways that are convenient for them
  • Develop in-house capacity to produce high-quality digital video, enabling thousands more people worldwide to experience the SPCO
  • Expand and diversify SPCO neighborhood venues to serve more of the Twin Cities metro area

Diversify Our Audience:

  • Develop initiatives in partnership with our community, including other artistic groups, to reach a more ethnically diverse audience
  • Expand programs to serve more children and young adults with free or low-cost tickets
  • Experiment with new concert formats and locations to reach non-traditional audiences

Financial Sustainability:

  • Build the Annual Fund to a level that can reliably support our fixed costs
  • Build the Endowment through an emphasis in legacy giving to ensure that our current levels of funding continue in spite of generational shifts in the audience