SPCO Audience Match

About the SPCO Audience Match
The SPCO Audience Match is a fundraising initiative encouraging recent SPCO donors to inspire fellow SPCO audience members to make a new gift to the orchestra. Every spring, members of the SPCO community have increased their own giving to encourage you to join them in supporting the SPCO.

To learn more about the SPCO Audience Match and the ways you can participate, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

The SPCO is made possible by audience support
In the last two years, we have been inspired by what we can accomplish when we come together. We have shared music with a record number of people, continuing to make our performances widely and freely available online while safely returning to in-person concerts. We need an audience to make our performances complete, and we need your support to make and share music.

The SPCO presents distinctive and transformational performances of chamber music at affordable prices throughout our community – and completely free of charge through our digital Concert Library. This is only made possible by the support of audience members like you. Donations from audience members are our largest single source of support, with more than 60% of our budget coming from philanthropic support. Thank you!

Make your gift today
To learn more about the ways to participate in the SPCO Audience Match, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.
To make a gift to the SPCO today and learn more about the ways to give, visit thespco.org/contribute.

Contact us
Still have questions for us? Contact John Kuntz at [email protected] or 651.292.4332.