SPCO Audience Match Contributors

Thank you for your increased support
To make the SPCO Audience Match possible, more than 200 SPCO donors generously increased their support to the 2019.20 Annual Fund to match new donations from SPCO audience members. Thank you!


The following SPCO donors made increased gifts between February 24 — March 31, 2020:
Anonymous (4)
Wayne and Connie Adkisson
Bill and Nancy Althoff
George Amble
Anita M. Anderson
David and Virginia Anderson
Beverly S. Anderson
Dr. John H. and Judith Anderson
Robert Anderson and John Schmidt
Marcie Andrews
Jim Angermeyr
Ellen Archibald
Elisabeth Aurand
Mary and Bill Bakeman
Mary Bass
Donna Baty and Steven Schauer
Drs. J. Randolf and Margaret Beahrs
Carolyn E. Beatty
Kevin Beckey
Toni A. Beitz
Sharon Bigot
Renee Pfenning and Wayne Bjorlie
Nancy Blume
Nancy Bohn
David Borchert
Larry and Jorand Braford
Judith and Paul Brandon
Lorraine R. Brasket
Jim Brewer
Jean and Carleton Brookins
Barbara Ann Brown
Cheryl Brown
Karen Z. Buggs
Mark Burch
Susan and Michael Burnett
Margaret Burton
Jan Butler
Ford Campbell
Jim and Janet Carlson
Louise A. Carlson
Jerry Cassidy
Steven and Helen Chambers
Katherine Christoffel
Sara Church
Jeannine A. Churchill
Margaret and Roger Clemence
Dr. Gary B. Cohen
Michael Condon
Phyllis Conlin
Kathy Coughlin
Douglas Croucher
Jennifer Dailey
John C. Decker
Dean Doering
Marybeth Dorn
Thalia Duffield
Mel and Georgia Duncan
Gerald Eggenberger
Dr. John Fangman
Margaret and Richard Ferber
Karl and Sara Fiegenschuh
Kelly Fitz
Karen Forslin
Edward and Janet Foster
Elizabeth Frenzel Jones
James Fruehling
Jamie L. Gareri
Mary Ellen Gee
Ken and Harriet C. Goodpaster
Alexandra Grin
Craig and Monica Hamer
Anne Hanley and George Skinner
George Hansen
Doug and Doris Happe
Robert and Clara Hardy
Melissa Harl
Georgiana Harris
Beth Hart
James and Kathleen Hatch
William B. Hauser
Mary Heller
Paula and Doug Hemer
Amy Hendrickson
John Henning
Margaret Heubach
Bill Hodapp
Robert Hohertz
Mary J. Holm
Brian Horrigan and Amy Levine
Linda M. Hoskins
Burt and Sandy Hoverson
Andrew Hrycyna
Vicki G. Jackson
Jack and Margaret Janzen
Dolores Javorski
John W. Jensen
Mary C. Jenson
Susan Jepsen
Ruth-Ellen B. Joeres
Dwight and Pamela Johnson
Carol A. Johnson
Virginia and Roger Johnson
Sigrid Johnson
Richard T. and Linda N. Johnson
Steven Johnson and Susan Iverson
James and Linda Kalbler
Jack and Marilyn Kemme
Steven W. Kerrigan
Dale and Jan Kidd
Twyla Kirkeby
David and Linnea Krahn
Tom and Mary Krick
Mark and Linda Krueger
Craig Kruse
Dan R. La Vigne
Dale L. Lange
Daniel Larkin
David Larson
Merton Lassonde
Leslie Leik and Tom Hegranes
Thomas and Nancy Leiser
Judith Lewis
Robin Lindeman
Thomas and Vicki Lindquist
Patricia Lockyear and J. D. Purcell
Cathy Lue
Robert Lundberg
Nancy and Daniel Lussenhop
King W. and Nancy C. Ma
Geneva MacMillan
Rick and Susie Macpherson Charitable Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Margaret M. MacRae
Michael Manns
Vina L. Marquart
Sulasalmi Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Sylvia McAlpine
Dorothy McClung
Jeanette McGillicuddy
Margaret Mehle
Susan A. Metsala
Stanley and Susanne Meyer
Natalie Mickelson
James Miner
Liam Moore
Judy Morgan
Mark Movic
Pamela Mowery
Dr. Michael Nation and Janet Sauers
Vivian Nelson
Allan and Imogene Nelson
Robert Nesheim
Kathryn Nettleman
Reidun and Leonard Newquist
William and Eleanor Nickles
Scott and Debbie Northrup
Patrick and Estela O’Brien
Margaret S. Odell
Jonathan Oleson
Peter Ofofson
Sandra and Harvey Olson
William Olszewski
William Olszewski
Corrie W. Ooms Beck
Nancy Orgeman
James G. Otto
Marjorie Pearson
David and Nancy Peters
Phillip and Karin Peterson
Miles Porter
Donald Potts
Lorraine Potuzak
Bradley and Linda Quarderer
Marian K. Quinn
Dorothy Raetz Kunze
Sally Reynolds and Hampton Smith
Brian Richards
Jonelle Ringnalda
James Roeller
Dr. Calvin J. and Caroline Roetzel
Patrick Riley and Natalie Roholt
Sally and Bob Roscoe
Ruth Ann Rose
Victoria and Gennady Rozinov
RSP Architects, Ltd.
Kevin and Katherine Schill
Roger and Kathryn Schindel
James Schoessler
Ronald Schultz
Katarina Schuth
Linda Sellars
Thomas H. Selwold and Gretchen L. Durkot
Lee and Jerry Shannon
Alan and Linda Shapiro
Daniel and Emily Shapiro
Jeffry and Jane Shaw
Leonard E. and Joan-Anne Shelhamer
John and Rebecca Shockley
Margaret Siltberg
Paul Sitz, in memory of Erika Sitz
Sandra Skaar
Bill and Becky Smith
Linnea Sodergren
Stephanie Sommer
Mary Kaye Springer
Kevin and Barbara Stalsberg
Ann and G.A. Steen
Joseph and Karen Steger
Alexander Steil
Benita Stelmachers
Jerry Swenson
Kaisa Taipale
Jeanne M. Tazzioli
Irma Thies
Quinn Tierney
Joann Trygestad
Adam Twardowski
Bette Vandersteen
Margaret and Donald Velky
Mark Viste
Michael and Carla Walgren
Betty Wallien
Mary and J.L. Walus
Doug and Peg Wangensteen
Mary Welfling
Anne and George West
Gerri Westlund
Paul and Jan Wicklund
Carl J. Wild
Gregory Wilsey
Samuel Wong
Virginia Yingling
Deborah Zachman
Liz Zeno
Jean Zivkovich

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