SPCO Audience Match Contributors

Thank you for your increased support
To make the SPCO Audience Match possible, SPCO donors generously increased their support to the 2020.21 Annual Fund to match new donations from SPCO audience members. Thank you!


The following SPCO donors made increased gifts between March 19 — April 15, 2021:

Anonymous (2)
Judith Adams
Ross Anderson
Ellen Archibald
Dawn Baker and Aaron Milgrom
Jeanne Barker-Nunn and Lee G. Hesselroth
Carol Barnett
Sylvia Beach and Gordon Rouse
Ken Bearman and Karla Larsen
Kathryn Behm
Bruce and Bonnie Berezovsky
Patricia and Martin Blumenreich
Kelly Boie
Laurence and Sandra Borden
Kathleen Borgen
Jeff Bowar and Virginia Heuer-Bowar
Barbara Boysen
Larry and Jorand Braford
John Brandberg
Lisa Brenner and Mike Selon
Ellie Brenny and Walter Jost
Bruce and Paulette Briese
Dianne Brooke
Cheryl Brown
Maureen H. Burns
Janet G. Cain
Roma Calatayud-Stocks
Cynthia Carter
Philip and Sandra Chabot
Steven and Helen Chambers
Jan Colliton
Marcia Colson
Ray Conroe
Mehroo Cooper and Shirin Downey
Russell G. and Carol J. Cox
Joan Darling
Cheryl and John Davenport
Barbara Davis
John C. Decker
Janis and Alfred Dees
Nina DiAngelis
Mike and Debbi Dieter
Loralee J. Dilorenzo
Linda and Keith Donaldson
David and Mary Drache
Ann K. Dudero
David and Tammy Durant
Rob and Jenny Edman
Rosalie Eggert
Carol Engel
Deborah Enyeart
Jerry D. Eskew
Duane Esterly
Patricia Fair and Randall Arnold
Dr. John Fangman
Joachim Feldman and Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg
Margaret and Richard Ferber
George A. Ferguson
Patricia Fisk
Michelle Fitzgerald and Jonathan Guyton
Mark and Judith Flahavan
Joe Fleischman
Sharon Fortunak
Edward Fox and Lori Belair
Rose S. Frazier
Tara Freimund
Francis L. Fried
Phyllis Doane Frisby
Marjorie and Donald Frishberg
Phyllis Galbraith
Jamie L. Gareri
Paul Garrett
Deborah Gartenberg
Gayle Gaskill
Mary Ellen Gee
Kay Gendron and Leroy Even
Joel and Marta Gisselquist
Otis H. Godfrey, III
Janell Goodermont
Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers
N. Bud and Beverly Grossman Foundation
Laurie Hacking
Lois Hall and Phil Morton
William and Sheri Hansen
Roger and Jana Hargreaves
Lyle and Rojane Hart
James R. Hartsoe
Jody Hauer
Todd and Carole Heimdahl
Julie and Dean Heller
Mary Jo Henning
Keitha Herron
Rebecca Heyns
Ruth Hiland
Richard Hill
Sharon Hogenson
Louise Hotka
William S. and Phyllis P. Hughes
Arland Hultgren
Patrick Hutchison
Vicki G. Jackson
Mary Ann Jackson
Mary E. and Todd C. Jacobson
John and Monell Jakel
Dwight and Pamela Johnson
Ronald and Barbara Johnson
Larry W. Johnson
Marvin Johnson
Lynn K. Johnson
Myron and Ellen Just
James and Linda Kalbler
Robert Kapsch
Bruce N. Karstadt
Emily Kaszynski
Kenneth and Miriam Kauffman
Patricia Kelly
Victoria Paprocki Kent and Robert Kent
Dorette Kerian
Richard and Marcia Kimball
Patricia A. King
Karl and Mary Kjeldsen
Laurie D. Koltes
Katharine Kragh
Natalie and Donald Kramer
Joseph J. Kuznik
Debra Lanzen
Mark and Susan Lasoff
Dr. Wayne F. and Mariellen Leebaw
Sharon Leete
Travis and Amy Lembcke
Gayle Lens
James and Ruth Lewis
Margaret Liggett
Clarence and Alice Lindberg
Susan Lindoo and Michael Wolesky
Patricia Lockyear and J. D. Purcell
Lois London
Mary and Donald Losure
Eric and Cynthia Lund
Carol R. and Lawrence M. Madison
Robert and Helen Malby
Rose Manos
Dr. Damien Mathew
Phyllis Mattill
Keith McCarten
Corrine McCarthy
Margaret McCray
Martha McCusker
Carol A. McGuire
Patrick McNab
Robert McPartlin
Phyllis Merrill
Charles and Carolyn Meyer
M. A. Michaelson
Dyann Mills
Judy Morgan
Virginia Mould
Carolyn Mueller
Paul Mundt
Janet and Thomas Munger
Dr. Michael Nation and Janet Sauers
Allan and Imogene Nelson
Chuck Nelson
Aaron Nesser
William and Eleanor Nickles
Janice Noerenberg
Donald Nord
Mary Oakley
Mayra Oberto-Medina and Lee Piechowski
Marcia Odden
John and Cynthia O’Halloran
Mark and Sharon Olien
Nancy Orgeman
Grant and Laura Parcells
Brian and Carol Parsons
John Pastor
Terry and Mary Patton
Judy and Gary Pavek
Marlene Pechmann
Mario and Jaya Perez
Robert and Alice Peters
Greg and Sharon Peterson
Julien and Jeffrey Phillips
Alfred and Ruth Pieper
Michele Ione Pierce
Donn Poll
Brent Poppenhagen and Kari Berg
David and Norma Porter
Lorraine Potuzak
Katharine Powers
John Reay
Carol Ries
Mary Rigney
Jane S. Rinehart
Nancy Robillard
Colette Roche
Jesus Rodriguez
Dr. Mary Rogers
Phyllis Rosengren
Mary F. Rosenthal
Stewart Rosoff
Stephen and Sandra Rufer
Anne Russell
Ottavio A. Savina
Kris Sawyer
Robert Saxler and Mary Kasak-Saxler
Robert Cochrane and Denise Scharlemann
Eric Schlotterbeck
E. Nick and Karen Schmit
Christine and James Schoettler
Ronald Schultz
Gregory Schwarck
Chris Senn
Jeff and Karen Shanley
Alan and Linda Shapiro
Lydia Shull
Margaret Ann Siltberg
Joanne Slanger
Marv and Mickey Slind
William Smith and Mary Ocwieja
David and Ann Smith
Carol Smith and Perry Duff Smith, Jr.
Claricy Smith
Linda J. Smith
Stephen Snyder
Melenie Soucheray
William and Marcia Soules
Biruta and Andris Spruds
Jane Stegner
Judy Steltzner
Marcia L. Stephens and Jeffrey Rundgren
Stephanie Stoessel
Derrick and Hannelore Stolen
Barbara Streifel
Evy K. Sussman
John Sutherland
Stephen and Harriet Swartz
Dale and Voni Swenson
Jonathan Tallman
Charles M. and Leslie Thiele
Irma Thies
Joan E. Thompson
Terrence J. Trudeau
Bill Upham
Christopher Vaughan
Mark Viste
Claudia Wagner
Carol and Tim Wahl
Mary Claire Wahlberg
Dagny Waldeland
Derek Waller
Carolyn Weaver
Alice Webster
Edward K. Weir
J. Dale Westberg
John and Sandy White
Sue Wick and Glenn Shifflet
Dianne Wiik
Thomas and Mary Lou Wilharber
C. Neil and Julie M. Williams
Gregory Wilsey
James Wilson
John W. Windhorst, Jr.
Bill Wittenbreer
Linda Wong
David and Mary Woodward
Joan C. Young
Angela Youngdahl
Deborah Zachman
Jo and Steve Zimmermann

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