The Green Room

A green room is traditionally a lounge where musicians gather before a performance to prepare or relax - a welcoming place for people to meet and mingle.

The SPCO Green Room is not an actual place; it's a program that allows you to experience more of what the SPCO has to offer with special discounts and FREE events!

Now your Annual Fund gift of $120 or more opens the door to special access at The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. See where you fit in!

Annual Fund Gift of $120 - $299

  • Free admission to open rehearsals
  • Invitations to special Green Room events
  • Exclusive Green Room email club membership

Annual Fund Gift of $300 +

If you have not done so already, please confirm your preferred
email address in order to receive your special offers and exclusive
invitations to free Green Room events.

2013-14 Open Rehearsals

Learn about how our concerts come together by attending an open rehearsal. Green Room members may attend open rehearsals for free, but reservations are required. To reserve your seats, click the open rehearsal link below and enter your Green Room coupon code at checkout. The Green Room coupon code can be found in your Green Room email newsletters. You may also reserve seats to open rehearsals by calling our Ticket Office at 651.291.1144.

Open Rehearsal #1
Wednesday | Oct 23 | 2:30pm

Open Rehearsal #2
Wednesday | Jan 29 | 1:30pm

Open Rehearsal #3
Wednesday | Feb 26 | 2:00pm

Open Rehearsal #4
Wednesday | Mar 12 | 2:00pm

Open Rehearsal #5
Wednesday | Apr 30 | 7:00pm

Open Rehearsal #6
Thursday | Jun 5 | 7:00pm