SPCO Audience Match Contributors

Thank you for your increased support
To make the SPCO Audience Match possible, more than 150 recent SPCO donors generously increased their support to the 2018.19 Annual Fund to match new donations from SPCO audience members. Thank you!


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The following SPCO donors made increased gifts between February 21 – March 31, 2019.
Anonymous (5)
Douglas Affinito
Barbara A.  Agard
Bill and Nancy Althof
Gary Anderson
Ellen Archibald
Elisabeth Aurand
Dawn Baker
Carol Barnett
Phyllis and James Bastian
Benjamin Behler
Sylvia Belmont
Sharon Bigot
John and Barbara Bollag
Gayle Breutzman
Dr. Arnold and Judith Brier
Barbara Ann Brown
Paul and Loretta Burns
Charles G. Calhoun
Jim and Janet Carlson
Thomas and Susan Cathey
William and Nancy Child
Janet Christianson
Jerry and Mary Clysdale
Barbara Colhapp
Mary C. Combs
Marilyn Corrigan
Willa Cott-Meissel
Edwin Culbert
Julie Dallman
Denise and James D’Aurora, Ph.D.
Gary DeKrey
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dieter
Eugene and Joanne DiMagno
Thomas DiPasquale and Rosanne Pera
Jeff Disch
David and Karen Dudley
Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Dufresne
Mel and Georgia Duncan
Wayne and Gloria Dunshee
Barbara and John Edgar
Mike and Betty Elson
Hope Esparolini
Wendy Evans
Elizabeth Fischer
John Floberg and Martha Hickner
Jay Franklin
Susan J. Fuller
Katherine Galligan
Jamie Gareri
Ashley Garry
Elaine Gaston and Mark Scannell
Peg and Liz Glynn
Mary and Thomas Gross
Barbara and Joe Halligan
Charles Hample and Frances Bly
Lowell M. Hanson
Doug Happe
Jodi and Stan Harpstead
Bill and Barbara Harrison
Lyle Hart
Jody Hauer
William B. Hauser
Mary Heller
Irene Helme
Roger and Vicki Henry
Wayne and Dianne Hoeschen
Gordon Holm
Stephen Hopkins and Gail Olson
Kathryn Hoyman
John and Pam Humphrey
Thomas and Jeanne Hunt
Elise Jahnke
Suzanne Jebe
Guy D. Jones, III and Catherine M. Jones
James and Linda Kalbler
Matthew and Barbara Kan
Mary Kaul
Alice Keith
Randall and Rachel Kroll
Dr. and Mrs. Van S. Lawrence
Judy Lin
Allen and Jennifer Lipke
Mark D. Lofstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Gerold V. Luss
Catherine Malave
Diane Mancini
Debbie and Gil Mann
David and Betsy Martin
Sylvia McAlpine
Jeanette McGillicuddy
Susan McKinley
Margaret Mehle
Marlys and Robert Melius
Virgil and Shirley Meyer
Howard Miller
Liam Moore
Carolyn Mueller
Karen Muller
David A. and Audrey J. Nelson
Richard Oberg
Gerard and Louise Olson
Victor Olson
Alan Onberg
Tamas Ordog
Mrs. Richard Oriani
Iven Ose
Francie and Mark Paper
Phillip and Karin Peterson
Janet Petri and Paul Zorn
Patricia Pink
Edward Pluth
Barbara and William Read
Bruce Reckow
Colette Roche
Deb Rodahl
Thomas D. and Nancy J. Rohde
Barbara Ronningen
Mitchell and Sally Rubinstein
Anne Sanderson
Rose Mary Satack
Arline Satrom
Steven Savitt
Kevin and Katherine Schill
Eric Schlotterbeck
Rebecca Schmitz
Bob and Peg Schwob
Tom Scott
Fred and Sylvia Sekhon Berndt
Sandra Shannon
Alan and Linda Shapiro
Mark and Shelley Sherman
Ronald Schultz
Sue Singer
Carol Skinner
David and Ann Smith
Angeline L. Sorenson
Clifford C. and Virginia G. Sorensen Trust of the Saint Paul Foundation
Yvonne and Larry Stafford
Gary and Rita Steffenhagen
William J. and Mary Steinbicker
Warren Stortroen
Mary E. Sutton
Carol Tauer
Anne and Bill Tisel
Roger and Marianne Tyrrell
Linda Varvel
Lydia Volz
Michael A. Wagner
Carol and Tim Wahl
Susan Wahlin
Mary and J.L. Walus
Gerri Westlund
Ruth and David Wood
Steve Woolley and Maria Vittone
Ann Zastrow

To learn more about the ways to participate in the SPCO Audience Match, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Still have questions? Contact Megan Foust at mfoust@spcomail.org or 651.292.3246.

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