Making great music available to EVERYONE

We believe that great music should be available to EVERYONE.

That’s why we are committed to making SPCO tickets affordable. The SPCO also offers the most affordable tickets of any major orchestra in the United States, with over 50% of tickets available for $12 or less. With our new Membership program, audience members can attend as many concerts as they’d like for only $9 per month. We also make our music available through our online Listening Library, which offers free online streaming of over 250 performances (and counting) to listeners all over the world.

Audience members sometimes tell us that they would be willing to pay more to hear such a world-class orchestra. If you are one of these people, we hope you will join the thousands of generous audience members each year who contribute to the SPCO in addition to buying tickets. We don’t want anyone to be unable to attend a concert because ticket prices are too high, and we know that those who can afford to pay more will do so through contributions. Audience members like these make the SPCO possible.

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Here’s what audience members are saying about our low ticket prices:

“I wish to applaud the SPCO decision to lower ticket prices permanently. As a single mother who works as a public servant, live orchestra concerts have been events that could happen only once a year or so for my family. Thank you for making the arts available to everyone. I believe this decision will stand your organization in good stead with the community.”
– Lynn

“Bravo. You not only reduced the costs of your subscription mailings and now are lowering your prices, but have given me and continue to give me GREAT PLEASURE in the concerts.”
– Sheila

“I applaud your announcement that SPCO ticket prices at the Ordway and Ted Mann venues will be lowered. It is a wonderful gift to lovers of live music who also have low incomes. I think it will expand and broaden your audience by providing greater access to your world-class ensemble. It is a very generous gift to the Twin Cities and Greater MN music-loving community. My esteem for the SPCO which was already very high has just shot up.” 
– Parker

“I am a mother and a student. Our family loves music and we think the SPCO is great. Sometimes in the past we have not attended concerts simply because our budget is limited. We just ordered tickets for $10 each. What a deal. I cannot thank you enough for making it possible for our family to come hear such a fine orchestra.”
– Adele