SPCO concerts are canceled through the end of the 2019.20 Season (June 14).

SPCO concerts canceled through the end of the 2019.20 season (June 14)

In an effort to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the SPCO is canceling all performances through the end of the 2019.20 Season (June 14). This difficult decision has been made out of the deep care for our community, our staff, our musicians and you, our audience.   

The cancellation of concerts due to the current pandemic represents a significant economic challenge for the SPCO, and we need the help of our audience to keep the SPCO healthy so we can continue to serve our communityTicketholders to a canceled concert have the opportunity to help us in a meaningful and impactful way by turning back their tickets.  

If you hold tickets for a concert during this timeframe, please consider turning back the value of your tickets as a tax-deductible contribution to the SPCO at thespco.org/turnbackWhen you turn back your tickets as a contribution, you allow us to immediately put those dollars to work in support of the SPCO. Your thoughtfulness in doing this will make a major difference in our ability to weather this crisis. 

Turn back your ticket

Please note that tickets obtained for free or as part of an SPCO Concert Membership have no set value and cannot be considered a tax-deductible contribution. Please see below for more information and other ticket options.  

If you are unable or do not wish to turn back your tickets at this time, the value of your tickets will automatically be banked to be used next season, and you will receive more information in the coming weeks on how to use this credit. Alternatively, you may also request to have the value of your tickets refunded. If you would like a refund, please contact our Ticket Office (information below).  

Subscribers with tickets banked between January 1 and March 10, 2020
Subscribers who previously banked season tickets for concerts between January 1 and March 10, 2020 can carry the value of those tickets into next season, however you must contact our Ticket Office by June 12, and they will process your request. If you would like to donate the value of your banked tickets, no action is needed at this time, and they will automatically be processed as a donation at the end of June, which is our policy at the end of each season. 

Ticket Office Information
During this unprecedented time, we are prioritizing the health, safety and financial stability of our musicians and staff. The SPCO offices are currently closed, and all staff members are working remotely, including Ticket Office staff. Visit thespco.org/turnback to turn back your tickets as a contribution to the SPCO. You may also contact the Ticket Office via phone at 651.291.1144 Monday through Friday, 12pm–5pm and Saturday 11am–3pm or email at tickets@spcomail.org. 

Concert Library
Although SPCO concerts are suspended until next season, we invite you to connect with us through our free online Concert Library. Even in times of crisis, we are committed to sharing transformational performances with the broadest possible audience in our community. We created the Concert Library to share high-quality digital performances with audiences who could not attend concerts in person, and in this challenging time, we want to use it to best serve our community. We recently announced special video streaming events during the month of April. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements from our Concert Library regarding new concert releases, curated playlists and more by visiting thespco.org/music. 

Make a Gift
Philanthropic support from audience members like you is our largest and most reliable source of revenue. We need your support to continue serving our community, even in difficult times. If you are able, please consider a gift to the SPCO’s Annual Fund today in addition to turning back your tickets. Visit thespco.org/contribute for more information. 

A message from Jon Limbacher and Kyu-Young Kim:

It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of our remaining concerts for the 2019.20 Season. These cancellations are necessary as we do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Amid these challenging times we remain very optimistic about the future of the SPCO. We will get to the other side of this crisis and we will get there with a renewed determination to share the music we perform with everyone in our community. From our perspective, this difficult and uncertain time period has highlighted the special power of this music to bring joy, to engender reflection and to provide solace. 

We are currently in the final stages of planning the 2020.21 Season and look forward to sharing the details with all of you in May. A broad cross section of the SPCO musicians have been involved in selecting the repertoire and constructing the programs for next season. We are biased, of course, but we believe they have come up with a compelling and exciting journey for you. 

In the days ahead you will continue to be on our mindsWe hope that you will find enjoyment and connection through the SPCO Concert Library while we collectively look forward to the time when we will gather again in person to share this wonderful music. Until then, we hope you are safe, healthy and well. 

Jon Limbacher and Kyu-Young Kim
Managing Director and President and Artistic Director and Principal Violin